Project Runway 2013 Live Recap: Finale Spoilers – Who Wins?

We started with 16 designers on Project Runway 2013 and after a season full of team challenges for the first time in Project Runway history we are down to the final three designers (Michelle, Stanley and Patricia) who will be showing their final collections tonight on Project Runway Season 11 and we will find out who won Project Runway 2013 tonight! Find out with us during our Project Runway 2013 Live Recap tonight!

Project Runway 2013 Finale

In a twist last week on Project Runway 2013Heidi Klum and the judges decided to send home Daniel one step away from making it to New York Fashion Week. It seems that the past few seasons they have been bringing the four designers to the finale, but not for Season 11!

Daniel goes home and the three other designers get to finish the final touches on their collections and we have arrived at the final runway show on Project Runway Season 11. The big news also of the finale is the return of judge Michael Kors, who took a season off to focus on his own personal projects. He is the guest judge tonight, so keep up with everything in our Live Recap right here! Who do you think wins Project Runway 2013 tonight?

The three designers are happy, but sad to see Daniel go home. Stanley has some critiquing to do, but they know he can do it. Patricia has to make her collection cohesive.

The next day arrives and the designers still have their helpers (Richard for Stanley, Amanda for Michelle and Layana for Patricia). They will have their makeup consultations later that day and it is another surprise. The designers are going to Mood and they have $500 to get some new materials to make it work!!!

The designers have 30 minutes to do some sketching before heading to Mood. Michelle is going to tone down her collection and make it more simple. Patricia is trying to figure out how to make her collection more cohesive, but Layana is worried about getting it all done in time!

Shopping time is done and it is time to get to work before that final runway show. Do you see another twist coming before the final runway show? For the makeup consultations, Michelle is going to change it a little even though the judges told her they hated it. Stanley wants to sex it up and Patricia wants a clean and simple look. The day ends and Patricia is lost!

The next day arrives and we have two days before the runway show and the designers have their hair consultations. How much more can they stretch this out tonight on Project Runway Season 11???

Critique time with Tim Gunn: he said the judges didn’t know what was going on with Michelle’s compass and she is listening to the constructive criticism, but not sure if she will take it; he tells Stanley to push back from the vintage thing and he has a lot of work to do; he tells Patricia it is Fashion Week and she can’t send leather pants with holes down the runway.

We have our final model fittings and Patricia doesn’t seem to know where she is even at. The focus seems to be on these leather pants that have two holes in them. Will she be using them???

The final day in the workroom and the helpers are leaving and then they get special visits from their loved ones, which they all love having. Then Tim comes in and tells them they have two hours left in the day and must be ready for everything to go the next morning. They can work backstage, but this is huge.

Michelle and Patricia get their stuff done, but then Stanley has so much to do and Michelle is worried if there will even be a runway show since Stanley can’t finish!

Runway day and the designers head over to Lincoln Center. Stanley has four dresses and a top to get ready before the show!!! Two hours before the show and Stanley is trying to figure it all out. Meanwhile, Michelle is super organized! Patricia is under control, but Stanley has everyone working on the looks. The people are arriving and he is trying to get it all done. Sewing in line and Michelle and Patricia helping him. I think this has disaster written all over it for Stanley!

The show is about to begin and the judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and guest judge Michael Kors:

  • Michelle – love the colors and design of the first looks. The models look good and the looks have cohesion. This is a fall collection and the browns are really amazing. Tim said he is totally captivated. She has toned down her looks, but they still look great. The last look is very nice, but is it show-stopping? Overall, a great collection and she did me proud!
  • Patricia – we all know that Patricia does some crazy work with the textiles and it starts out wild, but some of them have some good looks to them. I am seeing some cohesion, but I am not liking it overall. Some pieces are great, but some are just not my thing.She does improve on her looks, but I don’t see it as the winning collection on Project Runway 2013. Do you?
  • Stanley – he is just hoping everything stays on the models. Everything stays in place and the looks are very cohesive and he has some nice looks, but I am not sure if it is more modern like the judges asked of him. It is very sophisticated looks and very fall.

