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  • Deegee

    Jessica is a star already. She already holds herself better than most of the singers, including current stars do. She is only 16 years old. Saying that she is “not smart” or other rude things is lame, since she is so young, and most people don’t even know what they want at 16.

    Everything about her is star quality. But Americans love white boys and white country girls.
    They don’t want to see someone who’s “different” make it. Go watch Jessica sing ” The Prayer”.
    It is so amazing and touching it can make you cry.

    Don’t blame the judges for doing their job and finding a super talent. The THREE of them are smart enough to know who is the BEST. They have had the most experience, between them, of any of all of us.

  • dee

    who is bb chez/ bb chaz

  • dee

    will some one please tell me who or what is bb chaz?

  • Finally, the judges did something right! They saved a ‘real’ contender that can win it all. Song choice is very important especially with the voters. Jessica needs to choose songs the voters can relate to. Singing difficult songs appreciated by the judges is not acknowledged by the voting pubic as demonstrated by the voters last week.

    The voting public has a history of ‘getting it wrong’ with their voting. How many times have you seen the judges roll their eyes after the results were announced. A I should show the numbers of the votes received by contestant but they won’t. Year after year the judges build up someone as the best and then the voters turn American Idol into a popularity contest.

  • Gloria Festejo

    American Idol, will always have this drama bcoz of the people who are voting are not seeing the gift of the person. For the lovely and gifted girl Jessica, she will be judged by these people by her being a Filipino, even these people see that talent that she has, and this is life! But I believe that no one can stop this young lady to be a star, bcoz it shows that she is a Star, also she works ver hard to be who she is now. God bless her!

  • Dion

    Please people make sure you look at American idol and vote for Joshua and Jessica they are the best they should be the last two standin

  • Singing Is not the beauty is a talent from God! Thats why Jessica Sanchez save by the Judges decision to stay in the competition. Singing is not a shouting is from the diaphram coming is also from the heart…Americans vote the best voice not a beauty ok & God bless you all…..

  • The reason I didn’t vote is our cable co. dropped the local channel & we could’t watch the show. Thanks direct t.v.Really like american idol has nothing to do with racism or color just the talent.

  • The reason I didn’t vote is our cable co. dropped the local channel & we could’t watch the show. Thanks direct t.v.

  • AS soon as a contestant gets cocky and in Jessica’s case coming up with an Alter Ego “BBChez”, America WILL vote you off!!! Lets try to just be yourself and sing!

  • And one more thing, watching this all go down and with Seacrest twitter before the show went live, it kinda makes you think this dam thing was entirely scripted for rateings……… Hel lo America keep rebelling I love it……………………………

  • So whats going to happen next week when there are no saves left to hand out. Will J-Blow put up another hissey fit and walk off the set saying America got it wrong….. Too bad, lame judges it is what it is…. God this show needs Simon Back.. at least he had balls enough to tell the truth to these kids………

  • Lynnie

    Jessica is 16 yrs. old. Sixteen! With a voice like that, her obvious beauty, her poise, her grace and humility, what’s not to like? What is wrong with American voters? I truly believe that if she was blonde, loud, stupid, obnoxious and sang country songs she would not have had a problem getting votes – even if she had 1/2 the talent she possesses. No wonder other countries call us “stupid Americans”. I am done with this show. Gonna watch the Voice because at least the votes are honest and real and not based upon 1 gazillion silly fans voting their favorites all night long just because they like the genre the person sings – or worse – they prefer their “lighter” looks.

  • Dave

    Wake up america this is a contest and do vote ur fav like jesseca and josh

  • Dave

    Wake up america this is a contest and do vote ur favl like jesseca

  • alison g

    America must be tone deaf or having a laugh, what are they watching, Jessica was and is
    awsome, she is a star, elise is really good, but I don’t get josh, he is a screamer.
    I think holly is brill and don’t get why they critisise her all the time.
    america keep the best ones in, if i could vote i would.
    bottom 3 should have been philiph, josh and skylar.

  • Marie

    Please please Jessica dear, just sing the popular songs you could choose the next time so that you could mark on some stupid people’s head!!!!!!

  • Jessica Sanchez is just the best among the REST!!!

  • Trent

    I think you would have a winner if you could put Jessica in Holly’s body.

  • MikeMoss

    This kind of thing happens on the show a lot.

    How about Chris Daughtry everyone thought he was going to win and he got voted off.
    He’s probably one of the reasons they do the save thing now.

    Adam Lambert should have won,
    What ever happened to the guy who did win, I don’t even remember his name.

    It’s not always the best person who gets the votes, you might argue whether Jessica should win or not, but she shouldn’t be the one going home at this stage to the competition.


  • ALI

    I don’t think racism is the whole issue of voting out Jessica in the competition but i do think its the line of thinking of voters… dumb. Americans should vote for consistency in the competition & not by colors nor nationality. i agree with the judges…they are smart.

