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  • Elaine

    By thw way, congratulation for consistently getting the most comment – if I am reading the numbers right on the entries for the other shows. Well done.

  • Elaine

    Don’t get me wrong – I love Castle and there were many moments during this season that were fun and some serious moments – in Target, Hunt, and Still especially – but I have been disappointed in the development of the Castle/Beckett relationship. I’m watching old episodes on TNT and there’s a gravitas to his caring for her and her connection to him that is essentially gone this season. Whatever happens on Mondat, I hope it lives up to the depth of feelings we saw in earlier seasons. Castle, Beckett and their fans deserve that.

  • soleil_lu

    Great review! I have mixes feelings about this ep – I normally love Amann/Roe eps, & the XF side references were fun. What really disturbed me was not the job offer itself or Kate’s reaction to it as such – it was the fact that she flat-out lied to Castle! She sat there with the perfect opportunity to tell him & she lied to his face. That is going to hurt him when he finds out. I can understand her being reticent about discussing it deeply until she has made her own mind up, but she clearly is interested & if her relationship with Castle means anything, surely it means openness & honesty! I was really disappointed in her – it’s another instance where I find myself thinking I don’t like what Beckett is becoming

    • Joy D’Angelo

      Thanks for posting! I see it more as her being in denial – and she’s good at that. She said it was nothing because she WANTS it to be nothing. She would like it to disappear and stay in the bubble with Castle. Of course, the job thing is something she’s interested in and will have to confront – the same way she had to admit to herself that she had feelings for Castle in the first place.

  • GuppyintheOcean

    Personally, I think Beckett is a ‘big fish in a little pond’ kind of girl. I think she likes having her team of Espo and Ryan, and likes the autonomy she has with NYPD. Especially true under Montgomery and she is working back to a good place with Gates. Remember in the S4 CIA 2-parter when Castle wanted to speculate that they had saved the world and it was enough for Beckett to save a little girl. I also see Beckett as someone who gets frustrated with the political and the rule keeping, and I believe she knows this about herself. And I feel (perhaps from personal experience, LOL) that the Stack character is trying to pull her into something that is NOT all glamor and a bed of roses. Beckett should be searching for balance in her life, not a lonely job that demands 110% or more of herself and leaves her with no personal life and no satisfaction outside of work. To me the question is NOT whether Castle can follow her to D.C., it is how relevant to her new life would he be (vs. being just a follower or a hanger-on type person) and how difficult would it be for them to keep from growing apart. Personally I think that oftentimes Beckett takes Castle for granted and does not truly respect all that this wonderfully generous and caring man brings to her life and to the relationship on a daily basis.

    Beckett needs balance in her life, and light in her life, and a sense of a full family life that she hasn’t had since her mother died and I sincerely hope that she understands this about herself. On Castle’s part, he needs to realize that, for a career woman, having a boyfriend or a lover is for many women, not at all the same as having a fiancee or a husband. It can just be easier to follow someone across the country or conversely to reject a job offer for a husband (or fiancee) than for a boyfriend. It may be Beckett’s pride but Castle needs to give her the relationship ‘status’ she needs to make career choices more comfortable for her to make.

    For future seasons, I believe there’s lots of fun to be had (all while solving murders!) with developing the Castle/Beckett extended family relationships (Kate/Alexis; Kate/Martha; Jim/Rick; becoming Ryan baby godparents, perhaps even losing an aging parent, etc) and with having Beckett navigate and embrace Castle’s world of book parties, celebrity status, book tour separations, etc. Could be lots of fun and now that Gates knows, it’s time for the Caskett relationship to truly come out in the open.

    I really struggled with Kate saying “Nothing” at the end of the episode. For me, it is time for some more honestly in this relationship, and I don’t see this at all as the same thing as Castle saying ‘to the bedroom’ when answering Kate’s question in S&Q. Could she have said “Oh, he talked about his work…” or “Oh, work stuff.” and left it there until she was ready to discuss more? I hope her lack of sharing and being forthcoming with Castle is because she thinks she is not interested in pursuing the offer, at least at this point of time and in her head. Also, let’s remember that Rick has already turned down a similar offer, to write Bond novels and leave Kate in the dust, back in what, Season 2 I think, and he choose to stay with Beckett, at that time for only a remote possibility of having a life with her. The heart wants what the heart wants.

