Which Team Won The Amazing Race 2013 Last Night?

The night started with four teams, but after two hours of challenges and Road Blocks and Detours, we were down to one winning team on The Amazing Race Season 22 last night, but which team won The Amazing Race 2013 last night? We have your The Amazing Race 2013 spoilers right here!

Amazing Race 2013 Cast

The final four teams on The Amazing Race 2013 last night were:

  1. Max and Katie
  2. Bates and Anthony
  3. Caroline and Jen
  4. Beth and Mona

We started in Northern Ireland and the first team eliminated last night were Caroline and Jen, who struggled with bog snorkeling and getting lost and checked in last with Phil Keoghan.

That left us with the final three teams heading to Washington, D.C. to fight through the final tasks and earn the $1 million prize. Bates and Anthony were early favorites and had some slip-ups along the way, but they came through strong in the end and were the first to check-in with Phil and won The Amazing Race 2013 last night!

Who did you want to win The Amazing Race 2013 last night?

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