  • Adam

    Totally agree America ought to vote their favorite and not to listen to grumpy Randy’s ranting. They can’t save Jessica a 2nd time and so she’ll be out of the competition next week. So long Jessica!

  • ImAMessenger

    America,vote for YOUR favorite, NOT judges’ favorite period!

  • dee

    Im so sorry u think its racist that people didn’t vote for her. i love her voice and she is a beautiful young lady. I just didn’t vote for her this week, i could not stand the song she sang im sure she sang the song right but bad song choice.

  • edgar

    All the comments here are mostly dumb,you guys have to realized is a singing competitions not beauty competitions nor music writing competitions.Jessica Sanchez shuld be on the finals. It will be a big mess n jokes if Hollie Cavanagh made it to top 2. Im not going to follow this shows if that happen.

  • edgar

    What the heck hollie cavanagh still singing there she should be out, she is a big joke all the judges keep telling her she was no good but people still voting for these blonde girl, this is singing competition not beauty pageant, I felt bad fir jessica sanchez she should be the American Idol

  • Tony

    I sincerely hope Jessica will be voted out next week! She’s faking her singing talent week after week! Bye Bye Jessica.

  • Sherry

    I think that the judges made a big mistake saving jessic Judges show the other contestants a chance by being excited for them

  • ej valdez

    Filipino and Mexican boxers are great. when you mix the two you got an awesome singer. Asians and Latinos should be united to prove to the world that they too have the best talent of today’s generation……..Jessica Sanchez a special gift to the music industry

  • Larry Greene

    Really American Idol. Beware when people start using the Racism card you can forget it. Jessica Schanez is one of the best singers on American Idol.

    I think that you should select a number of accomplished musicians along with you judges to vote on these incredible singers (The Top 12) and that way you will get a healthy voters.

  • Ann

    Calling this a racist vote is absurd and simplistic.
    If Simon was still here, he would have lambasted Jessica for being self-indulgent and silly with her “alternate ego”. “alternate ego”????? REALLY, I mean REEEEAAAAALLLYYYY!!!
    The judges have been terrible and the audience rebelled. In addition, because the judges drooled over Jessica, they make her fans think that she’s so far ahead, that she’s in no danger, so they don’t vote as vigorously. It happens every year, so stop the silliness with the race bs.

  • vickie

    people don’t vote to eliminate a contestant, they vote for their favorite. everyone has their own style they prefer. it has nothing to do with race or nationality. i think the judges acted like two a year old that had its lolly pop taken away. the music business would be very boring if we only had one style of music to listen to.

  • kita kortasss

    RACISM…………………..STILL DO EXIST….omg.

  • cagney smith

    What a rude awakening for me, watching American Idol is totally a waste of my time after Jessica Sanchez, an excellent talent got voted out.

    I cannot believe America is deaftone. Unbelievably sad that racism still do exists in our universal language, Music. We need to raise Frank Sinatra Jr. from the dead to help Jessica Sanchez gain recognition as an American Entertainer as what he had done for Sammy Davis, Jr. in Las Vegas.

    To all American Idol viewers who voted her out, you can kiss our Filipino brown A$$.

  • cagney smith

    What a rude awakening for me, watching American Idol is totally a waste of my time after Jessica Sanchez, an excellent talent got voted out.

    I cannot believe America is deaftone. Unbelievably sad that racism still do exists in our universal language, Music. We need to raise Frank Sinatra Jr. from the dead to help Jessica Sanchez gain recognition as an American Entertainer as what he had done for Sammy Davis, Jr. in Vegas.

    To all American Idol viewers who voted her out, you can kiss our Filipino brown A$$.

  • lynne

    l personally thing phillip has the best chance of being a future success, good singer performer and the celeb looks, be mad if he didnt win it, worse than the adam lambert result

  • Nannie

    I don’t live in the USA and this is the first time I’ve watched a season of Idol. This week, white America rallied and voted – take a look at the lineup of “Safe Kids”

  • Dennis

    I think the judges used their save last night to a deserving contestant. this is all about consistency and i believe that jessica has IT! all the contestants were great and has their own unique talent in singing but it obvious that eversince the season 12 started, jessica is very consistent every week.

  • Amy

    @ descent – you should take a look at Kelly Clarkson’s record – way more extensive and lucrative than Jennifer Hudson. I think Jennifer is great – but Kelly has by far surpassed all the other idol contestants!!!

  • PC

    I don’t agree with this, “And another thing, if Jessica was of another color she would have been Americas favorite…”. In my opinion I don’t think anyone is being racist. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. All of the singers are good and everyone has a different preference on types of music. Not everyone likes country, or soul, or ballads every week. I don’t think that is being racist at all, I think that is preference to music. American Idol to me is not The Voice where it’s just based on the voice alone. I think the whole package is what counts on American Idol. I think everyone is great and brings something different to the table and although I think Jessica is a fantastic singer, (there is no doubt about that), I happen to like some of the other contestant’s genre better. I think some of the other contestants are more musicians, ie. Singer, song writer, etc.

