Real World Portland Live Recap: Episode 8 – Pants Fall, But Whose?

At the end of last week’s episode of Real World Portland, we started to see a side of Jordan that I didn’t think even existed. He opened up a lot to Ana about his pasted and the reasons why he is the way he is, the main one being his father. Apparently Jordan has grown up to be his old man’s son, so what does this mean for the Real World Portland roomies, the people that have to deal with him on a regular basis? Check out the drama from last week with my Real World Portland Live Recap!

Jess and Nia - Real World Portland

What in the world, the Real World Portland that is, could happen tonight? We have seen nothing but dram between Jordan and Nia, Marlon and Jordan, even Johnny and Averey have had their fair share of couples drama. Do we see a softer side of Jordan tonight (I doubt it)? With Ana sticking up for Jordan (all of a sudden) I’m sure there will be some extra drama between Ana and Nia, or Ana and the rest of the house for that matter. I could have sworn that Ana didn’t like Jordan, in fact, none of the girls have liked him from the start. Stick around with me and find out what happens in the house tonight with my Real World Portland live recap!

Tonight’s episode starts off with the roomies going into a fetish store, Jessica is being a bit of prude for the rest of the group, as they’re leaving she is talking to Nia about how she doesn’t want to know about anyone else’s sex life, yet she says she talks to her mother about her sex life all the time? Hmmm, interesting. They get back to the house and Ana is acting all sorts of goofy and has this absurd idea to cover themselves with oil and slide across the floor, this is actually kind of funny. The next day at work Nia is talking to Marlon about how unmotivated she is to work for someone else, as she is on a smoke break at work, the conversation get kind of long and Brett gets mad and comes outside to get them, tells them to get back in side or they can go home. The roomies take a trick to see motocross and it’s a charity event for breast cancer, Jessica goes into one of the gift shops and starts buying t-shirts and talking about how she rides dirt bikes and she’s getting on Ana’s nerves, big time! Averey and Ana start avoiding Jessica and she’s not sure why, she’s getting a little upset.

The next day Nia calls the job to find out if she is on the schedule and she finds out that Brett took her completely off the schedule, she doesn’t seem to bothered by it. Jessica calls Ana aside and asks her why Averey and Ana pulled away from her and Ana said that her and Averey haven’t had a chance to really hang out since she started dating Johnny and she just wanted to spend some “girl time” with her. Jessica is a bit upset about this because she feels she should have been included.

Nia and Jessica go to get their nails done while everyone else goes into work, when the roomies get into work Brett asks where Nia is, Marlon told Brett that Nia told them that Brett told her she isn’t on the schedule. Brett is mad, she tells Marlon and Johnny that she is taking it as Nia left, so Brett fired her. Ana tells Nia that Johnny told her Brett fired Nia, she was told that she wasn’t on the schedule though. Nia is a mess, I’m not even going to talk about what is going on with her right now, oh wait, yea I am! She managed to get a kegel ball stuck, if you don’t know what that is, look it up! Haha!

Jessica got a chance to bring the roomies back to the motocross track to do some riding, Jessica and the guys are pretty excited, Ana and Averey want to go together and they are a little freaked out so they start doing this little prayer, but they are also acting quite goofy. Jessica isn’t jealous of the friendship, according to her, she just wishes that they would include her in conversations rather than treating her like she doesn’t exist. Nia tells Averey about her issue, and Averey gives her a pointer and sure enough the sex addict was right! Nia is so relieved but that doesn’t stop Ana from ragging on her about it, I was laughing so hard. They were treating it like it was a baby, gave it a name, like really? so stupid, yet so funny!

Averey and Ana make plans to go out and Jessica finds out and tries to include herself, but they very rudely leave without her, Nia and Jessica go out to lunch too and they end up at the same sushi restaurant. Nia and Jessica sit just a few tables away and didn’t even talk to each other so when Averey and Ana leave naturally Nia and Jessica talk about them. The next day Nia goes into work to talk to Brett and explain to her that she was told she wasn’t on the schedule, Brett tells her that she thought she quit and she no longer needs her to work there. Nia doesn’t just get up and leave though, she cuts into Brett and makes a grand exit by taking a cup of soda on her way out.

Nia goes back home and Brett tells all the roomies about what Nia said to her, all the roomies think that she is completely rude and disrespectful. Johnny decides to confront Nia when he gets home, this starts an argument because Nia then decides that she wants to degrade what Johnny does for a living, and it’s just not pretty. Jessica confronts Averey and Ana together about how they hang out all the time and they exclude her and they have body language that proves that they don’t like being around her, in fact the whole time Averey is tell Jess that she just wants to spend time with Ana, Ana is sitting there with this smirk on her face. Jessica is now beyond upset, she is angry and this is going to turn into a huge fight!

Averey gets word that she made the Hooters calander for the year, that is apparently something to be proud of when you’re on the Real World. All the roomies go out, Jess is talking to Nia and telling her that she’s sick of the other girls ignoring her. Jessica and Nia go into the bathroom and continue the conversation and Averey is in the bathroom, as Jess is talking to Averey, Nia is blocking the door and corners her into the bathroom. Averey tells Johnny and Johnny goes after Nia and Jessica and Johnny verbally attacks them as they are walking away. This is not going to be good when everyone gets home.

Johnny is walking after Nia and Jess and he has every intention of attacking these girls verbally, Jess is already crying, he keeps calling her fat and ugly. Nia was making fun of Johnny’s manhood, its a favorite topic of hers, so Johnny pulls down his pants and starts arguing with Nia with his pants down, he tells Averey this and she is ok with that…classy guys, stay classy! After the blow out, Averey and Johnny are all cuddled on the couch being lovey dovey while Jess and Nia leave them be.

Make sure you come back next week to find out what happens when the drama really blows up with my Real World Portland Live Recap right here!

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