American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Psy To Perform At Season 12 Finale

We all know the American Idol Season 12 Finale is going to be huge and FOX is going to pull out all the stops to try and get you to tune in, including a performance from Psy? It appears that we may have a little “Gangnam Style” or “Gentleman” going on this week for our American Idol 2013 spoilers. Can Psy help boost the American Idol Season 12 ratings?

Psy Gentleman Video

It appears that Psy will be performing on the American Idol 2013 Finale, according to MJs Big Blog: “YG Entertainment confirmed, “On the ‘American Idol Season 12? finale in California on the 16th, Psy will perform ‘Gentleman’. Because it is a live broadcast, Psy’s performance will be vivid for viewers.”

Psy could put on an interesting performance and he gets millions of hits on his YouTube videos, so maybe his fans will tune in to watch American Idol 2013? What do you think?

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