    I agree with the way the judges acted. Something seems sketchy about that whole act last night. I don’t like how Steven Tyler said they were going to use the save before they found out who was going to be eliminated. I also don’t like how they basically said Jessica was one of the best singers in America and that the voters are wrong. It doesn’t make voters feel respected and more importantly, I thought it was pretty horrible for the other contestants…. as if none of them are even close to being as talented as Jessica.

  • Amy

    Everyone needs to get off the color and nationality thing —-this has NOTHING to do with racism!!! I mean really…come on!

    @ Kelly Johnson – please don’t steal my words!!!!! Being geniune is so much more attractive.

  • melly

    i dont think the management of american idol really got the true result of the votes…it was manipulation guys, so dont get mad if you think they did not follow your votes and decided to use their cards to save jessica….this was their plan to win ratings and this was the best time to create more headlines…see what was going on on every site people are giving massive comments hundred thousands people were really affected, people who dont agree and people who really agree on what happend last thursday, they succeeded on what they have planned…..so guys do not get so affected this was purely business, let just hope whoever was destined to be american idol so it will be….only god knows! lets hope people will vote for the right one for this season!

  • melly

    i dont think the management of american idol really got the true result of the votes…it was manipulation guys, so dont get mad if you think they did not follow your votes and decided to use their cards to save jessica….this was their plan to win ratings and this was the best time to create more headlines…see what was going on on every site people are giving massive comments hundred thousands people were really affected, people who dont agree and people who really agree on what happend last thursday, they succeeded on what they have planned…..so guys do not get so affected this was purely business, let just hope whoever was destined to be american idol so it will be….only god knows!

  • richard

    Jessica need to learn how to talk to the fans. She knows she has very good voice but she is not smart .

  • Chris W.

    Here are my thoughts on why the bottom 3 were in the bottom: Elise doesn’t have all the teen boys voting for her, or the single moms, etc. She doesn’t have a “group” that identifies with her & votes for her now matter what (like, say, Deandre did). Joshua didn’t sing so well this week IMHO. And Jessica’s voting base may not like the older, more obscure songs that she sings so beautifully. If she were singing Beyonce, there’d be no stopping her.

  • descent

    Some people may want Jessica not to win idols that’s okay, but she will be the most successful of this year regardless of colour and nationality. Take Jennifer Hudson, Oscar winner, grammy winner etc etc. There is no other idols winner who has all those accolades. That can’t be said about most of those ‘favourites’ of America. RecognIze the best without looking at the colour of skin.

  • vikki

    Last night’s American Idol was a joke! Jessica was voted off the show because voters liked other contestants better, PERIOD. I hope she gets voted off again next week. Does anyone else think Holly is getting unnecessarily blasted? She has a beautiful voice and stage presence but every week the judges continually give her, what appears to be predetermined, discouraging remarks. I think the producers have already picked their Idol. The show is a sham.

  • melly

    guys there was obviously a manipulation here, i wondered the judges does not know the result before hand or before the start of the show, they know already the result and the management decided to do a drama to win rating….common guys it was obvious jessica is a talented girl she might go but not earlier than this, people in america might not like her, fine….young girls like cute boys as they vote for their favorite not with the talent, but going home and eliminated at this stage was unbelievable…i am not her fans but do appreciated talents and this girl was amazing on her vocals compared to others and management doing this will create a big headlines and ratings so they have done it, some people will get mad some were happy and some will be curious and the result people will watch next week and will get a massive vote, poor jessica they know she was enormous, they used her for publicity to earn more revenue of millions of dollars!

  • I thought this was about the american vote. Why even have a vote if the judges are going to tell us that we are all worng. I thought the judges reaction to Jessica being sent home was absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful. All those kids are doing their best and deserve to be showcased – by saying that Jessica is the best, they are basically telling the others to pack their bags and stand at the curb b/c they will soon be going home. Why bother with the remianing 6 shows – lets just skip to the end and crown Jessica the winner. I feel they handled that totally wrong & to do that on national television, in front of all the others was dead wrong.

  • LuLu

    i hope jessica will vote out next week, jessica was too young, i feel very sad and sympathy wit her… american voter & viewer so short minded just know how to give negative comment bout her, like they were very very very perfect than jessica… i think they all r sooo bullshit… they just know how to bla bla bla bla bla bla bout others but actually they just ZERO & NOTHING but rubbish (wtf)….

  • Amy

    Maybe she will be voted off next week and there will not be a save.. ha

  • Michele

    P.S. The person who should NEVER be in the bottom three is Elise! She is amazing!

