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  • Phil Severson

    These priograms and others like it, are the same as bread & circuses of a declining Romean empire. The world and the country are full of problems that go begging for solutions. What a waste of time to be concerned with such trivia. Join the real world this celeberety worship is’t worth your time, real people could care less.

    • You must not be a real person then since you took the time out of your busy schedule of fixing the world problems to comment?

    • I don’t participate in celebrity worship, but sometimes shows like this are a nice escape from the “real world.” 🙂

  • Annonymus

    It’s Aly “Raisman” not Haisman

    • Yes, you’re right, Annonymus! Thanks for pointing that out. I don’t know how that “H” slipped in. 🙂

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