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  • Dana G

    Hope you’re right joy. Real tired of unhappy endings.

    • Michelle

      how many times in the last 3episodes did either castle or beckett say i would rather be with you. In next episode they say at least were together.just another reminder gates told them they could work together if they could be professional because she has plausable denability i think this Ian awesome show and starts with thecrime fighting duo they will stay together

  • Lewis

    I was just thinking about this yesterday and I also came to the conclusion that there might be a proposal in the finale. I still think Kate’s ILY won’t come until the finale (despite what the CTV promo for Still leads us to believe). I don’t think there’s any chance that she’ll leave the precinct. Major shakeups like that are for shows in trouble. Castle is not struggling to find an audience. I think there will be some kind of cliffhanger though, and I’m thinking it will be the proposal. We’ll have to wait for the fall to see if she says ‘Yes.’

  • Alie Hunter

    I highly doubt Beckett will end up leaving the 12th because then what would be do without R&E?! Furthermore, Castle will not stop following Beckett because that’s a huge part of the show. Yes, it’s a love story, but it’s also billed as a procedural therefore their partnership needs to remain intact.

    • Joy D’Angelo

      Last season’s finale, Beckett quit the 12th. Yes, she came back, but it didn’t change the tension for the character, nor for us in wondering how exactly was this going to be worked out. Fans spend the summer speculating on that. It’s a bit like the cases, even if I know the destination of who the killer is, the journey of watching them figure it out with all the twists and turns, not to mention what the heck the motive was, is still interesting. It’s a finale. Ending with the question, what’s Beckett going to do, and how is she going to do it works well for that. It’s going be, how the heck is she going to make this situation work? We know she will, but HOW? Fans will be talking about it all summer. A break-up or a break-up possibility risks alienating the show’s audience, and Marlowe’s pretty tuned into that.

  • mya

    A factor that can not be ignored… Andrew instructed fans to get the tissues ready. Choosing Beckett over the the idea of working with her is no reason for sadness. A watershed, Huh? Could this imply change to the customary why of viewing Beckett and Castle? Andrew has allowed us to see that Beckett is comfortable at Castle’s house and after all he has been introduced to ‘getting comfortable’ at her house with his own space (the drawer). I smell change in these comfort zones that won’t be resolved until next season. Unless Castle is not renewed, then the watershed is a marriage proposal.

    • mya

      Also, the last episode served to point out their differences. Beckett once stated that what you admire about somebody is the very thing that can come between you. When Andrew allowed us to see that Beckett does not spend every night there, we also are to conclude that Beckett makes the decisions about her involvement and Castle goes along with them. It is very establish that Beckett is the adult and that Castle’s antics are tolerated because she loves him. Beckett is a realist! Castle is a storyteller.

    • Joy D’Angelo

      Just a reminder that this entire article and it’s comments are SPOILERS. Marlowe is tricky. He didn’t say it was SAD. He said “get the tissues ready.” It’s going to be an emotional ending, but I don’t think sad is where it’s heading. I think the engagement thing is going to happen and that it’s going to be a yes – get your tissues ready.

      The customary way of viewing Castle and Beckett is partners in everything – romantically, and seeing them on cases at the 12th. Stana has said the ending is bittersweet. There’s nothing sweet about having to breakup the romance – but they still can work together. Bittersweet is getting the relationship, but losing everything else that’s familiar. Gates could be saying they can’t work together anymore. However, Beckett’s also going to be offered an FBI job. It would mean more resources to go after the senator, but it would mean training in D.C., it would mean going all over the country like Shaw, it would mean more than not working with Castle, it would be her being away from him a lot more. It would mean not having her buddies. It’s huge upheavals.

      The offer could be enough for Gates to reconsider them working together (there’s no official rule about it) or it may be that Gates has known all along and the surprise is that it’s fine. This would mean she’s stuck, give up a big career opportunity, or their partnership. Storywise the water’s been running to the place of a more official permanent arrangement. It’s at that watershed, no turning back, but that decision means other things may have to be let go of, like the 12th, or perhaps this new career thing, which also would mean she’s further backing off from nailing the senator. It means changing her entire life. This is a bittersweet scenario – and it also changes their comfort zones. The idea that after all of this Beckett and Castle break up but she gets a new job at the FBI, is not bittersweet, it’s just bitter and illogical – which isn’t Marlowe.