  • Michele

    So, isn’t thie AMERICAN Idol? The public voted, and wanted Sanchez off. Why are the judges saying these things! Randy Jacksons remarks should nake those who voted for Sanchez off. AMERICA voted, not the judges. Frankly, I am over Sanchez’s little act of “My vocal cords are really strained and swollen and I have not been able to practice. I hope I do well” and then she comes out and belts out an amazing song. Really? Then how she acts like the comments the judges make about how good she is are news that she has never heard before. Just say “thank you” and move on. Her act is getting old. I hope AMERICA votes her off next week!

  • Amy

    @ KingJG05 ~ if we are commenting on some of those kids sounding like others, lets be honest…..don’t they all?!?! Josh and Jessica both have the tone as many other singers out there – not to say that they aren’t good, although I am so over Joshua – but if we are being honest – they all can be compared to another artist out there. It just goes based off of who you like.

    American Idol is now nothing more than a staged show with really bad acting judges….it’s kind of sad b/c I think last nights stunt definitely shined through to a lot of viewers and may have lost them more than they were hoping to gain.

  • Shem

    It isn’t American Idol, it is CONFEDERATE IDOL—yoooooowweeeeeeeeee! The black guy, the Jersey goil and the filipina from San Diego were all superior to the other four by any objective standard that prioritzed singing…but they don’t have a daddy that owns a pawn shop and don’t brag about their ability to fire weapons and just aren’t “down-home” enough for the majority of the viewers. They aren’t white and they aren’t from Texas, Georgia, Tennessee or Mississippi. They’re either yankees or yankee-sympathizers. Last year the best contestant was an Italian girl from Queens: she never had a chance because she didn’t talk with a twang and bray endlessly about how she missed her hick town….Why would anyone who is a minority or hails from a state that actually backed Abraham Lincoln in the Civil War ever watch this show again?

  • Billy

    Jessica deserved to be saved but her comment was disappointing. After-all, this is a competition and she should be surprised if she KNOW she’s the best singer and is being voted off! What’s this nonsense about just wanting people to know she’s been working hard all her life? (she’s only 17yrs young) She should be wanting viewers to vote for her because she believes shes good and because she wants to win! If she expects nothing, then she probably should step aside and give the others who wants it a chance.

  • JoJo

    Damn stupid Americans… and these mofo’s rule our world and can’t even vote for the best singer. If this was China Idol they’d work out who is the best and get it right.


    This is “Marketing” folks! The more drama a show has, the higher the ratings! Jessica Sanchez is no doubt already a winner as her talent is at a much more skilled level than the other candidates. However, is she ‘marketable’ as a whole package? Bottom line is what the show is trying to sell – the package that AMERICA will appeal to, make us tune in every week & sit through all the commercials! The ratings! Remember folks, a singing talent is only part of the package. All these CANDIDATES are already WINNERS! They will have recording offers if not already in the works. Having this opportunity for these kids to get the exposure 3 or so hours EVERY WEEK to millions of AMERICAN HOUSEHOLDS & overseas is already like winning the lottery. SO AMERICA & THE REST OF THE WORLD OUT THERE, sit back, let’s enjoy the last few episodes, let’s VOTE for who truly just appeals to you- the person, the’package’. NO MORE DRAMA!

  • melly

    I dont believe jessica was on the bottom 3, i definitely feel this has been scripted to get more viewers and rating, on every blogs on the internet there was also voting going on and to be honest jessica always leads every week with massive half of the vote i certainly not a fan but just visiting sites and this girl has a lot of fans and got suprised of the results, even you tube i just visited it an she was the only one with millions of views, has american idol been desperate to earn more ratings…and sorry for jessica as they used the poor girl to get ratings as they know people will get mad and they will vote for her more and people will continue to fight…result more revenue for them and rating for the show!’American Idol’ recap: Jessica Sanchez earns a dramatic judges’ save

  • Holley Allsopp

    The mystery is at work here. We have a chance to listen to one another sing and write and understand how the sound and meaning penetrates us. We are all looking to be moved soulfully. Hollie is swimming in water of learning from her friends Joshua and Jessica. Did you see her vibrate after the trio sang together? She is learning as are we to pour from our hearts. Who is to judge the mystery? Life continues to surprise all of us on stage and off. Wear your heart. xo Holley

  • KingJG05

    Alyse sucks how is she even in the runnings? But truthfully gettin rid of the lil Hispasian girl. YALL are nuts she is the BEST. Josh 2nd, the rest are rudy poo jabronee’s as the rock would say. Color of skin doesn’t matter. I know yall want lil reba but she sounds like 10 other ppl. People get your minds right.


    It’s what I have been saying since season 2. We should be voting for who we think should leave not who we think is the best. This is not the first time this has happened, although this is the worst I have seen. This has also happened in Dancing with the Stars. This will continue to happen until the producers of the show get their heads out of their asses and change the format. People feel the best is safe and vote for 2nd or 3rd best and the best goes home. Change the format or let the judges decide!

