The Moment 2013 Recap: Premiere – Sports Illustrated Photographer

If you ever had that dream job you wish you had, but then something got in your way of pursuing those dreams than The Moment 2013 is the show for you and former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner, with the help of some mentors, is going to try and make those dreams come true with a second chance on The Moment on USA Network. This is a positive reality show and I am super pumped for the premiere tonight. It’ll be all about photography tonight, so be prepared for our The Moment 2013 recap tonight!

The Moment - Season 1

What’s not to love about the concept of someone getting a second chance to do what they love to do in life? The Moment 2013 is bound and determined to bring me to tears many times tonight, but I am prepared with Kleenex in hand!

First up tonight on The Moment reality TV show is Tracie Marcum, who has always wanted to be a sports photographer. She will get some training from the famous photographer Lou Jones and when all is said and done, she gets to interview for a possible job as a sports photographer, but will she earn the position?? Find out in our recap tonight!

We start out learning a little bit more about Tracie Marcum, who used to own a photography business but then went through a bitter divorce and had to go back to the corporate world. Kurt and her family surprise her at work and tell her she is going away for two weeks and will get to train and have an interview with Sports Illustrated when the time is done!!!

They head out and Day 1 takes her to Charter Oaks Gymnastics, where she meets Lou Jones and the gymnasts. He said it is one of the hardest things he covers at the Olympics and this is no better place to test her. She has two minutes to capture all four of the events going on. Tracie is feeling overwhelmed with it all and said it is some hard work, but Lou said their is a glimmer of hope in some of the photos. She must work on the hand-eye coordination, she must know her equipment and she must capture the story in one single shot and the emotion. She has above-average skills, but not good enough for Sports Illustrated. 

It is now Day 2 and they will have some equipment training on The Moment 2013. She gets four different lenses to work with and she must cover a basketball game using all four of the lenses. It is a lot of equipment and she must use all of the lenses and she is failing. Lou said she can do this, but she is not feeling as confident. Come on Tracie!

Kurt sits down and talk to her and knows what she is going through and knows she doesn’t want to fail and she won’t be defined by failure. She doesn’t want to let her father down and wants to be the best at everything she does.

She goes back in and tries again to take some more photos of the pickup basketball game. She got into the flow of things and she is feeling the rush now on The Moment on USA Network. Lou is impressed by her great progress.

Day 3: time to work on the hand-eye coordination and they will go skeet shooting. Tracie is freaking out now because she doesn’t do guns and she calls her husband to see what to do. Her mom shot herself and heard the gunshots, so I can’t blame her…damn! Her husband tells her it is a chance to come to terms with everything and knows she can do it, so she is gonna give it a shot.

She sits down and talks with Lou, because he noticed she was upset about something. There are making it more dramatic than it is, but of course it brings a tear to my eye! Lou feels she has held herself back because of this mental block and he wants to push her through it. They go out and the guns rattle her at first, but she gets in the zone and is shooting some shots. She starts slow, but gets into a rhythm and he is proud of her.

More training and we are a week away from her interview with Sports Illustrated. She is working all the cameras and the training has been completed and she has the assignment for SI the next day. Can she do it well on The Moment 2013?

The assignment: they have two stunt pilots to do some flying and she has to create pictures for a four-page story. She has a helicopter to go up and take pictures no one else can.

She takes pictures on the ground before heading up for the photos in the air. Done on the ground and air time now! She starts out nervous, but by the end of it she has her legs hanging out and is calm. She is giving orders and knows what she wants and they head down and Lou and Kurt are proud of what she has done!

Now time to pick her shots and head over to meet with the guys from Sports Illustrated on The Moment with Kurt Warner. She picks them out and gets ready for her interview and heads over, where her family is waiting for her!

She heads in to meet with the guys and before one of them says she will never be a photographer for Sports Illustrated, so why is she there??? They look over the pictures and the first few are not impressing the guys at all. She gets more into it and she finally has some pictures that are telling a story and they liked them.

The guys discuss her and they were surprised. They said her portraits were not great, but she came back with an opener and it only takes one sometimes for the magazine. Kurt goes and talks to them and they have come up with a decision.

Kurt comes back out to tell the news to Tracie and her family and they have decided to give her a job! Did anyone doubt that they wouldn’t??? They gave her a job, but what kind of job???

Tracie and her husband sit down to look over the offer, which is a staff photographer in NYC and they pay relocation costs. Now she says she can’t move her family to New York, but why was she on the show? Did she think they would let her shoot sports in her backyard?

Her husband makes her change her mind and she takes the job, but how is she going to do this? It makes no sense to me and that would be a lot of traveling if she doesn’t move the whole family there. What are your thoughts on the first episode of The Moment 2013?

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