      Will it be angsty? Of course! The time between not and the finale will be intense – just like what led up to “Always” last year. Intense, emotional, and ultimately a deeper commitment. However, we aren’t going to know what the heck to expect in the fall in terms of the structure of their relationship and work. (I mean, like with her shooting, we knew, but we didn’t.) Bittersweet. There is no scenario with a breakup that would be described as anything but miserable. There’s no breakup, although it may look like there’s that possibility in these last few episodes. (Don’t forget that Monday’s episode takes place AFTER “Still” – if you’re spoiled you know why it’s important.)
      As regular TV watchers viewers are trained to look for “how are they going to break them up” because the rule has been to never let a relationship really develop unless you’re ending the season. Marlowe is NOT following that idea. He’s not going to do an entire season of bringing them together, working through their issues and resolving them – just to blow it up at the end. That’s the typical TV scenario, but Marlowe – and thus Castle – isn’t typical.

      On a completely separate note – Castle will be renewed. I’m not remotely worried about that. ABC is always last to make their renewal announcements and they like to do them all at once – which means waiting for them to decide about their bubble shows. Castle is not on the bubble, it’s one of their solid performers.

      • mya

        Could ‘bittersweet’ cover… if you love it, let go and it will return ( next season).

        • Joy D’Angelo

          Nope. That’s just bitter. 😀
          At this point, I just don’t think Marlowe wants to go there. This season is the most watched to date, why kill the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg? He’s mentioned studying a number of TV series romances. Well, every major TV romance since Moonlighting has failed in being truly epic throughout its run due to the same error: blocking or stalling the natural flow of the relationship by making sudden and forced plot choices that stallout or completely breakup the relationship. In particular he mentions looking at Lois & Clark from the 90’s. That show was doing great with them as a couple – until ABC forced the writers to diverge from the original plan of letting them get married. Instead they stalled it using Lex Luthor, Clark having to go back and marry some princess from his home world, (I know, what the hell was that/) and then a story about Lois Lane Clones. The show quickly tanked.

          If it were any other show on television, or any other writer, I would cynically be right their with you about a breakup issue for the finale. However, Marlowe has really stuck to telling a true love story. I just don’t see him stooping to TV Tropes now. Why mess with success? If he’s sticking with the idea of honest storytelling – which thus far he has – then the logical point is them ending with Caskett closer than ever, despite whatever issues are thrown in the way. That’s the story he’s been telling. Marlowe hasn’t given me any major reason not to trust him in terms how he tells this story. He’d be completely changing how he’s been writing to break them up for the finale.

          Speculation aside, Marlowe has said before that once he brought them together, he wouldn’t be breaking them up. He’s interested in the story of how a relationship progresses. This is a quote from Andrew Marlowe in an interview by Marisa Roffman at GMMR – who’s like the queen of getting showrunners to talk.

          I know how life is. And life is, when you’re in any sort of relationship, when you’re hanging out with somebody, your friends are like, “So when are you going to get together?” And then when you get together, it’s like, “When are you going to move in?” And then you move in and it’s like, “So when are you going to get married?” And then you get married and it’s like, “So when are you going to have kids?” The questions aren’t going to stop — they’re just going to become different questions.

          That’s the love story Marlowe’s telling – the journey and process of meeting, falling in love, getting together, and getting married. It actually, believe it or not, has never actually been done on TV! Theres always stalling, or making up and breaking up. (“Friends” anyone?) An honest, straight-forward progressive story of a relationship has been deemed as something the audience doesn’t want to see, even Nathan (until Always) said people are more interested in the chase. It’s only once Always came about that he saw that taking the next step forward is what makes it interesting and gives everyone new material to work with. No one writing a TV series has ever seen it this way – until Marlowe. That’s a part of what makes Castle so unique. The TV world was shocked that Marlowe brought Castle and Beckett together. They’re going to be just as shocked that he didn’t break them up.
          (You can read last May’s interview of Marlowe by Marisa Roffman here: http://www.givememyremote.com/remote/2012/05/08/castle-season-finale-andrew-marlowe-on-the-castle-and-beckett-always-fallout/ )

  • Teri

    Love your positive thoughts. I am all positive when it comes to Caskett. They are soulmates and will always stay together.

    • Joy D’Angelo

      I do believe that’s the story Andrew Marlowe has been telling – and it’s a good one. I just can’t see him smashing five season’s worth of work to bits.

      • Nusaiba

        Wow your analysis is so good and hopefully correct! (Also the writers have taught us they know how to take a challenge and run with it so I am sure that while it will probably be a cliffy or something we will love the episode and next season will be even better.)

        • Joy D’Angelo

          Thank you! I’m glad to know people are enjoying reading it. I just rewatched tonight’s episode – “The Squab & The Quail.” After that episode, I definitely think I’m on the right track!

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