  • Amy

    I thought the judges reaction to Jessica being sent home was absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful. All those kids are doing their best and deserve to be showcased – by saying that Jessica is the best, they are basically telling the others to pack their bags and stand at the curb b/c they will soon be going home. Why bother with the remianing 6 shows – lets just skip to the end and crown Jessica the winner. I feel they handled that totally wrong & to do that on national television, in front of all the others was dead wrong.
    I personally think that Jessica has a very pretty voice and don’t doubt for a second that she has a recording career in her future however as a voter – my favorite is Skylar. I love that girl and thats my opinion. I watch week after week and she is the one that has stood out to me that most…..and now they are going to tell me that I am wrong? Why not take matters into your own hands then & not let America do the voting. We are voting on who we like and to be told we are wrong for that is crazy! If America doesn’t feel that Jessica is the American Idol, she will have to go home at some time – whether it be this week or next so whats the difference!
    Sit down and do what you are paid to do judges – storming up there last night looked so staged….it makes me wonder if all of this was planned. I don’t know if anyone will agree with me, but I totally believe that they are playing with the votes and staging little drama scenes – last nights “performace” by the judges was so transparent!!!

  • Shari

    Judges behavior was totally unacceptable! So disrespectful to the other contestants.

  • Rechelle

    I’m glad the judges saved Jessica, I have to say that this is probably going to be the most difficult year of Idols we have ever seen. Everyone still in the competition are fantastic! I love all of them, but guys remember, vote for the one that you think deserves to win this! Good luck to all of you guys! all my love from sunny South Africa! xxxx

  • Joemar

    RACISM! I’m not surprised with what happened. This is totally expected. Ahahaha… as usual…

  • Jennie

    You heard it here first, Skylar will be gone next week.

  • Myers

    Singing is the main focus of the competition but not everything, If we all liked the same voice and sound their would be no need for a competition and vote.

  • Eileen

    America, don’t be racist!!!!! Listen to a good voice not the looks!!!!! The judges did the right thing!!!!

  • what the!

    Reading through all the comments. This what I realise. Americans are voting for their favorites whether they can sing or not. Because majority that are voting are tone deaf. It’s all about favoritism and you can feel the racism in some of the comments. It’s about singing not the color of their skin or what part of the country they from. I couldn’t care less if they’re country, pop or rock n roll. Hell I voted for the past winners and losers because of their voice not who they are. The show should be call American Favorite and forget about who can sing.

  • Myers

    Randy, Jennifer and Steven Tyler showcased their talent and uniqueness, but they reached the level they are by the love and support of thirty fans, that is essentially a vote…the viewers turn to vote fir their favorites

  • Laos2091

    If this Years American idol was based on great singing and talent, we all know that Jessica would be the ultimate winner. A lot of us viewers watch AI becuz we enjoy music, and like it’s been said we all have our favorite. But let’s be real, ppl are voting because of images and NOT talent. I understand that ppl have their like and dislike, I agree that all the contestant could sing their butts off. But I based my judgement on overall singing talent, and by the way ain’t that’s what AI is about? If america actually listens with their ears, instead of waiting for their favorite contestant to perform, they would know who has the overall singing talent. And by far Jessica is one of the best singer in the history of AI. And another thing, if Jessica was of another color she would have been Americas favorite…

  • Sexypi

    I think THE judges were very disrespectful. The show s called American Idol not judges idol. I agree that Jessica can sing but she is not the best singer in America right now as what Randy has said. She d not sing a song that is relatable to people and she sings the same way every time. Judges needs to respect people’s vote that’s why it’s called America’s Idol. Jessica you can sing but unfortunately you were not the best this week. The behavior of those judges shows no respect to the other contestant. I am disgusted by their authority that they know better than America. I think if we look back at all the other winners all f them has had super success except for Taylor Hicks, so I’m prêtre confident that America will choose the right reason. Good luck to all next week.

  • Myers

    The judges did a great job to this point, now they need to encourage “all” the talented artists they discovered. Heck all 7 may share a stage with them some day! People vote for who they like and their individual tastes – it is the American way and a good one! I absolutely love Phillip Phillips, his voice, his emotions, how he crooks his shoulder and moves his legs. He just has a unquiness and style I prefer. Then I like Elyse, Joshua, and Skylar. Jessica has amazing vocal abilities but her music selections leave me wanting more except Whitney’s version of i will always love you. And Colton, I just feel we gave 20,009 of him already. Hollie has the gift but does not “yet” own the song and stage – she dresses and performs better when paired with others, but I love her voice and tone. Judges good selection, now sit back and enjoy the rewards!!!!

