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  • Ray

    Kree and Candice has always been the top 2 from the very beginning, tell me that i’m wrong. Angie’s great but it’s all mainly because of her huge fanbase. Anyway i feel very happy for Kree. Hope the best for her future whether she wins or not. She truly deserves it

  • Ken

    I think Joni hit the nail on the head. I agree with every thing that was written by Joni and I am also disappointed.

  • laven

    hahaha…I always thought Angie will be eliminated…she’s never been consistent..she’s only good behind the piano..but without it..she’s lost. and she cannot even pronounced the words clearly…she’s just like eating it which nobody could understand what is she saying. judges have never been credible with their critique..if they don’t like the song, they would criticize the singer. they should know better. IT”S NOT ALL ABOUT THE SONG…IT’S THE TALENT AND THE TECHNICAL ASPECT OF THE SINGER!!!!! Candice sounds like Natalie Cole..Kree’s been consistent. She only gets negative critique if judges doesn’t like her song, as if they have better ones…except for Mariah’s.

  • Neo

    I personally wanted this bottom two since the beginning. However, if I was to base it off of last night, I would say Angie over Kreedom. However! Based off this entire season, Kree and Candide definitely deserve it!

    I loved watching all the girl (other than Janelle) develop this season, but these two are the ones that have always excited me!

  • joni

    WTF!! There is no way Kree should be a finalist. She is a lovely young woman but her talent is not at the level of Candance and Angie. Did you see Keith and Nicki’s reactions, they could not believe it. I just read a message before tonights AI saying it was fixed, I did not initially believe it now I do…..Very disappointing result

  • Victoria Lynn

    No, I can’t believe it. I’m really disappointed. I thought Angie had the best and most interesting voice, could play an instrument, had the best personality, and she can even write her own songs. It’s hard for me to believe Kree and Candice are the final two top singers. I just don’t think they’re very interesting. Oh, well.

    • dj

      I agree lynn

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