The Amazing Race 2012 Recap: A Shocking Final Finish!

On The Amazing Race 2012 Sunday night, the drama reaches critical mass and a shocking mistake at the end of the race could cause one team to suddenly lose out on the big prize right when it is right within their grasp. According to host Phil Keoghan, the season finale on Sunday night would have the “biggest shocker ever” in the series. Read on to find out what happened and who won The Amazing Race 2012 in our live finale recap!

There are only four teams left in the final race to the finish on The Amazing Race 2012. Big Brother alumni Brendon and Rachel, Art and JJ, Vanessa and Ralph, and Dave and Rachel will start off the final part of their journey in Japan. One of the teams will be eliminated before the next leg of the race, leaving just three teams to battle it out in a race to the finish line and that hefty bag of prize money for The Amazing Race 2012 winner.


Beware! This post will contain The Amazing Race 2012 spoilers for the finale episode. Please do not continue reading if you do not wish to know the results and who won The Amazing Race 20!

Rachel and Dave were the first team to arrive in Cochin, India in the last leg of the race and so they will be the first to depart for the next destination. They head off to the airport to take a flight to Hiroshima, Japan. The other teams, Rachel and Brendon, Art and JJ, and Vanessa and Ralph, are right behind them. All of the four remaining teams board the same plane to Hiroshima, Japan. Each of the teams must purchase bus tickets on arrival at the airport in Japan. Big Brother alumni Rachel and Brendon manage to miss the bus, which leads to yet another drama-filled whine session from Rachel about how boy toy Brendon should always listen to what she says.

At the next stop, the teams have to buy another set of tickets and embark on a train ride to Mariaja Island. Rachel and Brendon have caught up and make it onto the train with Art and JJ, and Vanessa and Ralph. Dave and Rachel miss the train! After they depart the train, the teams now have to board a ferry to the next stop. Rachel and Brendon, Art and JJ, and Vanessa and Ralph all make the ferry. Dave and Rachel, now very behind, miss it! The rest of the teams are entirely pleased about this considering how often Dave and Rachel have been front-runners.

Finding they have missed out on the ferry and another one does not depart until morning, Rachel and Dave decide to take a few hours of shut-eye. The other teams, meanwhile, find out their next clue will arrive “with the rising sun.” As the sun rises, the teams get their clue and find out they must go to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. When they arrive, they take a moment to reflect on where they are before moving on to Osaka, Japan to retrieve their next clue.

Ralph and Vanessa are in the lead and take a cab to the next stop but oops! They have gone to the wrong place! Art and JJ are actually the first team to make it to the correct stop and learn they have to play in a Japanese game show called “Bring That Chicken Home.” The team has to dance around on a moving conveyor belt to grab three chickens from the ceiling and get them over the finish line. JJ laughs hysterically as Art keeps falling over himself trying to get the chickens.

Vanessa and Ralph get to the chicken game next and Vanessa whines about it and she sucks at getting the chickens. They are passed by Brendon and Rachel who manage to get their chickens first, even though Brendon has to give one of his up after he breaks the rules by diving for one.

Finished with the chicken game, Art and JJ move on to the next stop at the Umedama Sky Building. They discover they now have to complete a detour challenge and choose between Sumo and Sushi. For the Sumo Detour they have to get locals to pose with life-size Sumo cut outs for photos. For the Sushi Detour, they have to do a bingo and guess pieces and then eat the Sushi they get correct.

Art and JJ decide to do the Sushi Detour, as do Brendon and Rachel when they arrive. Rachel and Dave choose to do the Sumo Detour after they finally arrive, still fighting with each other. Vanessa and Ralph are in a cab still on the way to the Sushi Bingo.

Rachel and Dave are the first to finish the Detour and get all their Sumo photos and the next clue. The teams now have to hit a Pit Stop at Osaka Castle and the last team there will be eliminated. Art and JJ finish with their Sushi Detour and head off to the Pit Stop. Brendon and Rachel are now fighting — so much drama! Vanessa and Ralph finally catch up and they start the Sushi Detour challenge.

Rachel and Dave, in the lead yet again, are the first to arrive at the Pit Stop. They have now tied for the most number of leg wins with seven in total. Rachel and Dave also win a trip to New Zealand. Rachel and Brendon are heading to the Pit Stop now, but get lost on the way. Art and JJ also get lost on the way to the Pit Stop and cannot find out where they need to be. This gives Vanessa and Ralph a chance to catch up and possibly make it to the Pit Stop next.

Art and JJ finally figure out where the heck they are going and get to the Pit Stop in second place. Coming in third and taking the last spot in the final three is… Big Brother alumni Brendon and Rachel. Vanessa and Ralph are the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop and are eliminated.

We are now on to the 12th leg and Rachel and Dave are the first to depart. They must take a flight to Honolulu, Hawaii and locate the Twin Towers. Dave says he thinks Hawaii is a “great place to become millionaires.” Since there is only one flight that goes to Honolulu each day, all the teams end up on the same plane for the twelve-hour flight.

