Survivor 2013 Live Recap: Finale Spoilers – Who Wins?

Survivor Caramoan 2013 comes to an end tonight and after an eventful past couple of weeks what will happen on tonight’s Survivor 2013 Finale?  Fans vs. Favorites: find out who comes out on top in the Survivor 2013 Live Recap.  Eddie, Erik, Sherri, Dawn or Cochran all fight for the $1 million prize and we will find out who won Survivor 2013 tonight!


Survivor 2013 has been the season of game changing blindsides.  The blindsiding started with Phillip, then Andrea, and finally Brenda.  Each blindside became more controversial than the last.  Viewers can bet the surprises aren’t over yet.

Eddie has had a target on his back since he made allies with Reynold and Malcolm.  The lone “amigo” has managed to dodge elimination for several weeks.  Will he be able to stick it out and win Survivor Caramoan 2013? We will find out tonight!

Only three can make it the Survivor 2013 Finale but there are still five contestants left.  In the new Survivor 2013 a medical emergency changes the game.  Will it be severe enough to send them home so close to the end?

When the final three are announced, stay tuned to find out what the jury members have to say and see who wins Survivor 2013 tonight.  After the winner is announced don’t miss the recap of the Survivor Caramoan 2013 reunion.  Find out how the contestants feel after everything is said and done.



With only three days left for the final five contestants in Survivor 2013, Dawn, Sherri, Eddie, Cochran, and Erik are battling with everything they have to win the million dollars and title of Survivor Caramoan 2013 winner.  Who will win? Will it be a fan or a favorite?

Once the contestants left the tribal council that sent Brenda home, Erik expressed he didn’t feel well.  He had a headache and was having a spinning sensation.  He couldn’t get the spinning feeling to stop and the medics came in.  The medic was concerned that Erik pushed his body too far and was entering a state of starvation. The doctor had to give Erik fluids for malnutrition and dehydration.  Eddie is an EMT and talked Erik through what was going on.

The doctor then broke the news to Erik.  He had to be pulled from the game after 36 days. Now there are only four contestants left in Survivor 2013.  All the other contestants were upset and felt bad Erik had to exit the game.  Will Erik leaving change their game plan?

Dawn, Eddie, Cochran, and Sherri were all shocked to see Erik go.  While the other’s discussed the crazy game changer, Cochran was thinking about how he could get to Eddie and make a plan to get to the end with him.

Reward Challenge: Contestants had to steady a balance board with one hand and build a house of card with the other hand.  The person to make their house of card tall enough would win an advantage for the immunity challenge.  The advantage could be great enough to guarantee them a spot in the Survivor 2013 final three.

Sherri and Cochran pulled ahead.  Cochran’s stack fell down, giving Dawn a chance to catch up. Sherri’s stack also fell over.  Eddie wasn’t too far behind Dawn when Cochran’s stack fell again.  Dawn was one card away from a win when her stack fell.  Eddie was the only remaining contestant who hadn’t started over, but it didn’t last.  The contestants were having a hard time keeping a steady hand and table.  Eddie, Sherri, and Cochran were all close to the marker when Eddie lost half his stack.  Cochran lost his stack several times but pulled it together and won the final reward challenge of Survivor 2013.  Will the advantage be enough to win him a million dollars?

Back at camp Cochran basked in his third win.  He was happy to win the advantage for himself and it meant that nobody else would get the advantage.

Sherri and Eddie broke away to discuss Dawn.  They think she has played the sympathy card a lot in Survivor 2013 and they feel that if either of them were in the final two with her, she would easily get the juries votes.  While Eddie and Sherri discussed Dawn, Dawn’s paranoia kicked into high gear.  Cochran had to reassure her even though he is really considering voting her off on the Survivor 2013 Finale.

Before their final immunity challenge, the final four reflected on their Survivor 2013 journey thus far and the eliminated contestants.

Immunity Challenge:  In the Survivor 2013 Finale immunity challenge contestants had to race up a three stories of stairs to collect bags, three total, and slide down to the bottom before returning for the next.  They then had to assemble a puzzle that looked like a fire.  The first to complete the challenge will win immunity. Cochran’s advantage was that he wouldn’t have to untie his bags.  Everybody else would have to go through a series of knots on each bag.  This advantage should gain him a lot of time. 

