Who Was Voted Off American Idol 2013 Last Night? Top 4

In a moment where everyone in America said “duh”, we found out who was voted off American Idol 2013 last night and while I was not surprised there were some people that were and you can find out who it was in our American Idol 2013 spoilers below, but did the American Idol judges 2013 have to use that save? Keep reading to find out who will be singing next week on American Idol Season 12!

American Idol 2013 - Top 4

While the show was filled with a lot of awkward moments, the end result was what many people expected, right? The Top 4 on American Idol Season 12 were split into a Top 2 and a Bottom 2.

The Top 2 consisted of Angie Miller and Kree Harrison. The Bottom 2 consisted of Amber Holcomb and Candice Glover. From that point on, we don’t know any other information to tell you on the rankings. Ryan Seacrest announced that the person going home this week on American Idol 2013 was no one!

Yup, since the judges never used their save, we have an extra week of competition to make up for and to do that the Top 4 Girls will get one more chance to sing for your votes. Combine next week’s votes with the votes from this week and the lady with the lowest number of votes is headed home! Sounds simple, right?

Were you surprised to see Candice Glover or Amber Holcomb in the Bottom 2? Loved the performances this week on Idol? Get all the songs from the Top 4 on American Idol Season 12 right here!!!

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  1. Carla Jones says:

    Candice all the way America!!!!!!!!! She is the real singer!

  2. Wow I am surprised that Candice is at the bottom two. This is going to toughest call for the judges and fans this year. This four girls are winners, each one would win if they are one of the last two standing for the final seance the inception of America Idol. I predict that Angie would win it all, she is multi-talented, she is good song writer,singer and can play both piano and guitar, I hope America will put this into consideration.

  3. Angie is totally the best. She should win it all.

    • Caral Jones says:

      Angie is not a consistent singer. She hides behind the piano. Remember it is about the voice!!!!!!! ( smile) She DOES have a lot a big hair, but that does not have anything to do with singing. Candice is your voice! Candice should take it all! Clear WINNER!

  4. Candice bottom 2! Wow, that is unreal

  5. hat maguire says:

    Candice stood out from the beginning. Even without winning American Idol she should still have a huge career. All four girls are the best group ever remaining this far into the competition. Until this week I thought that Amber was the weakest singer. It’s definitely a wait and see game this year! P.S. I hope they eliminate Miss Nikki…..if a man had said half the crap she’s said to the contestants he would have been fired long ago. SHE CREEPS ME OUT!!

  6. I wasn’t really surprised to see them keep all four of them around, but I’m glad they did that. I love all four of these ladies so I’m happy we get to see them perform again next week.

  7. Jody A. Burnett says:

    Candice is one of the best singer this season. She should have not been in the bottom two. So what do you expect
    From açtwo ear old

  8. Candice should not have been in the bottom two… No way! That surprised the judges totally as you could see by their faces.
    It surprised me also. I was in shock.
    Hope America gets it right next week.

    • Yeah, I am a huge fan of Candice and hated seeing that, but unless the vote totals were super close between the four of them than the bottom two have a big road to battle next week. They must get more votes than Kree and Angie for the week and make up for this past week’s votes!

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