    I oftentimes see Beckett as immature relationship-wise, and understandably so. At the young age of 19 she closed herself off from any truly meaningful adult male/female relationships (both feet in and moving forward and in it for the right reason rather than just because a guy–Sorenson, Demming, Josh–was attracted to her). So, she’s secretive, she fights mean, she’s flighty and feeling her way and Castle oftentimes has to talk her down (such as in “Cloudy w/a Change of Murder” and “Murder He Wrote”. So when I see Castle as childlike with joy or intentionally immature as if challenging people to like him anyway, I see Beckett as being very immature or inexperienced in managing the day to day of a relationship. Still, her joy and smiles when feeling IN love are awesome!

    So finally, I so agree and appreciate your insight that perhaps Beckett’s team could hold a second status and purpose while still being NYPD, with the Attorney General steering some cases to the Beckett team for investigation and resolution. So many possibilities, which can all be good. Turning the cases on topics of interest in our real world is a compelling way to keep stories fresh and shows relevant for years to come, with the cherry of top being the ongoing character developments and personal story lines and lives of the characters that we all love so much.

  • Interesting speculation, though I find Gates being an undercover Fed a little far-fetched, same goes with Beckett becoming one as well. As for their relationship still being do-able if they do have her move to DC and take the job, I personally don’t think it would. From how I saw it, the kind of job Stack seems to have and is offering Beckett doesn’t really seem to leave much time for a personal life. It would be a job where you are constantly on the move and hardly in the same place for very long. So even if Castle was willing to follow her to DC, it’s not like she’d be able to see him much, let alone talk shop like they do, since all her work would probably be classified. Plus, she’d have to keep secrets and lie to all her friends and family about what she’s doing. So, with that in mind, it seems to me that the decision they are setting up for Beckett is going to quite literally be what is more important to her in the long run… the job or her relationship. And I, personally, am not entirely sure where her heart lies right now (as she’s really conflicted over everything, IMO), so as I see it, it could go either way. That being said, I don’t think a break-up is coming, but maybe a brief separation, like them being apart for the summer or maybe even longer. Like maybe Beckett takes the job and works it on a probationary period, so she has to go back and forth from New York and DC or something, that would make for some complex stories (that’s what I might do if I was running the show, so you all should be happy that I am not LOL). And, unlike a lot of finale speculation fanfics, I really hope they don’t have Castle propose, b/c then that proposal would be tainted by the “did he just propose because of the job offer”.

    As always, though I don’t comment often, I enjoyed your take on the episode.

    • Joy D’Angelo

      Thanks for commenting! I don’t see Beckett moving to D.C. – it’s more about the road the discussion could take, because she doesn’t want to end things with him. There has to be a way for her to discuss it without it being “I’m ending. our relationship to goto D.C.” What I see is them going through all the possibilities – but the question coming back to “where does your heart lie.” where would she like to be five years from now? I think it’s married to Castle – but they haven’t had the conversation yet. I do think that there’s a bigger surprise Gates that will play into all of this. I wish it were Monday – and then the next day was September! LOL!

  • mya

    I am simply perplexed. I have no theories. The only guide I now have is Tamela Jones said the ending will snap your head back and make you question… What just happened? Molly Quinn said almost the same thing. Neither of them indicated weather fans would be sad or pleased. So, for my part, I am looking forward to good story telling and good acting, especially from Stana. The girl is simply good. She disappears into the role of Beckett. This comes from a person who often forces myself to overlook the acting in order to enjoy a movie. Sometimes I can’t. The more I watch Stana’s acting and the nuances she brings the role , I am reminded of what Daniel Day Lewis brings to a role or, Meryl Streep/ Jodie Foster. They disappear into the role. “There Will Be Blood’ would have been just another nice movie w/o DDL. I.E. interesting but not captivating. ‘Sophie’s Choice’ would have been a snooze w/o MS. I probably would have abandoned Castle long ago but Stana always bring a little something extra. I guess you tell I am easily bored.

  • Letícia

    wow, I just have to agree with you on everything. you said some things that I didn’t even noticed! the case was really good and in the end, in the kate-stack & kate-castle conversation, stana just nailed it, specially her reaction & saying ‘nothing. it was nothing, i thought it was a little bit of a cliffhanger already. can’t wait to see what Marlowe prepared for us. and then again, i agree with you when you say that if beckett accepts this job, there’s no show basically. and should just chill, because in Marlowe we trust;)

  • Kasey Frederick

    TF – you said what I was thinking so eloquently I feel like I am wasting space – particularly the last half of your response.
    I think I feel kind of jerked around. 4 years of waiting for a year together where the relationship has developed so slowly that it allows AM fall back on old behaviors that Castle and Beckett had that kept them apart for so long. Castle being insensitive and clueless and Beckett being secretive and reserved. “Squab” and “Human Factor” did a lot to dampen my investment in the characters and the future of the show – getting jerked around for too long can do that.

