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  • karl duran

    hahahaha.. Skylar is out !!! Let me scrutinize the entire show.. Haven’t you noticed that the entire show is all about making Jessica Sanchez win? The judges make few negative comments about Sanchez – it’s not because she is less powerful than Joshua Ledet but it is to attract the voting public to support Sanchez. They praise Ledet too much, to the point of giving him standing ovations so that in the public mind, he is guaranteed of the title and no need of massive campaign and support. Now, why is this happening? Let me tell you that Sanchez is more commercial than Ledet (not to mention that the public is not sure of his sexuality). Look at Adam Lambert (for the record), his sexuality did affect the result in the finale. Lambert surely was the favourite to win just like this season’s Joshua Ledet but he did not. Well… a strong prediction that Sanchez will win.

  • Levi

    Jessica And Phillip Will Be In The Finale! Phillip’s Very Unique. He And Skylar Were My Favorites, Skylar Shouldn’t Gone Home -____- Josh Might Leave This Week!

  • get phillip phillips off the show and let hollie, jessica and josh be in top 3, with the latter 2 in the finale (though j-lo wished in top 13 performance show to have a sing-off bet. 2 girls in the finale)…:P

  • Sagi

    I think Joshua is definitely in final two,who saved Joshua,Jessica and Skyler.

    once things both’s Jessica and Skyler never choose a right song.

    2011 was the best and the best american Idol ever this 2012 is kind of boring.


  • elsie v

    Being in the industry myself, I have seen many young people trying singing as a career at a very young age. When they got it they got it. No if and but. Jessica and Joshua to me pass the singing talent but persona wise nay… Lets face it, a successful singer doesnt have to be a powerhouse. Marc Anthony is a powerhouse but JLo is not but both are succesful as singers. For JLo, the theme “gorgeous” speaks more for her. In my opinion, among the remaining 4, Hollie and Philip fit the Idol title well as they have the balance of talent and persona. One more thing, it hilarious to see how JLo try to out do other judges everytime. Eg. Randy said he never seen any singer like Joshua throughout the whole season, then JLo (being on the show just 2 seasons) interfered saying “in fact in 50 years”! hahaha How old is JLo again? 42 or 52?

  • Marlon

    Nice performances last night, Jessica nice render on You are So Beautiful… also Hollie nice render on Bleeding Love, this American Idols will be saved tonight. so nice to see and hear them again in Youtube… Also nice render of Higher Higher, trio on AI girls. upbeat of their differences. Great!


  • Laura Salini

    I am thinking skyer is saved and Jessica is saved I think josh will be in bottle two

  • Dane Rojas

    According to Dial Idol, Philip Philips was the lowest. Hopes he goes home this time.

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