The Amazing Race 2013 Preview: Episode 8 – Switzerland Baby! (VIDEO)

With a week off for the 2013 ACM Awards, I am more than ready for a new episode of The Amazing Race 2013 and this time around the teams will be heading to Switzerland for the next leg of the race, so from the hot temperatures of Africa to the freezing temperatures in Switzerland tonight on The Amazing Race Season 22! Six teams remain, but after tonight’s leg of the race we should be down to five, but who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 22 tonight? Find out during our The Amazing Race 2013 Live Recap tonight!

The Amazing Race 2013 - Episode 8 Preview

The last episode of The Amazing Race 2013 had the teams in Africa and the Detour had all the teams in chaos and struggling to get some donkeys to walk with them in a certain direction. Pam and Winnie have been one of the front teams the past couple weeks and continued on this leg of the race, but then struggled with the donkeys and decided to switch detours. They struggled even more with that one and came back to the donkeys and finally got them to do as they say. In the end, that was too many attempts at both of the detours and they checked in as the last team and were eliminated from The Amazing Race 22.

Tonight the six remaining teams will head to Switzerland and from the preview below it looks like they will be pushing huge blocks of cheese up a hill, climbing some cliffs and working with some big doggies and all in the freezing snow! Check out The Amazing Race 2013 preview below and come back for our Live Recap tonight:

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