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  • zurilix

    @renne: is ur grand daughter is one of the staff in AI?

    • yes, rachel is on the staff of am. idol and has a very big responsibility to make the producer/director and judges alike life much easier plus helping get the contestants ready and looking good.

    • yes she is. She had a huge responsibility to make everything easier for all staff and contestants.

  • zurilix

    here comes the voting!!!

  • zurilix

    nice jessica! nice 2nd round!

  • zurilix

    i think js did a good job singing proud mary..

  • Hi there, so happy I can see am. idol live, because I live in puerto vallarta, mx and we do not get Fox.
    My granddaughter Rachel Shapiro works very hard and loves Am. Idol all staff to the top and I know she will have her name on the credits tonight, how can I see that.
    Thanking you inadvance,


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