Ready For Love Season 1 Live Recap – Episode 3 The Love Connection

Now that the Ready For Love guys have their potential loves picked, we start the process of narrowing them down. Each guy has 8 women left to choose from, the Ready For Love matchmakers have their work cut out for them with coaching some of them. I can’t wait to see the dates that the guys have lined up for them tonight, did you miss what they did last week? Check out my Ready For Love live recap right here!


Two weeks ago on Ready For Love we were introduced to Tim Lopez, lead singer of the Plain White Ts, he had a girl show up from him past. Leah, a girl from Real World Austin and long time friend of Tim’s came to the show to confess her love for him, however she got sent home that night. Guess she was in the friend-zone for a reason. Last week Ben Patton had the same thing happen to him, his ex-girlfriend, Kari, showed up to tell him she still loved him, he ended up keeping her at the end of the episode. What kind of craziness can unfold tonight? Lets find out together, join me right here at 9/8c for my Ready For Love live recap!

Tim starts off the first date of the day with taking the ladies to a spa, but he didn’t tell them that’s where try we’re going, all he said was we’re leaving right now, in pjs and no makeup! I would have been horrified! Haley and the awkward convos, last time she talked about farting, now puking, really? Why? Siham gets a chance to open up, she tells Tim about we sister who passed away, she loved the Plain White Ts. After they hang out, Tim has a surprise for the girls, it’s an entire room full of shoes and dresses for them to change into for the evening. While he gets more and more one on one time, a lot of girls make connects and a couple, not so much. What is going to happen during the course of the date? We will see!

Sara has a story that she wants to tell Tim about her fiancĂ© that she lost to skin cancer, she opened up about it to him. He can appreciate that she stuck by someone through the hardest part of their life. They seem to really click and they are quite cute together. Jenna gets her chance to explain why she’s there being only 23, she explains that she wants to find a person to share her adventures of life with, she’s really sweet and they hit it off well too!

Bottom 3: Christina, Haley, and Taonaya are the bottom 3. Tim saves Christina, who will go home tonight? Taonaya gets sent home tonight, there was no connection.

Ernesto is up next, before the date even starts Olivia disappears, what’s going on? Where is she? Tracy finds her, she has decided she wants to go home, she isn’t ready to go through this process. Ernesto has set up a date for the girls that allows them to get all made up and walk the runway, the catch, Ernesto’s sister is one of the style assistants. This is going to be good! Some of the girls take to her really well, chat it up with her, but some are very rude to her! So now Ernesto reveals his spy, some of the girls are worried about what they said to her, they probably should be!

Now it’s time for some one on one time, one of the girls felt like she was rude to his sister and pulled him aside to apologize. Alba gets some time and she has a great personality, Katie is the one his sister liked the most, she was a little cheesy with the “put your arm around me” questions though. So who will be in the bottom 3?

Bottom 3: Erica, Katie, and Mandi are in the bottom three. Mandi is saved Ernesto, so Katie or Erica will be going home. Who will it be? Katie!!!! No!!!! Ugh! I liked her! Erica was rude to your sister! I’m screaming at my tv!

Ben is up next, he takes the ladies salsa dancing, great way to see if there is a spark! He gets some time with Katie, he mentions that he wants to have kids but she has kids and she lets him know she’s open to having more. Kari is getting jealous or the other girls, she’s going to flip, I feel it! One of the girls was supposed to have a hand shake with him, that was her tip, like their own personal hand shake. Well, that went out the window, they ended up kissing! Kari is MAD!

The girls are getting really upset that his ex is getting his attention because they feel that she knows him already, the others haven’t had the chance to get to know him. I think Kari needs to go, even he said she’s showing signs of ring manipulative. Some of the girls are really connecting to Ben, some others aren’t really getting the chance. So far my favorite for Ben is Renae!

Bottom 3: right before they went to commercial, they asked all the girls except Kari to leave, uh oh! Kari is being talked to about being manipulative with the way she speaks to Ben. Who is the bottom 3? Tarryn, Beth, and Katie, Ben saves Tarryn! So Beth or Katie? I was hoping Kari would be in the bottom 3 but not so much. He sends home Katie! What? Wasn’t expecting that at all!

They are showing scenes from later episodes, Alba leaves, Kari is making the other girls mad, and they say they will be on Tuesday nights! We will see come next Tuesday, I’ll keep you posted!

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