Cochran’s advantage proved to be a good one.  Cochran was onto his second bag before the other’s even finished their first.  Cochran retrieved his three bags first and began working on his puzzle.  Sherri was the last to retrieve her third bag and started her puzzle last.  Cochran started his puzzle first but had no pieces in place by time the others started.

Dawn quickly got three puzzle pieces.  Even though Sherri started last she was quick to place pieces into her puzzle.  Cochran began to figure it out and began to catch up the Dawn.  Eddie wasn’t finding any pieces and the other three were closing in on finishing.  Cochran went on to win the final Survivor 2013 immunity challenge, his third individual immunity.  He guaranteed himself a chance to plead his case to the jury.  Will underdog Cochran win Survivor 2013?

Before tribal council Cochran tried to decide who he wanted to take second place in the Survivor 2013 Finale.  He was pretty confident he would win Survivor 2013.  Cochran couldn’t decide who to vote off; Eddie, Dawn, or Sherri?  Dawn is overly emotion and Eddie hasn’t really made too many enemies.

Tribal Council: Jeff had the final four discuss Erik being pulled from the competition and Cochran’s double challenge win.  Jeff then asked Dawn what Cochran should do.  She pointed out that everybody likes Eddie so Cochran shouldn’t take him.  On the other hand, Eddie pointed out that Dawn made a lot of big moves in the game, which could also get her a lot of votes.  Jeff then pointed out that it appears everybody is just assuming Sherri will go to the final.

Votes:  Dawn, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.  Eddie was voted off in the Survivor 2013 Finale.

Dawn, Cochran, and Sherri move on to the Survivor 2013 finale where the jury will now decide their fate.

Before the final three went to their final tribal council they received a much needed basket of food and drinks.  They are all mostly confident they can win Survivor 2013 but their can only one winner.  Who will it be?

Tribal Council:  They each made an opening statement and then the jury members got to ask questions one at a time.  Dawn revealed the things she wanted to do in the game her second time around.  She said she was proud of the way she played and she played the way she wanted to.  Sherri revealed that while she is a stay at home mom, she is also a successful business owner and she wanted to play the game like she deals with business.  She had to integrate herself with people and it paid off.  Cochran talked about his obsession with Survivor and his struggle with social awkwardness.  He never expected to win challenges the way he did and prided himself on playing into the timing of the game.

Then the jury got to address Sherri, Cochran, and Dawn.

Malcolm went first.  He didn’t have a question for Sherri.  His vote was between Dawn and Cochran.  He didn’t asked Dawn a question just told her she played cold hearted and told her to fight for it and own it.  If she did that, he would vote for her.  He asked Cochran what he had that he doesn’t to get him into the finale.  Cochran said it was his heightened insecurity.

Eddie was next.  He asked Sherri is she would admit to being carried to the final three.  She said she didn’t, which got a laugh from the jury.  Eddie then told Dawn that she was emotionally weak the whole game so why is she claiming to be strong now?  Eddie asked Cochran where he sees himself after the game.  Would he be at the bar with himself, Malcolm, and Reynold?  Cochran said yes he would be at the bar and the game has changed his social interactions with people.

Phillip questioned Sherri about joining the favorites and revoked her membership to “Stealth Are Us.”  He was done with her.  He then pointed out that Dawn made camp life very disruptive and said he would not be voting for her either.  Phillip enjoyed playing with Cochran and made it clear he would get his vote.

Erik expressed that he thought he had a bond with Dawn, but after what she did to Brenda, it was crushed.  Dawn defended herself by saying she was playing the game.  Erik then asked Sherri is she knew why she was in the final.  Sherri said she played the game, just not in the way the others did.  Erik said Sherri was “a seashell on the beach” during Survivor 2013.  Sherri put him in his place and told him to sit down because she doesn’t’ need his vote.