Dave and Rachel are in the lead, followed by Art and JJ. Dave convinces his cab driver to get away from Art and JJ’s cab and they manage to lose them. Rachel and Dave reach the next stop first and they have to climb up 45 stories to view where they are going next and then rappel down.

JJ and Art, meanwhile, want their cab driver to find a hotel so they can go online to find out where their next stop is. They end up asking someone but they are misdirected to the wrong place. While they are screwing about, Rachel and Brendon make it to the location and are on their way to the top. Rachel and Dave are already rapelling down to the bottom again.

Art and JJ finally get good directions and are on their way to the Twin Towers. Rachel and Dave are already done and are in a cab on the way to get the next clue. Art and JJ arrive at the Twin Towers just as Rachel and Brendon make it to the bottom.

Dave and Rachel get to the next stop and have to do a Road Block on Sand Island. To pass the Road Block, the teams have to shave enough ice to fill a bucket. From the island, Dave and Rachel can see Art and JJ in the distance and Rachel says she wants to squish them like the little bugs they appear to be.

Rachel and Dave finish filling their bucket with shaved ice and they now run off to catch a helicopter on foot. Rachel and Brendon are next and they are almost done filling their buckets when Art and JJ catch up to them. Brendon and Rachel finish and start off to the helicopter but they try to take a cab before realizing they have made an error and have to go back to get to the helicopter on foot.

Dave and Rachel arrive at the next stop and get their clue. They have to take a wave runner out to rescue a swimmer in distress. Rachel takes over the driving and they rather easily get to the swimmer and ‘save’ them. Because of Brendon and Rachel’s mistake, which leads to MORE fighting, Art and JJ are the next team to get to the stop.

Rachel and Dave must go next to the Coral Kingdom Gate for the final Road Block. Their cab gets a bit lost and they end up missing the Road Block entirely and paddle board right to the Finish Line! When they arrive, Phil tells them they have totally mucked things up and have to go all the way back and finish the Road Block before they can check in. What a blow! That had to hurt!

Meanwhile, Art and JJ have arrived at the last Road Block, with Brendon and Rachel finishing off their wave runner rescue. JJ cannot believe Rachel and Dave are still in the game when they arrive back at the Road Block.

For the Road Block, the teams have to slide down a mountain. Luckily, Rachel excels at the challenge and finishes while Art struggles. Rachel and Dave then have to do a bowling challenge and Rachel once again blows it out. Dave and Rachel are now headed off again to the Finish Line.

Rachel and Brendon finish with the mountain sliding and Rachel is testing her bowling skills while Art finally manages to finish going down the hill.

It’s a race to the finish…

And The Amazing Race 2012 winner is…

Despite making it all the way to the finish line first, Rachel and Dave made a huge error and had to go all the way back to finish the Road Block. However, even though it was a royal screw up they still manage to finish first! The winners of The Amazing Race 2012 are Rachel and Dave! Not only do they take home the grand prize, they also land the record for the most leg first place wins with 8 total. Finishing in second is Art and JJ with Big Brother alumni Rachel and Brendon in third.

That’s all she wrote for our The Amazing Race 2012 recap of the season 20 finale. Were you happy about what team walked away as The Amazing Race 2012 winner? Let us know how you feel about who walked away with the grand prize this season!


  1. Anneke says:

    OMG, I must have been sleeping, seeing the writing mistakes I made. Sorry folks. English is not my first language.

  2. Anneke says:

    I was not a big fan of Rachel and Dave, but I’m happy that Rachel and Brendon didn’t win. Not so much for Brandon, because I think that guy deserves a medal to stay with that cry baby Rachel. Whenever something went wrong, she always blamed it on Brandon when she could or cried her way out when she was the one to blame.
    Of these tree I was hoping that Art and JJ would come in first.
    Rachel and Dave were a very strong team, so in that way it’s well deserved. But I wonder if they will stay together when live will trough them curve balls. These two can’t handle stress very well and like to blame each other.

  3. Not that I was a big fan of Vanessa and Ralph, nor did I dislike them for that matter, but I was a little irked at the description of her whining to Ralph and sucking at the chicken game. The girl’s ankle was sprained and swollen for God’s sake! In my opinion she pushed through it like a champ and did amazingly for having to run and fall repeatedly on her ankle.

  4. Dixie Carley says:

    Please DO NOT have PROFESSIONAL REALITY STARS on again. I wrote the last time you did this saying I would not watch if done again. The entire show this year I found B & R irritating and regretted start to watch. If they had won I would not ever watch again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people make a fortune on being professional contestants and I believe most viewers want REAL people to win.

    • Personally, I kind of have to agree with you on this one. I was sick of watching Brendon and Rachel do Big Brother AGAIN this past season and then I was very, very sick of them doing Amazing Race. I hope never to see them on another reality TV show but I think I’m probably going to…


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