The Voice – UPDATE for Who’s Going Home Tonight!

In yesterday’s predictions I said that a huge game-changing performance was possible.  I really didn’t think it was likely, but  last night, Holly Tucker did just that!  Her version of “How  Great Thou Art” was beautifully done – but more importantly it’s the kind of song that really pulls the Country/Christian audience in.   She’s now comfortably in the middle for both YouTube views and itunes downloads.

Danielle Bradbery on The Voice

Danielle Bradbery on The Voice

Instead of Holly going home,  the suspense will be who’s going home with  Josiah Hawley.  If it were just YouTube I’d say it was him and The Swon Brothers, but on i-tunes the The Swon brothers did far better than Josiah or Chris Thomas.

Here’s Holly’s game-changing performance:

So, Holly is safe for another week.  How are the rest of the top ten doing?  As of 10am today, the only artist to break through to the top ten i-tunes chart was Danielle Bradbery. (No surprise.)   Michele Chamuel almost did – she was in the top fifteen.  Except for Chris and Josiah, every other performer made the top with Sarah Simmons and Holly Tucker in the top fifty, while Judith Hill, Sasha Alexander and the Swon Brothers were in the top seventy.   Between the itunes charts numbers and thinking it’s likely that Chris’s fan base has less access to the internet, I’m going to call Josiah and Chris as going home tonight.

Of course, anything’s possible.  Chris’s fans could have made a lot of phone and text votes.  So tonight, check out The Voice and check in with the Gossip and Gab live recap to know for sure!

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