  • TF

    Great Re-cap Joy, (As Always)

    If Only , more time could have been spent peeling back the Castle Onion, I would have felt better, you can see the parallels between this case and RC own life, but it is almost like OK Dad showed up and rescued me and Alexis so back on the shelf. If I recall that ended when RC said to Martha, Mom, there is something I want to tell you, The only time he has not called her Mother that I can recall. We also have PaPA Ryan hanging out there for a time TBD, so there is some loose ends in the story arc that needs work.

    As far as you idea about Gates, Not buying it for a minute, contacts with the uppers are probably from all the time in IA. I see a long summer for us with No Official Break Up, BUT KB taking the job for her chance to nail Bracken. Seriously as the Shrink put it, Are you afraid he won’t wait for you or he will. I think the writers have just about worn this arc out, no matter how bad the heart wants what the heart wants, there is a limit. RC has lost at love before, Kyra, he did not follow her, Mercedes, Not stated but could have taken her back after her fling, and Gina, wanted more than ordinary, wanted magic, not Heart Break. So my question is how to mend some deeply hurt feelings on RC part, and if KB takes the job flash back to Sorenson, moving to Boston, about the same distance away as DC, Double Standard?? Going to be interesting, but frankly the last two episodes, excluding STILL which is my number one all time, have left me bland, and disappointed in all the AM hype. I don’t think either of the sub plots was organic, but forced, maybe I am wrong we will see, but I am not as hopeful as I was a few weeks ago and am investing less time in the series each week

    • Joy D’Angelo

      Thanks for posting! I’m glad you enjoying reading it. I’m sorry you’re less hopeful about the show, but I respect that everyone sees things differently. I would think Gates NYPD IA connections would more likely be heavy at the State level, less so at the Federal – unless she was a Fed working IA. Even if it’s not Beckett working under Gates, I’ll bet Gates can help her figure out how to make it all work. They’ve been gradually building a relationship between Gates and Beckett, and Marlowe doesn’t do anything without a reason in mind.

      I do think something is going to be giving Beckett some Federal backing though and I don’t find this plot forced at all. It started way back with Agent Shaw. Beckett’s always had a bit of envy over how much more the feds could do, and the feds she’s worked with – even evil Sophia – have been impressed with her. It really feels like it just was a matter of time that this work issue would come up. None of what’s happened is really out of left field. Also, I’m not sure how Bracken fits in, but her wanting to take the job isn’t about Bracken – it’s about her.

      As for how their partnership could fare in such circumstances, remember, Castle used to follow around a CIA agent… with his then unknown to him father’s help. There’s a lot of configurations that could work. …Of course, all of this is theory, I could be completely wrong. 😀

      However, in terms of Castle himself, I don’t think it’s fair to expect “The Castle Onion” to be unpeeled in a few episodes. If you go back to my Target review, I talk about how the darkness Castle displayed was foreshadowed seasons before. Marlowe builds his characters depth over time, and he’s juggling many story-lines using 23-24, blocks of 43 minutes each. He weaves a real tapestry, but if you focus on a single thread you’re going to miss the image.

      On a different note, on twitter I’ve been saying since before “Target” that I think there’s an engagement happening in the finale. Now there’s nothing per-say in “The Human Factor” that suggests it. In fact, except for “The Squab and the Quail” there’s nothing concrete I could point to. But the everything in this season’s overall arc – including this issue of the job – seems to be pointing to just that. I think I’ve written in an article that I think at the end of the day the undecided issue will be about work – not Caskett.

      His relationship with Kate is pretty different than any of his relationships – except for Kyra. If he learned anything from that it would be that if you want someone it’s worth going after them. I’m assuming you mean Meredith, not Mercedes when you suggest he could have taken her back after her “fling?” First of all, he married her because she was pregnant and wanted to make it work because of his own childhood, so this wasn’t a huge love affair (a sex affair, a fun affair, yes.) More importantlyMeredith had the affair and left HIM, so he couldn’t have taken her back – she didn’t want to come back. Meredith didn’t want to be married and have the responsibility of a child.

      Last but not least, I didn’t use a double standard with Beckett and Sorenson. The difference between Beckett and Sorenson and Beckett and Castle is that Castle can write anywhere, while as a state police officer, Kate couldn’t have gone to Boston without serious career issues, and couldn’t afford to be doing the back and forth travel on a city officer’s salary. Castle can afford all the travel costs and it wouldn’t affect his career. It’s an apples and oranges situation.

      Of course, none of this is to say that you should like the situation that happening or like the episodes you’ve mentioned. Feeling are subjective, and on a gut level every person either just likes something or they don’t. Still, I hope that you’re pleasantly surprised by the finale. 🙂

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