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  • Becky G

    Judith Hill showed her true colors, she got got arrogant, and she shunned Carson!! Who does that.. I couldn’t believe my eyes!! He is always so sweet and encouraging to all of the contestants! I voted for her like crazy..until that…Sasha is still my favorite, and everybody knows Adam was just upset they know it wasn’t anything political!!

  • Becky G

    I voted crazy for Judith Hill and then after Adam or Blake one…don’t rem. Told her she was so professional, that she knew exactly how to tease and hold the audience…then the next two songs…she dragged them out like she did that one song…it was very boring listening to her then..but I’m wondering if anybod
    y else seen her push Carson’s arm away when he put his arm around her to congratulate her like he does everyone.after that she was always so cold..I believed she was sweet and innocent and authentic….but then my whole idea of her changed that she is arrogant and already all the attention was going to her head…unfortunately I really loved her and wanted her to win until I seen her true colors!!! And sweet Adam was just shocked he wasn’t saying anything political!! I wonder why she would shun Carson he is such an awesome sweet guy too!! I think that’s really what did Judith in!! I like Sasha the best anyway!!

  • Dylan

    Wait what the hell just happened? I use iTunes to predict the results {because I’m a schmuck} and Sasha was 8th out of the Voice artists on iTunes, and Holly was 6th. Judith was 7th so I thought she would go. But Sarah was 4th! 4TH! I thought she was safe. However I think we can all agree that the key proponent in anyone Sarah {or if it was Sasha and Holly} was Amber doing so well. She went up and killed an Adele song, propelling her to 3rd among Voice artists on iTunes. She was on the verge of elimination last week, and she pulled it out. Eliminating Sarah.

  • Nosgoth1979

    I’m blown away that Sarah got sent home. She’d JUST become my favorite and I thought she was going to be safe.

  • Marie

    I am so unhappy about tonight’s results. It is hard to believe that Judith as well as her teammate were eliminated. Recheck the numbers somebody!!! I was so excited about watching…not anymore.

    • Tammie Slogeris

      I have to say I was pretty surprised about last night’s results as well. I am however very happy that Michelle and The Swon Brothers were saved, they have really grown on me over the last couple weeks. I was more surprised that Judith went home than anything though, I thought she had a very good performance this week and Sarah did really well too. I was telling a follower on Twitter that the problem is, this is such a strong group of talent that no matter who goes home we are not going to agree with the results.

      • Marie

        You are right but just like Adam, I was and still am stunned.

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