The Voice 2013 Season 4 Predictions: Top 10 – Who Is Voted Off Tonight?

It is Tuesday, which means time for two more singers to go home on The Voice 2013 Season 4 tonight, but who was voted off The Voice USA 2013 tonight? The votes have been tallied and it is time for Carson Daly to announce which two singers have been eliminated. This is a tough call, but we made our The Voice 2013 Season 4 predictions below! See if we are correct during our The Voice 2013 Season 4 Elimination Results Live Recap tonight!

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The Voice - Season 4

The Top 10 on The Voice Season 4 took the stage last night and everyone had good performances, but there were the standouts: Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons and Michelle Chamuel. There were also Sasha Allen and Danielle Bradbery with solid performances. Danielle still amazes me with her talent at 16 years old!

My picks on who is voted off tonight on The Voice 2013: Josiah Hawley and Holly Tucker. I thought Josiah was going home last week, but he surprised me. He did have a great performance last week, which could have saved him. Last night wasn’t anything special from him, so I think he is going home. Holly Tucker has been strong, but she performed first and I think people may have forgotten about her by the time the night was done, so I am thinking she gors home as well.

We made our picks, now who do you think goes home tonight on The Voice 2013 Season 4?

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  1. melissa charles says:

    This is really amessage to Sasha Allen’s coach. It okay to let her be an R&B singer. when there as good as she could be with the right song and in her comfort level she will raise the roof off the place. Know any of these women: Aretha Franklin, Pattie Label, Chaka Khan,Gladys knight. by being who they were eveyone knows them PLEASE stop making Sasha sing rock songs and bad pop hits and give her a chance to introduce herself to the world. if your lost here a few singers that more current that you might recognize Michelle chrisstte, Mary J. Bliege, Mariah Carey, Estelle , Alicia keys, Just no Whitney Houston to beloved to the world still and no Beyonce because we are all a little tired of her for minute. these singers are not in any order but All would showcase her talent as an R&B singer. No true artist strays far from there roots usually when they are sucessful. Shakera give her a chance to actually compete in the competion and stop trying to make her into what she’s not

  2. As long as the Danielle and The Swon Brothers are in, im good

  3. I agree I think it will definitely be Kris Thomas and Josiah Hawley tonight departing The Voice, as long as Michelle, Sarah and Danielle remain I am good. Let me also put it om record that The Swan Brothers are the biggest shocker to make it this far, I guess if they win they will have to change the name of the show to The Voices, lol

  4. who charted on itunes this week and number

    • Last I knew, Danielle hit #6, so she gets the iTunes bonus multiplier of 10 times her votes, if they do that again this season. Then it was Michelle Chamuel at #17, Holly Tucker at #31, Sarah Simmons at #43, The Swon Brothers at #54, Sasha Allen at #66, Judith Hill at #74, Amber Carrington at #92, Josiah Hawley at #141 and Kris Thomas at #185. It looks like my picks might just be half correct!

  5. who are the top ones on i tunes this week

  6. Shayne Blankaway says:

    For me, Kris and Holly will be going home tongiht, Holly’s performance was better last week and Kris’ charisma is fading, even his performance. Josiah will be kept for ratings purposes.

  7. You’re right about Josiah, but it won’t be Holly joining him. It will be Kris Thomas. Kris has an amazing voice, but he set the bar too high for himself too quickly, and the judges have pegged him as playing it too safe. Last week, he probably just missed elimination and was by far the lowest ranked of all of the survivors in terms of iTunes popularity. This week, he barely broke into the top 200. He’s a goner.

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