Real World Portland Live Recap: Episode 9 – Heartbreak Hotel

Wow, so the last couple episodes of Real World Portland have been pretty interesting, last week’s episode was no different. Last week the drama from Jordan and Nia seemed to have been put on the back burner to make way for some new roomie drama. What kind of craziness do we have to look forward to tonight when Ana’s boyfriend is in town? I can’t wait to find out, if you need a refresher of what happened last week check out my recap right here! Join me tonight to find out what gets Ana’s panties in a bunch when her boyfriend comes to visit, right here with my Real World Portland live recap!

Real World Portland Episode 9

Last week we had some drama, like always, but not all of it revolved around Nia. Nia did have a little spat with Johnny over the way she disrespected Brett after Brett fired her from the pub, which in my opinion was warranted. Then we had some drama unfold when Jess felt left out when Averey and Ana decided that they no longer wanted Jess in their circle. This week while Ana’s boyfriend is in town I can almost guarantee that Averey will be left behind while Ana enjoys the time with her boyfriend, or will other drama stop that as well? I guess we will have to wait and see, join me with my Real World Portland live recap and lets watch the drama unfold together!

Tonight we start Real World Portland off with Jess complaining about Johnny calling her all those names last week, if she didn’t corner Averey in the bathroom then he wouldn’t have had to defend his girlfriend. Averey is talking to Marlon and Johnny about the events of last show, then Mark, Ana’s boyfriend’s name comes up and when Marlon doesn’t know who Mark is, she gets all upset. She feels that no one pays attention to her when she talks about Mark but she is forced to remember who everyone else’s love interests are. Jess goes out to talk to her and they actually have a pleasant conversation. Ana is now on the phone with Mark and telling him what is going on, Mark tells her that she needs to toughen up and not let this stuff bother her. Averey has Daisy on this website where people can rate her, someone put that Daisy was fat, well that’s because Nia feeds her everything in the fridge! Ana is getting ready for Mark to get to the house. When he gets there she is supper excited, they are really cute together! The first person he meets is Averey, they are all talking about the crazy personalities in the house and how everyone is always fighting. Ana brings Mark to the frozen yogurt cart to prove to Jess that he exists, when they get back to the house Nia asks them what they want to do. The decide to go to something called “Last Thursday” which is an outdoor festival type event. They all end up at a bar, after a few drinks Ana decides she can’t drink anymore and Mark is now dancing with a group of girls while Ana is on the side lines.

Ana and Mark head back to the house, when they get in bed Ana tells Mark that he went way overboard, when Mark ask what she’s talking about she gets all upset and tells him that if he doesn’t know what she’s talking about then he needs to leave and not come back. So he starts getting ready to leave she tells him if he leaves she never wants to see him again. Now she is on the phone with her mother telling her what happened, her mom tells her she needs to go apologize to Mark and let him sleep it off. When she goes to apologize, he is gone, she is now flipping out asking Nia where he is and crying hysterically. Nia is trying to help her, but Ana is hysterical and Nia can’t understand what she is saying. They go to the hotel he is staying at and when Ana finally finds him they get into a bigger fight and he keeps telling her he’s leaving and she keeps begging him to stay. She is looking really desperate and he wants nothing to do with it, or her for that matter.

The next day, Nia goes in to talk to Marlon and tells Marlon what happened and that Ana is a mess and she really needs the roomies to be there for her. Ana is now on the phone with Mark and she is begging to go over and talk to him, he agrees to meet with her and she apologizes for flipping out on him, he apologizes for drinking too much and now they are a happy couple again. Ana however has decided to leave the house because she wants to go home to be with Mark instead of in the house with all the fighting. Nia is really upset about Ana leaving early, she was just starting to really get to know her. Nia doesn’t think that Ana should leave because her boyfriend can’t handle her being in Portland. When Ana gets frustrated packing, Averey offers to buy boxes and ship some of her stuff back home for her. Averey is starting to get really upset that Ana is leaving too, that’s like her best friend. Averey is talking to Jess about Ana leaving, Jess apologizes about what happen in the bar bathroom. They have a really nice make-up chat, meanwhile Nia is trying to talk Ana into staying.  Ana tells her that she is just uncomfortable with all the fighting in the house. Nia is now feeling responsible for Ana’s decision to leave.

While Averey and Johnny are having alone time, Nia comes in and wants to talk to them. After she realizes what they are doing she left the room, when they were finished they went to talk to Nia. Nia wanted to apologize for all the drama she has caused in the house, Averey said in the confessional that knowing Nia that must have taken everything in her to say that she was sorry. Ana is so proud of Nia for apologizing to everyone for the fights and the drama. Ana is now talking to Jordan and he is trying to talk her into staying, after talking to Jordan she decides that leaving now may not be the best decision. She wants to stay and finish the show out because she has never really followed through with much in life and she doesn’t want to regret leaving and holding it against Mark. Ana is really worried that Mark is not as ok with this decision as he’s making her think he is.

Ana announces to the house that she is staying and everyone is really happy about this. This will give the roomies a chance to work this all out as a group, but now it is time for Ana to say good-bye to Mark. The next day, Johnny is telling Ana about how Nia burst in on him and Averey, she then tells Johnny that she is worried that Mark isn’t going to stick with her for the next few weeks while the show finishes. Johnny tells her that if they are meant to be together then it will work itself out, if not then she will still be ok.

Jess says something to Johnny about still being really upset with him for what happened at the bar, they both admit that they were wrong with the way they handled the situation and agreed to put it behind them. Ana calls Mark and Mark is really mad with her for staying, Mark asks her if she really wants to be with him and she tells him she can’t handle the conversation with him right now. Join me next week to find out with the house stays peaceful or if the roomies blow up again! I can’t wait to see what happens!

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