  • Darlene

    I was shock that Jessica was voted to be eliminated. What is wrong with the show? I thought it was all about talent. Jessica and Joshua are both the best most talented singers on the show ever. And is the votes from the so called media really count, or is it about the money they would make from who they vote for. The other contestants can sing a tune, but can they perform, and sing out of their comfort zone, so America can really see and know who out of the seven really got what it takes to be the next American Idol. The judges did right to save Jessica. I hope America vote for who’s they think is the best, regardless of their race or gender.

  • Doug

    Love this thread! Everybody is saying what my wife and I were screaming at the TV about. The behavior of the judges is totally unacceptable. Who are they to decide what we like?! If they want to pick the next American Idol, then they shouldn’t let America vote. Otherwise, they should stay in their seats and accept what the people have voted.

  • tiffany avalos
  • tiffany avalos

    ppl did vote for the best randy we would of vote for her if we think she sang good but she dident so thats why American dident vote for her so thats why she should have gone home today!! randy stop trying to save the ones u want to stay you and jaylo this is american idol not randy & jaylo idol……..

  • Jessica

    Becky…. I totally agree!!!!

  • I think the judges behavior tonight was apauling and ridicolous to tell me as a voter that i voted wrong because i dont agree with their opinion is straight out disrespectful and i dont care how good she sings next week im voting against her just for the reason of being told that my vote was wrong shame on you judges. i feel bad for the other contestants who did make it jessica wasent my first choice to go home this week but she will be next week because my opinion does count and i wasent wrong

  • Jessica

    Totally agree with GorfLXIV!!!! Well said!

  • acrg

    Did you hear Jessica’s reaction when asked if she was surprised about the decision? She said “no” and was ready to step down. All she wanted was to show that she did her best. Class act. She is a tribute to all the young ladies. Millions will buy her album right now. Start with “Everybody has a dream”. How may artists have managed to bring to life an overlooked song from a great songwriter? Not many. Jessica is one of them.

  • Marti

    The judges have been pushing Jessica & Joshua since the beginning. They definately have an agenda, and that is to get one of those 2 voted in as the winner. They get that option to save a singer but it was very disrespectful the views/voters to say ‘they got it wrong’. That’s the name of the game, we get to vote for who we like best. I hope the viewers keep voting for our favorites,not the judges favorites.

  • Stormy

    I think this is America’s way of telling the judges to stop telling us how to vote. It’s “America’s” choice. Young girls are going to vote for the cute guys…who are all 3 very good, country fans are going to vote for Skylar…who is a great country singer, others may vote for Jessica, Hollie, or Elise…depending on their taste. Judges, it’s not up to you now. You picked your favorites and now it’s our turn to do the same! Don’t tell us how to vote! It’s America’s choice now!!!

  • Jessica

    Again I say…. I hope she gets sent home next week anyways. I would be more than happy to see Elise, Phillip, or Colton win. And I will be happy when Jessica and Joshua get sent home. I like both Hollie and skylar but my top 3 are Elise, Phillip & Colton (not necessarily in that order) & the two i like the least are Joshua & Jessica. It would serve the judges right for acting like the voters are stupid and using up their save for her her to just get sent home anyhow. I will be hoping that that is exactly what happens. Maybe they should make it that you vote for who goes home rather than for who leaves…. I wonder how different the results woul be…. I more people would vote out of dislike rather than like. Hmmm… Guess we will see what happens. I won’t be voting to keep her though just as I haven’t all along.

  • Becky

    I thought the bottom 3 belonged right where they landed. Of those 3, Elise is the best. I am fed up with the standing ovations for the judge’s favorite child…Jessica, followed by Joshua. What gives them the right to tell America that they got it wrong???

    Last time I looked, the people voted & decided. Shame on the behavior of the judges. Especially the no talent J Lo.

  • Jessica

    I hope Jessica gets sent home next week for multiple reasons. Yes, she can sing but she sounds the same every time & sings the same kind of song very time. Nothing unique about her voice or style. Secondly, I am annoyed at the bahavuor of the judges (mostly Lopez) jumping up on stage and calling America’s vote results “ridiculous”. It is not only her opinion that counts. Maybe the public America just doesn’t like Jessica as much as they do or there are others that we like much more. I don’t think that just because they were shocked doesn’t mean that the voters were wrong.

  • I am also a fan of Hollie and Elyse. I like their voice and style and I would buy their records including Jessica’s. What I don’t understand is why the viewers are getting upset over the judges when the voting is not on their hands. Ok, they make constructive criticism and that is good for all the constestants to improve. So, for you people who make your “comments” I know all of us have favorites, but don’t let it get in the way of who should really be the next “AMERICAN IDOL”. Someone America can be proud off in their search of the true great search. For me and my husband, we enjoy watching the show…but if the show turns out to be like this…we will quit watching and boycott the show. Spread it to our friends and families and see how it grows like a wild fire. And for you out there who tries to rig the show for better ratings, don’t do that. Us viewers are not damm and we can read between the lines.

