American Idol 2012 Live Elimination Results Shocker!

For the American Idol 2012 elimination results on Thursday night, the person going home seemed easily predictible this week. However, right before the show aired, host Ryan Seacrest popped up on Twitter to tease fans by saying something “shocking” would happen on American Idol Thursday night. Was he just trying to hype up the drama?


This week on American Idol 2012, the odds on bet for who would end up going home was undoubtably Hollie Cavanagh, who has been consistently ranked in the bottom for weeks now. She very narrowly escaped elimination last week when DeAndre Brackensick got the axe instead after failing to impress the voters and not getting saved by the judges either.

Here on, we predicted on Thursday that Hollie Cavanagh would end up in the bottom three with Skylar Laine and, possibly, Phillip Phillips. So when we read about that “shocking” result hint on Ryan Seacrest‘s Twitter feed, it seemed likely he was talking about former favorite Phillip Phillips ended up in the bottom three this round.

So what really did happen on the American Idol elimination results show this week? Did Hollie Cavanagh actually finally get voted off American Idol? Did former favorite Phillip Phillips find himself unhappily in the bottom three? We’re live blogging the results right now, so check them out below!

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is doing something a bit unusual with the top 7 finalists this evening going into the elimination results. He is splitting them out into two groups. This could be an attempt to mislead people about who is in the bottom three. He is tricky like that.

Contestants in the first group:

- Jessica Sanchez

- Elise Testone

- Joshua Ledet

Contestants in the second group:

- Hollie Cavanagh

- Phillip Phillips

- Colton Dixon

Holy mother of … Hold on … You are not going to believe the bottom three tonight! I thought Ryan Seacrest was going to reveal that one of the favorites — possibly Phillip Phillips — had landed in the bottom three. But no!

Instead, Seacrest reveals that TWO favorites are in the bottom three, along with one of the strongest performers of American Idol last night… and widely predicted for elimination contestant Hollie Cavanagh is NOT in the bottom three!

Bottom three:

- Jessica Sanchez

- Elise Testone

- Joshua Ledet

Judge Steven Tyler has now revealed that no matter who ends up being eliminated by the voters tonight, the judges WILL save them. There will be NO eliminated contestant on American Idol 2012 tonight!

Oh my goodness, this is totally unexpected! I can’t think of a single person I saw out there who was predicting this would happen, but it looks like the person who would have been eliminated tonight without the Judge’s Save is:

- Jessica Sanchez!

Talk about going from the top of the pack to the bottom in one amazing nosedive!  There was no way the judges were going to let that stand, of course. In fact, they bodily stormed up on stage to put a stop to the elimination.

“Give me that mic, this is crazy! Yes, we’re using the save, you ain’t going home. Go sit down, go sit down,” Jennifer Lopez said as she motioned for Jessica Sanchez to join the rest of the contestants safe for the week.

“We are saving Jessica, without any doubt. Let me just say this. For myself, Steven and Jennifer, this girl is one of the best singers in America! Ever!” Randy Jackson said. “Are you kidding me? Please everybody… Please vote for the best, it’s about finding the best. I mean, come on!”

I can’t wait to see what happens next week on American Idol 2012 after this crazy elimination results night. Apparently it is anyone’s guess who will be in the hot seat next week as the top 7 battles it out again for your votes!


  1. All you who are saying that the judges did the right thing saving Jessica are right. She shouldn’t have been sent home. However, you miss the point that the judges’ behavior is the issue, their blatant disregard for being neutral. The complaints here have nothing to do with race, color or gender of any of the singers. They have to do with the judges misuse of their role.

  2. I don’t know, but if america don’t even know what a great singer is…maybe we shouldn’t have the show any longer. If Jessica Sanchez gets kicked out….hell with American Idol. Sorry I am no longer a viewer.

  3. I was so happy that Jessica was at the bottom, can’t save her next week. I’m voting based on who’s music I would buy. I would never buy Jessica or joshua kind of music. Hollie and Colton will get my votes every week. I’m so ready for Jessica and Joshua to go home!

  4. marshmellowlady says:

    The most talented singer on AI is Jessica. I personally thought Phillip would be gone tonight. He sings the same type songs (with guitar) week after week and has gotten a pass. I like him but he is not an American Idol. People commenting forget that Jessica is only 16 and the youngest performer. The range of her voice is unbelieveable for her age. She doesn’t have the personality of Skyler or Alise but that is not what this competition is about. I do agree with others that the judges have been hard on Hollie but that doesn’t make her a better performer than Jessica.

    Go Jessica…and tune in next week, strange things are definitely happening, lol. Have a nice evening.

  5. I’m still on my soapbox!!! IF there IS a next year , just leave the public vote out of the equation. Since the judges are so Almighty, let them pick their own winner….Simon, I miss you so much!!!

