So You Think You Can Dance 2013 Live Recap: Premiere Part 2

The two-night premiere of So You Think You Can Dance 2013 continues, as Cat Deeley, Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy meet up with guest judge tWitch for even more SYTYCD Season 10 auditions. The gang will be heading to Detroit tonight on SYTYCD 2013 in hopes of finding the next winner! Watch along with us during our So You Think You Can Dance 2013 Live Recap tonight!

SYTYCD 2013 Premiere Night 2

Playing off the American Idol 2013 Finale, FOX is hoping some of the viewers that tuned in to watch Kree Harrison and Candice Glover perform will stick around long enough to see what new talent might take the stage during the SYTYCD Season 10 live shows! We already found plenty of talent at the Los Angeles auditions last night on SYTYCD 2013, so let’s hope for even more tonight.

Michigan is my home state, so I am hoping for some big talent to come out of the Detroit auditions! It’s always good to see tWitch back on So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 and we will see more of him later on, as he assumes the role of one of the all stars again this season. Follow along during our live recap to see if Mary Murphy cries or if anyone makes her Hot Tamale Train during the audition rounds!

We are here in Detroit and our guest judge tWitch and other judges take their spots. Who will make it to Vegas tonight?

Up first is Jade Zuberi and he said he is going to take the audience for a ride, but will he really? tWitch is loving the start. He is very entertaining and is telling a story with his funky moves. I think a sure ticket to Vegas for him. Nigel said he did not want it to stop and it engrossed him. Mary said he made her feel that music and he is a star at what he does. tWitch said it is one of the best auditions he has ever seen. Clearly, he gets a ticket to Vegas!

Nigel said good luck to anyone following Jade. Next up is Amy Yakima, whose Dad is a doctor, but took Dad Jazz with her as a child and Nigel brings him up to audition for himself! It was funny, but no ticket for him! Amy went beyond Dad Jazz and this girl can dance. She does not take after her Dad, that is for sure! Nigel said he was so relieved that she was that good and did not spot anything bad in her performance. She gets her ticket to Vegas!

Morgan “Mo” Williams was feeling the need to impress on SYTYCD 2013, so he shows off his abs and said they are better than what tWitch has. Good thing his dancing matched the abs or he would be annoying to me. Nigel said yes to choreography, but Mary said over her dead body and gives him a ticket to Vegas!

Will “Sysko” Green comes out and brings us a new dance move and it is a lot of fast footwork. He does work it out, but can he do more than that? He said he can do hip roll, which he demonstrates on Mary Murphy and she is all hot and bothered now! Nigel said he brought blood to parts of her body that has not been there in years. The judges send him to choreography!

Nigel said you are always learning as a dancer, so he makes tWitch go up and show the crowd what he means and he shows off his abs!

The last dancer of Day 1 in Detroit is Garrett Frye. He said he doesn’t really have a style and he just goes with it. He guesses he considers it hip hop, but I doubt it. He is a joke and does a little of everything, including a somersault and jumping jacks. Mary said he is entertaining and is that guy in the corner at a wedding dancing. Of course, it is a no for him and he is headed home on So You Think You Can Dance 2013.

The solos are done and now time for choreography. Sysko does some freestyling during the choreography and Nigel stops him and says he could hurt her and Sysko is sent home. Eight dancers made it from choreography in day one.

We are now at Day 2 of auditions in Detroit for SYTYCD 2013. The first of the day is Tyrone Cobham, Jr., who is a tap dancer. He definitely has those feet moving and is a very good tapper, but will that be enough to send him through? Nigel said he is thrilled to see on stage one of the best tappers they have had on the program. Mary said that was the best tapper in all ten seasons and he has a magnificent stage presence. No shocker, but he gets the ticket to Vegas!

It is all about family support on SYTYCD Season 10, as we some auditions where they brought their family members to support them. They all make it through and we get to see a grandma dance “Gangnam Style.” I love her!

We know get a chance to check out a dance crew from Detroit, who make money by going to clubs and dancing. They do it for fun and funds! First up is Darryl “Smilez” Harrell and he has that crumping down. He was funny beforehand talking with the judges and he was entertaining while dancing.

They hold off telling any results until they see the whole crew take the stage one by one. They all come up and last up is DeFonte “Prince Charming” Thomas. He loves dancing for the ladies and prefers to dance without his shirt on. He does some good moves and is very entertaining. The ladies loved him. The entire crew makes their way back up on stage and of the five guys, Smilez and Prince Charming move on to choreography, but the other three are sent home.

Choreography time and it was too much for Smilez and he is sent home. Prince Charming thought he was going home, but Nigel surprises him and he gets a ticket to Vegas!

That’s it for tonight on SYTYCD 2013 and we will return next week for the Austin auditions and guest judge Minnie Driver! Who was your favorite dancer of the night?

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