  • Ludy

    The judges are there to judge and they did their job tonight!!! Hollie is cute and sweet and she can sing, but she seems to be always out of tune while Jessica has the best voice- strong, controlled and always in tune. I don’t even need to be musical like the judges…all I need is LISTEN after all this is a singing competition!!!

  • steven

    jessica is the best singer , this bottom 3 unreal the best ones, are in the bottom 3. america cannot vote for the best ,it seems to like someone looks and personality over talent. we elect our presidents the same way.. no wonder we are a sinking ship as a nation. another note maybe a computer hacker got to change the votes around.

  • steven

    jessica is the best singer , this bottom 3 unreal the best ones, are in the bottom 3. america cannot vote for the best ,it seems to like someone looks and personality over talent. we elect our presidents the same way. so much for brains and talent. no wonder we are a sinking ship as a nation. another note maybe a computer hacker got to change the votes around.

  • Lori

    I like all the contestants that are left. I do have favorites but it’s the first year I didn’t dislike contestants. However the judges this year are ridiculous. Granted holly might not sing with as much emotion as Jessica but do they really need to make her feel horrible week in and week out. I mean look at Colton he is pretty amazing and like Ryan said tonight they haven’t stood up for him once, but each week they do for joshua and Jessica. at the end of the ompetition i feel like the judges might cause America to not vote for these two.

    If you watch back Wednesday nights show they praised Elise, Jessica, and Joshua and look where it landed them, in the bottom 3. I think it’s time for new judges. Just an opinion.

  • GorfLXIV

    Can you believe American Idol !! Jessica Sanchez was voted off and the judges came running up on stage and grabbed the mic to tell America their vote doesn’t count ! What BS ! She deserves to go as she has an unfair advantage. She has been performing her whole life. Randy, J Lo, and Steven you should be ashamed of your conduct tonight ! Very disrespectful to the other contestants. America you should retalliate by voting her off again next week. Show the judges that if America votes it, then that should be the result otherwise why have America vote ??

  • I was shock of America’s vote. Jessica is the best most talented singer,and also Joshua. I stand with the judges on their vote to save her. I always thought that American Idol was about talent. All the other contestants can sing in tune, but they don’t have what it takes to really be a star. I guess it’s all about money, and who the kids vote for so they can sell records. I will watch next week. However, if Jessica or Joshua gets voted off, goes to show who reall

  • Ann

    All you who are saying that the judges did the right thing saving Jessica are right. She shouldn’t have been sent home. However, you miss the point that the judges’ behavior is the issue, their blatant disregard for being neutral. The complaints here have nothing to do with race, color or gender of any of the singers. They have to do with the judges misuse of their role.

  • I don’t know, but if america don’t even know what a great singer is…maybe we shouldn’t have the show any longer. If Jessica Sanchez gets kicked out….hell with American Idol. Sorry I am no longer a viewer.

  • Penny

    I was so happy that Jessica was at the bottom, can’t save her next week. I’m voting based on who’s music I would buy. I would never buy Jessica or joshua kind of music. Hollie and Colton will get my votes every week. I’m so ready for Jessica and Joshua to go home!

  • marshmellowlady

    The most talented singer on AI is Jessica. I personally thought Phillip would be gone tonight. He sings the same type songs (with guitar) week after week and has gotten a pass. I like him but he is not an American Idol. People commenting forget that Jessica is only 16 and the youngest performer. The range of her voice is unbelieveable for her age. She doesn’t have the personality of Skyler or Alise but that is not what this competition is about. I do agree with others that the judges have been hard on Hollie but that doesn’t make her a better performer than Jessica.

    Go Jessica…and tune in next week, strange things are definitely happening, lol. Have a nice evening.

  • I’m still on my soapbox!!! IF there IS a next year , just leave the public vote out of the equation. Since the judges are so Almighty, let them pick their own winner….Simon, I miss you so much!!!

  • allan

    Do not comment if you will just try to defend your favorites.

  • Laos2091

    The judges did the right thing, becuz they know what they r talking about..Jessica is the best singer on American idol 2012 hands down..this is a singing contest not a show for feeling sorry for someone, and yes I’m pertaining to Hollie..no matter what u guys think of Jessica she will get signed to a record label no matter what..and she will do better then any of the other constant..real talk!!!!!!

  • Dean

    Americans are ignorant. Jessica is the best singer on that whole competition and the reason why she was in bottom three was ” Non- American face” … Shit !! American idol is about finding the best from the country not the best looking boy or a girl!!!!

  • Roxi

    Jessica is The Best Singer!! She is above ALL of them.
    Its a SINGING CONTEST PEOPLE vote with your EARS not
    Your EYES!!!