Michael gave Dawn the chance to explain why she is being portrayed as a villain and Cochran isn’t.  Dawn said it was because she made closer relationships with the people and then said if she didn’t do all the dirty work Cochran probably wouldn’t be in the final three.  She said he pretty much showed up and voted the way she told him.  Cochran defended himself and told Dawn her paranoia hurt the alliance and he held her together.  He also didn’t ask Sherri anything.

Reynold pretty much called Dawn a phony and then asked Dawn to describe him in three adjectives.   She said he was chauvinistic, had a good sense of humor, and is vulgar.  He was happy with her honest answer.

Andrea wasn’t upset and said her blindside elimination was awesome.  She asked Cochran what animal he played the game like.  His answer was a chameleon; he changed at the drop of a hat in the game to get where he is.  She said she understood why Dawn played like she did.

Brenda was last.  She spoke to Cochran about her giving him a family visit and how he took the game from her.  She wanted to know why she should give him her vote.  His answer was that he took her out because she was a threat; pure and simple.  She addressed Dawn next.  She felt that she had created such a deep bond Dawn when she retrieved Dawn’s retainer for her.  She asked Dawn if she would have quit without her teeth.  She said no she wouldn’t.  She then asked Dawn to take out her teeth so everybody else could see her in the vulnerable state she did.  Dawn did it and Brenda accomplished what she wanted to.  She wanted Dawn to feel a little hurt.

Now the jury members vote.  Unlike tribal council, their votes will be for who they want to win Survivor 2013.  With hardly any jury members giving Sherri the time of day will she get any votes?

Live Survivor 2013 Finale Votes: Before the votes were read Sherri admitted she doesn’t think she has a shot at winning.  Cochran felt pretty confident but was prepared to lose.  Dawn doesn’t think she will win but thinks she will be able to buy new teeth.

Vote:  Cochran, Cochran, Cochran, Cochran, Cochran.  The winner of Survivor 2013 Fans vs. Favorites was Cochran.


The reunion started with a recap of Cochran’s journey.  The game has given him a new perspective on himself.  He no longer feels like an outcast because of his quirks.  He accepted them this time around and it helped him play the game better.  He then talked about his key strategies to the game.  Cochran is graduating from Harvard law but isn’t going to pursue law.  He wants to be a writer somebody.

Dawn’s emotional journey was next.  She joked about her constant crying but then explained why she was so emotional.  She said to play the game her way this time around she had to go against how she would normally play.  Jeff asked Dawn if everybody’s response to voting out Brenda affected her.  Dawn said there were times when it got to be too much but she knows who she is and in the end it didn’t change who she was.

Brenda joined the reunion via satellite to talk about Dawn’s betrayal.  Dawn has tried to reach out to Brenda but Brenda hasn’t responded to her.  Dawn apologized again.  The reason Brenda joined them via satellite was because she is pregnant and due any day.

The next topic of conversation in the Survivor 2013 reunion was Phillip.  Phillip said people all over the internet love the way he played this season and he even watched episodes with fans several times.  Phillip then gave Jeff his Stealth Are Us name; the piercing eagle.  Phillip played Survivor 2013 by the Boston Rob rules.  Boston Rob joined the reunion to give his opinion of Phillip.  He said he is one of the most entertaining players and was flattered he played the game based on him.  Phillip inspired Boston Rob to write a book: The Boston Rob Rule Book, which he gave to Phillip.

Next, the Survivor 2013 player of the year will be announced.

Before the player of the year was announced, Malcolm’s journey was recapped.  Malcolm played two seasons of Survivor back to back.  He played first as a fan, then as a favorite, with only a few days in between.  He admitted that he still hasn’t fully recovered.  He said he thought Survivor would be a cake walk for him and he thought he would dominate.  The experience humbled him.  Not only was Malcolm on two season of Survivor, he also had a spot on a soap opera.

71% of the votes cast for the player of the year were for two people; Malcolm and Brenda.  Malcolm became the Sprint player of the season and won $100,000.

Before the Survivor 2013 Finale ended Jeff announced some information on the next season.  The next season of Survivor will be Blood vs. Water.  Find out what that means in the next season recaps right here!

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