The collections have been seen, so weigh in: who do you think wins Project Runway 2013 tonight? I am going with Michelle!

The designers are back on the runway and time to hear from the judges on Project Runway 2013 and it seems like a love fest to start! For Michelle, Nina thought it was an amazing opening and she offered a lot of pieces. Michael said to not think she has to go by the rules. heidi thought it was cohesive and she did a good job. Zac thinks is was beautifully done.

For Patricia, Michael said it is fabulous. Heidi said she gets excited for Patricia’s looks and the crowd reacted positively to her and she likes when things are different. Zac said when her textiles are in scarves it feels older. Nina said there were a few pieces that were very strong, but then some pieces that had a real disconnection.

For Stanley, Michael said this was a very dressed-up collection. Heidi said she noticed it looked like some quick sewing. The judges all agree the final look looks old. They are very quick with Stanley, so I am thinking it will be a victory for Michelle. Thoughts?

The judges discuss all the looks and it appears that it is a battle between Patricia and Michelle. Stanley is out and he is not modern enough and didn’t take their pointers. Patricia is new and has crazy ideas that they like, but I think Michelle is the winner and I am sticking to my original thoughts!

The designers are back on the runway and we are a commercial break away from finding out the winner of Project Runway 2013!!! Stanley is out! The winner of Project Runway 2013 is Michelle! I was correct on this one and so happy!!!

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  1. TargoManos says:

    Patricia really surprised me with her collection. Out of all the designers I could see wearing a lot of her designs. I wasn’t surprised Michelle pulled out the win; her collection was very original and polished.

  2. Daniel and Stanley were penalized for designing for women over the age of 23. Yes, Stanley did throw it away by not having his collection finished — more time would probably had led to a better overall product.

    But really, Nina is no young chicken, and Heidi has entered middle age, no matter how short her crack-skimming skirts become. It’s time for fashion to think about and design for grown up women, not stick-like, edgy, etc., girls who think they’re tough.

  3. I’m done with project runway, do they have something against black people winning.

    • Puh-leeze. Stanley’s collection was boring and a complete rehash of other designers looks. I’m sure you remember seeing a much better version of his evening gown on Halle Berry 10 years ago. And as far as the rest of his looks are concerned, straight out of the eighties with nothing updated. Stanley is a great technician but he is NOT a forward thinking designer. When they did the home visit, we were introduced to his niece. She was young and seemed fashion forward, his collection on her would immediately age her. Imagine that girl going to a party, she’s not wearing anything in that collection, Stanley designed the collection with his mother as his muse and he should have looked to his niece as his muse. That was his mistake.

  4. Patricia may be a good textile designer but she is pretty crappy at designing clothes. Her designs look unfinished art projects. Heidi may like her because she gives the element of surprise but it is not enough for a compettion like this. One has to be able to produce finished garments fit for both editorial as well as commercial.

    • I agree. Who would wear a bunch of highschool craft projects. Horrible designer. I would have much rather seen Danie’s designs. She was a waste of runway!

  5. Not happy Michelle won. I haven’t watched the episode yet but I never really liked her. Guess I’ll have to see her collection to see if it changes my mind

  6. I wanted so badly for Patricia to win this because I respect her story and heritage,the fact that she put work into every detail as I do when I create my jewlery and I think shes a nice person. However Michele has the steampunk alternative type style I wear my won self,albeit in a much more plus size. So I am slightly disappointed,at the outcome but either person I am fine with.

    • Clinging to their “heritage” has ruined so many designers’ chances. I wish a black designer could present a final collection without the word “Urban” in the title. The contestants spend weeks learning to design for the fashion industry, which sells to everyone, and then goes home and has to do “urban safari” or “mexican day of the dead” or import all the fabrics from Thailand because that’s where his parents came from. This fall back to waving the race/ethnicity card is a sign of fear, not talent, or strength.

      Patricia certainly made some beautiful pieces, but the hairy muffintop head pieces are a good example of something that should be left behind if one wants to succeed in the fashion mainstream.

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