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  • Anneke

    OMG, I must have been sleeping, seeing the writing mistakes I made. Sorry folks. English is not my first language.

  • Anneke

    I was not a big fan of Rachel and Dave, but I’m happy that Rachel and Brendon didn’t win. Not so much for Brandon, because I think that guy deserves a medal to stay with that cry baby Rachel. Whenever something went wrong, she always blamed it on Brandon when she could or cried her way out when she was the one to blame.
    Of these tree I was hoping that Art and JJ would come in first.
    Rachel and Dave were a very strong team, so in that way it’s well deserved. But I wonder if they will stay together when live will trough them curve balls. These two can’t handle stress very well and like to blame each other.

  • Deena

    Not that I was a big fan of Vanessa and Ralph, nor did I dislike them for that matter, but I was a little irked at the description of her whining to Ralph and sucking at the chicken game. The girl’s ankle was sprained and swollen for God’s sake! In my opinion she pushed through it like a champ and did amazingly for having to run and fall repeatedly on her ankle.

  • Dixie Carley

    Please DO NOT have PROFESSIONAL REALITY STARS on again. I wrote the last time you did this saying I would not watch if done again. The entire show this year I found B & R irritating and regretted start to watch. If they had won I would not ever watch again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people make a fortune on being professional contestants and I believe most viewers want REAL people to win.

    • Personally, I kind of have to agree with you on this one. I was sick of watching Brendon and Rachel do Big Brother AGAIN this past season and then I was very, very sick of them doing Amazing Race. I hope never to see them on another reality TV show but I think I’m probably going to…

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