MasterChef 2013 Spoilers: First Look At MasterChef Season 4 (VIDEO)

While many people are sad that all their favorite TV shows are coming to an end, the summer does bring us some awesome shows as well, like MasterChef 2013 and Season 4 kicks off on May 22 on FOX. Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich are back and searching for the next great amateur cook to win that $250,000 on MasterChef Season 4. We have your MasterChef 2013 spoilers and give you a first look at MasterChef Season 4 below!

MasterChef 2013 - Premiere Preview

The new season kicks off next week, with the amateur chefs cooking up their signature dishes for the MasterChef judges in hopes of getting that white apron to move on to the next round. Who will make the cut? We will find out next week, but I am super pumped for the MasterChef 2013 premiere!

In three seasons we have seen three women take the crown as MasterChef, including Season 3 winner Christine Ha, who was legally blind! She brought me so many tears last season, so who will do that for me during Season 4? Check out a behind-the-scenes look here:

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  1. Jeff Jacobi says:

    TOP 5? – Natasha, Luca, Jessie, Krissi, & James!

    In MasterChef Season 4 Intro it shows Paula Deen ride up on a tractor at the 1:50 mark with only 5 contestants left in front of her. They are positioned from left to right up top.

    All of the people are easy to recognize except for Luca. I thought Jordan would be there in stead.

    Obviously this could just be a case where the groups are split up, but those are some really good chefs in one group for that to be true.

    Also there could be more people off to the side, but that would be hard to miss in two frame shots.

  2. Don’t forget to tune in and watch me on it!!

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