  6. Do not comment if you will just try to defend your favorites.

  7. Laos2091 says:

    The judges did the right thing, becuz they know what they r talking about..Jessica is the best singer on American idol 2012 hands down..this is a singing contest not a show for feeling sorry for someone, and yes I’m pertaining to matter what u guys think of Jessica she will get signed to a record label no matter what..and she will do better then any of the other constant..real talk!!!!!!

  8. Americans are ignorant. Jessica is the best singer on that whole competition and the reason why she was in bottom three was ” Non- American face” … Shit !! American idol is about finding the best from the country not the best looking boy or a girl!!!!

  9. Jessica is The Best Singer!! She is above ALL of them.
    Its a SINGING CONTEST PEOPLE vote with your EARS not
    Your EYES!!!

  10. So is everyone voting for Hollie because she’s the underdog? Because I can really see where the judges say performing doesn’t come naturally to her. She really doesn’t seem comfortable on stage and when she sings, it isn’t believable.

    Jessica is a pretty strong singer/performer who knows how to pick songs that sounds as though they were actually hers. You can tell the versatility in her voice and that she really feels the songs she’s singing. There’s a reason why they praise her so much… its because she’s good.

    Nonetheless, I agree that her having the “lowest” votes was rigged for ratings. They probably saw how Pia getting kicked off last season brought so much buzz, they wanted to create the same buzz w/o actually kicking Jessica off the show.

  11. I accidentally had a few typos in my last review. It’s the darn compute!
    I do want to say, once again….we see through the guise of the judges. I despise Steven Tyler….Get a Life!!! He has nothing of value to say. Jennifer Lopez has become an egomaniac and Randy and jennifer just whisper to each other trying for some odd reason to agree…or what??? It’s a sham.
    I love talent shows. I like the experience of watching young people excel and seek to seek dreams. I have three beautiful daughters….all of whom could be singers on American Idol. I kid you not!!!
    I would seriously talk them out of doing American Idol. Especially what it has become today.
    So again….Go my dear Hollie!!! Prosper!!! Find your way!!! You shine like a little jewel. I know quality when I see it. The judges on the show are not pure…..they are tainted with greed and the executives wishes for more money. It’s so terribly wrong. I hope Jessica goes home….even if she sings well….the judges have corrupted her with their bias. They owe America an apology.

  12. I am not an AMERICAN IDOL FAN but i believe the people who has favorites are us. Dont blame the judges just vote for your favorite, period. lucky for Jessica because she was saved. but sorry for them all because next week NO ONE WILL BE SAVED ANYMORE. BRUHAHAHAHAHA!

  13. I am so infuriated at Randy. I know they felt justified in saving Jessica and she is great but he said she was the best then told America to vote for the best. It makes me angry because there are 6 other great singers and they deserve their votes to be counted also. I’m personally for Colton as he is from my area and I’m going to support him. I will vote for whom I choose not who Randy tells me who to vote for and I hope it doesn’t come back to get her voted out.

  14. lauraine says:

    dont get me wrong…jessica was worth the save BUT what i do not appreciate is Randy telling us who to vote for…last wee ks we were told to vote for our favorite…this week vote for the best…wake up america…we all have our favorite..if they dont want to honor america’s vote, well do your own elimination judges!

  15. Thank you Judges for doing the right thing and saving Jessica. I m sure if it were any of the bottom 3 you would have saved any one of them ,because they were all good. we love the way Jessica sang all her songs and we truely hope she wins. WE LOVE YOU JESSICA AND JUDGES.

  16. What I think is this whole thing is rigged! Jessica probably wasn’t in bottom–but, to boost ratings–they put her there–so everyone will watch next week. I personally was bored this week with the show–no real defining standout performances from any of them!!

  17. Good for the judges saving Jessica. She definetly is the best singer AI has ever had, she shows maturity beyond her years. all the star mentors that have come on AI this year also agree. She handles herself like a pro. Anyone else would have not gather their composure so quickly to close the show. We love you Jessica, don’t listen to the haters out there. You already are a star.

  18. America got it right. Yes, this is silly stuff….but in a sense, in shows the consciousness that lies behind the collective need to look up to people, to find archetypes of people like gods and goddesses, and to project ideals onto our idols. In this case, Jessica was blatant, not subtle.The judges have overly sold her to us and we don’t like it. Hollie is the sacrificial lamb…i voted for her…and I hope everyone did too, with the same feeling of contempt for the judges behaviors…maybe it’s the executives behind the show. There are intelligent people watching the show, not only the screaming little girls they like to show on the set. I watch it for the value of my society….what is up? What do people need? Why do we have American Idol? This is more of an interesting display an mirror of the psyche of our collective…as mentioned. I’m not surprised that Jessica was in the bottom three…or threatened to be eliminated. The judges are so lame on this show and they represent the lame minded prejudices of a really screwed up society and government. So, Hollie is the sweet victim and genuine person on the show I love her. She is the only person not he sow who is real and vulnerable. All the rest….well…they just don’t have it. But, the judges don’t see it….just like the Emperor’s New Clothes Fairy Tale…..Its all false…but the one pure energy is being ignored….and that is Hollie. We’re not all dimwits judges….we see through you!

