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  • are you kidding ?
    i’m 52 years old– germain is good no doubt. —- Juliet is a guaranteed star.-
    my wife and i will definately buy your album.
    Great voice– and you seem like a great person.–name as many female rock vocalists as you like in the past.– your better than most , and as good as the rest. It’s your time Juliet. Enjoy–you deserve it.

  • i’d say Juliet Simms stole the show, but that’s not quite right. She didn’t steal anything, she was just incredible. There’s eight talented performers left who should all make the big time. Last night goes to Juliet — great voice !

  • Leigh

    I love very few reality shows. This is worth watching,
    With that said, every time Christina is tacky, interrupts, rude, disrespectful and a straight bitch.
    I feel like spreading the word. I will never spend my money her way.
    And after how rude she is this year to Tony, I will tell everyone what I think when her or the show are mentioned. Some people should just sing and shut their mouths.

  • Debbie

    Juliet Simms should think about performing Love Rain Over Me as a song choice. It suits her well. She was really outstanding tonight singing It’s a Man’s World.

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