Who Got Eliminated On Survivor 2013 Last Night? Episode 13

What happened last night on Survivor Caramoan 2013 could go down as one of the lowest moves ever done in the history of the show and it has a lot of people complaining, but who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 last night that has everyone up in arms? Find out in our Survivor 2013 spoilers below!

Survivor Caramoan 2013

Here is what I am talking about: Brenda won the reward challenge and had the chance to spend some time with her Dad and her sister while eating barbecue. She chose Dawn and her husband to share in the moment. Jeff Probst threw a wrench into the plan and said she could give the other four castaways the chance to spend that time with their loved ones and Dawn and Brenda would go back to camp with nothing. Brenda picked the other four castaways over herself!

In the end, that hurt her? Dawn and Cochran were feeling threatened by Brenda and how everyone would consider her a saint now because of what she had done, so they pulled Sherri along and voted off Brenda! Everyone was blindsided, including Brenda, but she told them as she left that she was honest with them the whole time and genuine and this hurt, as Dawn had a smirk on her face that I wanted to smack right off!

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  1. I wanted Dawn off the show from day one. You don’t win any points with me because you have your “crying game” down to a science. When she was told that her son was on the island, if you had just tuned in you might have thought that the military just informed her that her MIA son of 10 years had just be found alive and well. The “Cock of the Walk” is NOT a good player, the word is clever. He is cunning and manipulative and you might want him as your attorney, but if you really were stranded on an island with no film crew and a large sum of money and a plane ticket home at the end of 30 plus days would you want him as your companion? If so, I hope you can sleep with one eye open and pray he has never heard of the Donner Party. I hope this dose not cloud any of the colors of Brenda’s world as she is truly a refreshing change from the norm when it comes to many of the game pieces committing murder and mayhem on the chess board of Survivor. My sister and I both stated that “there is a young lady that was well raised, and a credit to her family and the friends that are lucky enough to know her”. As Pete Townsend once said….”Keep Rocking” for in my opinion you not only know how to play the game you truly know what is at stake at the end of the road….discipline, honor, respect and compassion

  2. LisaSC says:

    I was so disappointed yesterday that Brenda got voted off. We could possibly learn a valuable lesson from her. Her genuine personality is unique and is a trait we should all try to obtain. Strategically I realize that the vote was important for the remaining survivors. I just hated it. This is a shabby looking group this year in the finl end. I wanted Malcolm to win but Brenda won my heart over last night. Now I keep saying I’m not watching the remaing episodes but I know I will. I think I would love for Eddie to win at this point. He needs to get up off his duff, quit riding there shirt tails and play his own game. Be like Malcolm, go look for an idol so that he can guarantee another night without being voted off. The final 3 will be Cochran, Sheri and Dawn, Cochran can beat them because they are weak. Unless Eddie steps up to the plate. Here’s what I believe will happen. Next to be voted off Eddie, then Erik. Then I believe Cochran will win. That’s ok with me at this point. Maybe the guys should team up. The remaining girls have endured a ruff experience but I just don’t think they played and put it all out there. They rode in on the shirt tails of others. But, that may have been the strategic plan, to fly under the radar. Good luck you guys.

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