  19. Randy and JLo were rude to Holly ’cause they sent Andrea? home last week – Remember it’s the people who vote and buys the cd’s I am not a fan of Jessica or Joshua’s style music – not saying they can not sing. I agree with the comments about Holly not getting a fair chance. Shame on the judges. They are giving Joshua standing ov’s and not the others – it’s not a one person show!!It favortism is being shown by these judges -

  20. Come on judges, get a gripp, stop bashing Holly, shes a small package with an excellant voice.

  21. filipina says:

    lets give the one that deserve to win a chance and forget what color of skin he or she has. are we true to our self and do what our conscience tells us to do and say?

  22. I guess I misunderstood. I thought American Idol wanted the viewers — that’s us, not Jennifer Lopez and “Dog” and Steven — to vote and select the winner. It’s clear, now, isn’t it, that they are lying to us. The judges just want us to vote for whomever they have chosen. It has been clear for weeks — hasn’t it ?? — who the judges selected. Jessica has been their favorite from the opening show. OK. Perhaps, we just shouldn’t vote. One final question ?? Next year, when this is all over, whose music will you buy on iTunes ?? Jessica’s music ?? Hmmm…probably not. Holie’s ??? I’ll put my money on Hollie.

  23. Crap crap crap… wake up you guys don’t know how to vote. JESSICA IS THE BEST SINGER!!!!!! GOD BLESS THE 3 JUDGES!!!!

  24. I feel the voting was right on, news flash, Jessica is not the world’s best singer she deserved to go home. I am very disappointed in the judges, how rude to act the way you did, shame on you, I vote you three off!!!

  25. I dont know if it’s just me but tonight’s show is so obviously rigged to keep it more interesting to the viewers….there is no way that jessica be on the bottom pile…no way!

  26. filipina says:

    go jessica…….

  27. Randy made the comment tonight that America should vote for the best Well Judges you had your chance to vote in the begining of the show We the viewers didnt agree with some of the ones that got vyou all chose to leave, SO NOW its america turn to vote & yes Jessica does have a beautiful.voice but you dont have to be a star or.singer to reconize someone tha
    With talent NOT saying Jessica doesnt have talent But America is voting on what they think would sell in stores Jessica may not be the what America choses she is pretty but doesnt really have that star look Not being mean but its americas turn to chose who We like, & honest you the judges have given Hollie horrible comments & i think shes an amazing singer & has that star look to her sge trys so hard & is good apperantly America thinks so to because as of right now shes not gone Ease up on her
    r alil Colton, Philip, & Hollie keep up the good job you all deserved to be right where you all was dont let what the judges say get to you

  28. I don’t trust these weird outcomes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing is based on what the executives think is exciting! Its all about RATINGS RATINGS RATINGS! – Get people talking about the show. I bet they don’t even count the votes..

  29. The problem is the young girls are NOT VOTING FOR THE RIGHT SINGERS! They never do! It’s always the cute guys..

  30. jan gutchorus says:

    I think tthe voting went the way America wanted it to be. The judges have done their part, now its up to the audience. Personally, I think Jessica is NOT the best singer/entertainer on aI this year. I think the judges made a terrible mistake tonight by showing such favoritism SHAME SHAME, what must the otther contestants feel? My vote goes to Hollie and Colton .

  31. I feel the judges made the right decision, for those of u that didn’t vote for Jessica I feel she should be the American Idol for 2012! If not her then it should be Josh! Thats my opinion! The people need to quit hating on her, and give her, her props cuz she blew Whitney Houston song out the water! Get it Jessica! Team Jessica and Josh, I love yall!

  32. Straycat says:

    Really stupid result!!! I thought this was supposed to be primarily a singing contest!??! Some contestants are cute, funny, likeable, non-likable…whatever; but in my opinion Hollie just is not in the same category as Jessica, Skylar, Colton and Joshua! I wasn’t a big Elise fan either but she has shown a lot of growth. Yes, Hollie can sing very well but at this point in time is not as good a performer as the rest! Come on America…wake up!

  33. Jessica is a young good singer no doubt about that. The judges did not waste their save card. I didn’t vote for the last two weeks but after tonight? I will sure cast all my votes for Jessica I promise, I cant afford to see her at the bottom again.

