The Voice 2013 Season 4 Live Recap: Battle Rounds Continue (VIDEO)

Now that The Voice season 4 battle rounds have started things are getting a little shaken up on the teams, as The Voice season 4 coaches have lost some artists and some have gained new artists. The Voice 2013 continues to build hype and the artist continue to prove that they have extraordinary talent. If you missed the battle rounds from yesterday and the team changes for a couple of artists, check out my The Voice season 4 live recap here and make sure you join me tonight at 8/7c!

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Last night on The Voice Season 4 we started the most intense The Voice battle rounds I have ever seen. Out of six battles we had three artists go home: Michelle Raitzin, J’Sun and Christian Porter. We also had three artists shift teams: Sasha Allen (from Team Adam to Team Shakira), Taylor Beckham (from Team Usher to Team Blake) and Karina Iglesias from Team Adam to Team Shakira). So what will The Voice season 4 coaches have in store for us tonight? Check out my The Voice 2013 Live Recap right here!

Team Adam: Michael Austin vs Warren Stone
Song: “My Kinda Party” by Jason Aldean

The two country singers on Team Adam go head to head, I like both these guys and I hope that whoever loses this gets stolen. They both sound amazing, I love the roughness in Michael’s voice and I can’t chose who I like better. Michael sounds like the outlaw in the song, where Warren has a much smoother voice most of the time. So who wins this battle? Warren wins! Does anyone steal Michael? No, Michael is sent home, that really stinks. Download the performance on iTunes!

Team Usher: Jeff Lewis vs Josiah Hawley
Song: “Roxanne” by The Police

At the warm ups with Usher they both get Usher a little upset with some laughing after they thought they did a good job, Usher didn’t agree at all. They both sounded amazing but I think Josiah had a bit of an edge over Jeff. Most of the other judges agree that the song choice wasn’t right for Jeff. Usher chooses Josiah as his winner. Does Jeff get stolen? No, he doesn’t. Get the performance over at iTunes!

Side notes: Grace Askew, Audrey Karrasch, and Tawnya Reynolds all make it through to the knockouts as well! The battles may not have been shown, but you can download them over on iTunes. Grace is here! Audrey is here! Tawnya is here!

Team Blake: Caroline Glaser vs Danielle Bradbery
Song: “Put Your Records On” by Corrine Bailey Rae

They both have great voices this is going to be tough. What are the judges thinking when they pair these artist? Are they trying to make this as difficult on themselves as possible? They both have a beautiful tone and great control. Caroline slipped on a couple notes though, will this be it for her? Danielle was nearly perfect with her performance. Blake chooses Danielle as his winner, and Adam and Usher try to steal Caroline! Who will win her over? She goes to Team Adam!! Get their performance on iTunes!

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