Survivor 2013 Predictions: Finale – Who Wins Survivor Tonight?

The final Tribal Council on Survivor Caramoan 2013 will take place tonight and we will find out who won Survivor 2013, but before that happens we have our Survivor 2013 predictions on who wins Survivor Season 26 tonight. From our Survivor 2013 spoilers, we make our guess, but find out how we do during our Survivor 2013 Live Recap and watch with us as we find out who won Survivor 2013 tonight!

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Survivor 2013 Finale Predictions

The final five castaways left on Survivor Caramoan 2013 are:

  1. Cochran
  2. Dawn
  3. Sherri
  4. Erik
  5. Eddie

The previews show that someone has a medical emergency and the number of castaways goes from five to four just like that! Who gets evacuated this late in the game? I’m taking a guess it will be Erik, for some reason. The previews seem to exclude Erik for most of it until the end, so just my guess.

We always get that crazy Immunity Challenge at the end and someone wins it that throws a big wrench into the whole game. I am saying it happens again and Eddie wins immunity on the final challenge and will make it to the final Tribal Council. That leaves Dawn, Sherri and Cochran scrambling to vote one of their own alliance off. Sherri would be the easier person to bring to the finale since she has done nothing all season long but coast. I think Cochran and Dawn will stick together and vote off Sherri.

That leaves us with Dawn, Cochran and Eddie in the final three on Survivor 2013. From there, I am going to go with the big shocker and pick Eddie to win Survivor Caramoan 2013! Will that actually happen? You never know! Cochran might be the better pick, but I am rooting for Eddie and the “lone amigo” to take home the $1 million prize!

Who do you think wins tonight on Survivor 2013? For all you true Survivor fans out there, make sure to get the Season Pass of Survivor Season 26!

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