  34. Think they are just trying to increase the ratings!! Just like every other reality show! Americans are spending way too much time watching this crap we should be concentrating more on what is going on in our country”s well being really now! If we spent more time in our communities we could actually make some positive changes to the world! I’m thinking about canceling my cable network and seriously dealing with the real problems of the world!!

  35. karen magno says:

    The girl is far too good for the contest. Its a shame that people like her with such great talent would depend on texts and votes. Face facts and look back at all the performances, the bottom three are the contenders in the competition.

  36. I am so happy they saved Jessica, shes the best. Who else can sing like Whitney Houston the way she did. Jessica God Bless You. I wish you be the next American Idol. Judges I am proud of you I know you did the right thing. We love you guys.

  37. Jessica was a victim of the judges’ bias. She didn’t deserve to go home. The problem was that Steven Tyler proclaimed that the save card was going to be used and he ” supposedly” didn’t know it would be Jessica. Does that mean they would have saved Elise? I don’t think so. The whole thing was a way for the judges to sell Jessica. Have they EVER behaved like this in the past? No way, Simon would NEVER have allowed this nonsense. I’m sick of “dog” and his nonsense, Steven is clearly out of it and no longer says anything of value and “Jenny from the block” is a phony. I’m about ready to quit watching because of the judges!

  38. This has been a pattern – the girls are the ones voting and it’s not all about their singing ability. My husband refuses to watch anymore.

  39. I am very confused with the judges’ favoritism. Last night in the trio performance, Jessica was flat the entire time, but the judges raved about how great everyone was. I was wondering if they needed to have their ears cleaned. Furthermore, I don’t get what they like so much about Colton. He has one of the weakest voices in the competition, and he can barely sustain a note.

  40. Kimberly says:

    I meant to say: I DID feel like my comment was appropriate. Sorry :)

  41. Every year the best does not win. The best has never won. I am now officially done with ever watching this over hyped 2 hour long commercial junk waste of time ever again. Well guys, I have tried to be a fan for 10 years, but obviously quality singers have no chance. American Idol, I QUIT! GOODBYE AND GET OFF MY TELEVISION!

  42. Kimberly says:

    I could not agree more about the favoritism. I adore Hollie, Colton, & Phil Phillips. I attempted to post a congrats to them on the American Idol official website, and my comment was deleted TWICE. I didn’t felt like my comment was highly appropriate. Is it b/c I was going against the judges opinion?!

  43. I was so happy that Jessica was going to be sent home! I am sickand tired of the judges treating Hollie so damn bad every week. I think she is a really good singer and i thought her performance last night was excellent! I will continue to vote for her and Elise until my finger falls off. Look out ext week jessica………

  44. Justice prevailed. She has an amazing voice whether you think she is like able or not. This is a singing contest—she can be well packaged by the pros as many have before her !

  45. I agree…the judges have slammed Hollie constantly and never give her good words or constructive words even. They seem to favor one type of music without any consideration for what the public might want. So I am happy to see that Hollie was saved. Yeah Jessica can sing…but her song last night was awful. She also lacks stage presence. The good news….the judges can’t step in again. I think next year we should get rid of Randy and Steven…can we vote on that?

  46. Yes, I totally agree. We all have our favorites, the difference is the judges actually showed it to all of America. Now it’s up to America to decide. The idea of using their last save for Jessica was just asinine.

  47. @Ann – I think you are very right. The voters don’t like it when the judges show obvious favoritism. Wasn’t it fun to be totally surprised? I love when that happens!
    @Georgina – It is totally a surprise, but I think Ann might be on to something with the voters showing their displeasure over the dismissal of Hollie by the judges
    @MalibuMa – I have to say that I agree. While she totally has the pipes, I have just never personally connected with Jessica. She just doesn’t seem to have the emotional depth of say, Elise.

  48. MalibuMa says:

    Jessica is a great singer but she is not likable. And since everyone’s so good, people will vote for who they like.

  49. Something is sooooo wrong with these results! Is someone sabotaging them? What is going on? Jessica is the Best thing that has happened to AI for fits 11 years, unquestionably. Why was she in the bottom three witch those other hopefuls – the incredible Joshua and the very talented Elise? I am so shocked and disappointed in the viewers or whoever is responsible for this mess!!

  50. If the judges weren’t so blatant in their favoritism, perhaps tonight wouldn’t have happened. They have prejudged singers like Hollie and slam her every chance they get. If Hollie had been the bottom one, you can bet your @ss they wouldn’t have saved her. The judges got kicked in the teeth. Good!


  1. via says:

    Men reason to strengthen their own prejudices, and not to disturb their adversary”s convictions….

    The tender passion is much overrated by the poets. They have their living to earn, poor fellows….

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