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  • TargoManos

    Patricia really surprised me with her collection. Out of all the designers I could see wearing a lot of her designs. I wasn’t surprised Michelle pulled out the win; her collection was very original and polished.

  • Annona

    Daniel and Stanley were penalized for designing for women over the age of 23. Yes, Stanley did throw it away by not having his collection finished — more time would probably had led to a better overall product.

    But really, Nina is no young chicken, and Heidi has entered middle age, no matter how short her crack-skimming skirts become. It’s time for fashion to think about and design for grown up women, not stick-like, edgy, etc., girls who think they’re tough.

  • Liz

    I’m done with project runway, do they have something against black people winning.

    • Shenae

      Puh-leeze. Stanley’s collection was boring and a complete rehash of other designers looks. I’m sure you remember seeing a much better version of his evening gown on Halle Berry 10 years ago. And as far as the rest of his looks are concerned, straight out of the eighties with nothing updated. Stanley is a great technician but he is NOT a forward thinking designer. When they did the home visit, we were introduced to his niece. She was young and seemed fashion forward, his collection on her would immediately age her. Imagine that girl going to a party, she’s not wearing anything in that collection, Stanley designed the collection with his mother as his muse and he should have looked to his niece as his muse. That was his mistake.

  • nina

    Patricia may be a good textile designer but she is pretty crappy at designing clothes. Her designs look unfinished art projects. Heidi may like her because she gives the element of surprise but it is not enough for a compettion like this. One has to be able to produce finished garments fit for both editorial as well as commercial.

    • Lisa

      I agree. Who would wear a bunch of highschool craft projects. Horrible designer. I would have much rather seen Danie’s designs. She was a waste of runway!

  • Lacey

    Not happy Michelle won. I haven’t watched the episode yet but I never really liked her. Guess I’ll have to see her collection to see if it changes my mind

  • Alana

    I wanted so badly for Patricia to win this because I respect her story and heritage,the fact that she put work into every detail as I do when I create my jewlery and I think shes a nice person. However Michele has the steampunk alternative type style I wear my won self,albeit in a much more plus size. So I am slightly disappointed,at the outcome but either person I am fine with.

    • Annona

      Clinging to their “heritage” has ruined so many designers’ chances. I wish a black designer could present a final collection without the word “Urban” in the title. The contestants spend weeks learning to design for the fashion industry, which sells to everyone, and then goes home and has to do “urban safari” or “mexican day of the dead” or import all the fabrics from Thailand because that’s where his parents came from. This fall back to waving the race/ethnicity card is a sign of fear, not talent, or strength.

      Patricia certainly made some beautiful pieces, but the hairy muffintop head pieces are a good example of something that should be left behind if one wants to succeed in the fashion mainstream.

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