The Voice 2013 Season 4 Live Recap: Top 10 Performances (VIDEO)

Tonight on The Voice 2013 season 4 we will watch the remaining artist perform for a spot in the Top 8! I’m so excited, these performances get better and better as the need to be flawless gets more and more important! Who is you favorite in The Voice season 4 Top 10? Did you miss who was eliminated last week? Check out my The Voice 2013 season 4 Live Recap right here if you did!

The Voice Top !0 Performances

Last week we lost a couple of contestants that had a lot of personal battles since they decided to come on The Voice season 4. Garrett Gardner was here before but didn’t make it past the blind auditions, Vedo started this journey with his mother by his side and after his blind audition, he lost her to lung cancer. The truth is, we haven’t seen the end of either of them and now we continue towards finding out who will be the winner of this season and we are down to the top 10 on The Voice 2013! Stick around with me and watch with me and my The Voice season 4 Live Recap!


This post contains The Voice USA Season 4 spoilers from the Live Shows. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!


We start off the night with a performance by Adam Levine and his band Maroon 5, they are performing their new single “Love Somebody”. It’s a great way to start the night off, great performance by him and the rest of the guys! We are now are touching base with all the coaches and what they feel their teams needs to do to make it further in the competition.

Team Blake: Holly Tucker with “How Great Thou Art” by Carrie Underwood

This song is most recently by Carrie Underwood and Holly has a great track record for Carrie Underwood songs. She does a great job with this song, her control and her tone is all on point and the strength in her voice is just perfect for this performance!

The Coaches Thought: Usher thinks she made a statement with this song, however he thinks that it’s a bit different then what he is used to from her. Shakira thinks that the control she has over her voice is amazing and that this was a very heartfelt performance from her. Adam thinks that the change in music choice is great for her and for the show it shows the epitome of the show. Blake thinks that he hasn’t heard her sing so strong in any performance and she definitely turned it up a notch with this performance!

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Team Adam: Judith Hill with “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson

She gets really emotional about this performance because she was so close to Michael when he was alive. She has an amazing voice and does a great job with this song by adding her own little spin on it. She is really amazing!

The Coaches Thought: Before the coaches can even talk, she starts to cry, this is truly a very emotional performance for her. Blake said that no one can ever say anything negative about her and her performances. Usher says that this performance made him emotional because it brought so many thoughts of Michael back to him. Adam said that if she couldn’t tell how amazing her performance was by the crowds reaction, and then he gets cut off by the cheering of the audience, point proven!

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Team Blake: The Swon Brothers with “How Country Feels” by Randy Houser

I love this song, wait, I love all country music haha! The Swon Brothers do a great job with this song, I love that they don’t perform without their guitars! You know what else I really love about this performance? Both brothers actually do the same amount of singing!

The Coaches Thought: Shakira says that they have a great energy and they always make her feel good. Adam says that the performance was a lot of fun. Blake thinks that they have some momentum going and they have the potential of being stars and he thinks they will be stars!

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Team Adam: Amber Carrington with “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson

Adam thinks that this song has everything in it that makes Amber a great artist, he couldn’t be more right about that! She has the control and the strength for this song and she has the ability to hit all the notes. I love this performance, so far my favorite of the night!

The Coaches Thought: Blake thinks that this song was a good call for her, she has the power to pull it off. Usher was blown away by her talent in this performance. Shakira thinks that this was a great combination of country and pop and a perfect song for her. Adam says that Kelly Clarkson being in Amber’s wheelhouse just proves that she is an amazing artist.

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Team Shakira: Sasha Allen with “Next To Me” by Emeli Sande

This is a great classic song, which is right up Sasha’s alley. She nails this performance, she has great control and her tone is perfect! She has a stage presence about her too that just makes you want to dance with her, she has every thing you need in an artist!

The Coaches Thought: Adam is really happy that she did this song because he really wanted to hear her nail a pop song. Blake said it was a great vocal performance. Usher said that he is really happy to see her having fun with her performance this week. Shakira is very proud that she was able to show her versatility and she completely rocked this performance.

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Team Usher: Josiah Hawley with “Clocks” by Coldplay

He has a Coldplay sound to him as it is, I think that this was a perfect song for him to perform! He has a great attitude in his performances and not to mention his voice is just amazing!

The Coaches Thought: Shakira thinks he did a great job but this is a tough one for her because Coldplay has such a distinct sound to them. Adam agrees with Shakira a little bit but overall it was a good performance, there were just times where Josiah felt uncomfortable. Blake thinks that last week Josiah set the bar so high that this week he really needed to wow everyone. Usher said he can’t agree with everything that the other coaches said, but Josiah needs to take this constructive criticism and run with it because he has an amazing voice!

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Team Blake: Danielle Bradbery with “Head Carolina, Tails California” by Jo Dee Messina

For only 16 years old, she has an amazing sense of control in her voice! She has great strength and her pitch is always spot on! I can never find anything negative to say about her performances.

The Coaches Thought: Usher that her performance was great and she had an incredible performance. Adam thinks that she is what every singer wants to sound like no matter the age! Blake says he can go on and on about Danielle, he thinks that this performance was carefree and came very naturally.

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Team Shakira: Kris Thomas with “Adorn” by Miguel

CeeLo is Shakira’s advisor tonight and he tells Kris that he needs more swag, well, Kris took those words to the heart! He had a great performance and his stage presence was the best I have seen so far this season. His control is much better than the past performances and he his tone is spot on!

The Coaches Thought: Adam said that he has a fantastic voice but he feels that he thinks too much while he is performing, he needs to let loose. Usher thinks that he has an incredible voice but he agrees with Adam that he was just thinking about his performance too much. Shakira thinks that the song was perfect for him, his voice also sets him apart from everyone else.

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Team Adam: Sarah Simmons with “Mamma Knows Best” by Jessie J

I love the opening! Wow! The power in her voice is amazing, it caught me off guard! She can really sing just about anything as far as genre is concerned, she is truly impressive.

The Coaches Thought: Blake thinks that she nailed it, he can’t even talk, he thinks that she turned a corner musically and he thinks she was born to be a rocker. Usher basically said if you got it, you got it. Adam is fanning himself off and tells her that she is so awesome and he loves that Blake is wetting his pants over her performance, whoa now! Adam said this is for sure the performance of the night!

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Team Usher: Michelle Chamuel with “Just Give Me A Reason” by P!nk

I changed my mind, this is officially my favorite performance of the night, she just keeps surprising me! She has great control and I love her stage presence and her attitude and emotion in her performances!

The Coaches Thought: Adam is a fan of hers, he says he gets very happy and proud when she sings. Blake love how dramatic she is when she is performing! Usher said that her performance was the performance of the night because it’s her, she is the theatrics and the vocals!

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Join me tomorrow night to find out which of these amazing artist make it through to the Top 8 on The Voice 2013!

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