  • lisa

    So is everyone voting for Hollie because she’s the underdog? Because I can really see where the judges say performing doesn’t come naturally to her. She really doesn’t seem comfortable on stage and when she sings, it isn’t believable.

    Jessica is a pretty strong singer/performer who knows how to pick songs that sounds as though they were actually hers. You can tell the versatility in her voice and that she really feels the songs she’s singing. There’s a reason why they praise her so much… its because she’s good.

    Nonetheless, I agree that her having the “lowest” votes was rigged for ratings. They probably saw how Pia getting kicked off last season brought so much buzz, they wanted to create the same buzz w/o actually kicking Jessica off the show.

  • I accidentally had a few typos in my last review. It’s the darn compute!
    I do want to say, once again….we see through the guise of the judges. I despise Steven Tyler….Get a Life!!! He has nothing of value to say. Jennifer Lopez has become an egomaniac and Randy and jennifer just whisper to each other trying for some odd reason to agree…or what??? It’s a sham.
    I love talent shows. I like the experience of watching young people excel and seek to seek dreams. I have three beautiful daughters….all of whom could be singers on American Idol. I kid you not!!!
    I would seriously talk them out of doing American Idol. Especially what it has become today.
    So again….Go my dear Hollie!!! Prosper!!! Find your way!!! You shine like a little jewel. I know quality when I see it. The judges on the show are not pure…..they are tainted with greed and the executives wishes for more money. It’s so terribly wrong. I hope Jessica goes home….even if she sings well….the judges have corrupted her with their bias. They owe America an apology.

  • allan

    I am not an AMERICAN IDOL FAN but i believe the people who has favorites are us. Dont blame the judges just vote for your favorite, period. lucky for Jessica because she was saved. but sorry for them all because next week NO ONE WILL BE SAVED ANYMORE. BRUHAHAHAHAHA!

  • I am so infuriated at Randy. I know they felt justified in saving Jessica and she is great but he said she was the best then told America to vote for the best. It makes me angry because there are 6 other great singers and they deserve their votes to be counted also. I’m personally for Colton as he is from my area and I’m going to support him. I will vote for whom I choose not who Randy tells me who to vote for and I hope it doesn’t come back to get her voted out.

  • lauraine

    dont get me wrong…jessica was worth the save BUT what i do not appreciate is Randy telling us who to vote for…last wee ks we were told to vote for our favorite…this week vote for the best…wake up america…we all have our favorite..if they dont want to honor america’s vote, well do your own elimination judges!

  • Tony

    Thank you Judges for doing the right thing and saving Jessica. I m sure if it were any of the bottom 3 you would have saved any one of them ,because they were all good. we love the way Jessica sang all her songs and we truely hope she wins. WE LOVE YOU JESSICA AND JUDGES.

  • debbie

    What I think is this whole thing is rigged! Jessica probably wasn’t in bottom–but, to boost ratings–they put her there–so everyone will watch next week. I personally was bored this week with the show–no real defining standout performances from any of them!!

  • Good for the judges saving Jessica. She definetly is the best singer AI has ever had, she shows maturity beyond her years. all the star mentors that have come on AI this year also agree. She handles herself like a pro. Anyone else would have not gather their composure so quickly to close the show. We love you Jessica, don’t listen to the haters out there. You already are a star.

  • America got it right. Yes, this is silly stuff….but in a sense, in shows the consciousness that lies behind the collective need to look up to people, to find archetypes of people like gods and goddesses, and to project ideals onto our idols. In this case, Jessica was blatant, not subtle.The judges have overly sold her to us and we don’t like it. Hollie is the sacrificial lamb…i voted for her…and I hope everyone did too, with the same feeling of contempt for the judges behaviors…maybe it’s the executives behind the show. There are intelligent people watching the show, not only the screaming little girls they like to show on the set. I watch it for the value of my society….what is up? What do people need? Why do we have American Idol? This is more of an interesting display an mirror of the psyche of our collective…as mentioned. I’m not surprised that Jessica was in the bottom three…or threatened to be eliminated. The judges are so lame on this show and they represent the lame minded prejudices of a really screwed up society and government. So, Hollie is the sweet victim and genuine person on the show I love her. She is the only person not he sow who is real and vulnerable. All the rest….well…they just don’t have it. But, the judges don’t see it….just like the Emperor’s New Clothes Fairy Tale…..Its all false…but the one pure energy is being ignored….and that is Hollie. We’re not all dimwits judges….we see through you!

  • Jean

    Randy and JLo were rude to Holly ’cause they sent Andrea? home last week – Remember it’s the people who vote and buys the cd’s I am not a fan of Jessica or Joshua’s style music – not saying they can not sing. I agree with the comments about Holly not getting a fair chance. Shame on the judges. They are giving Joshua standing ov’s and not the others – it’s not a one person show!!It favortism is being shown by these judges –

  • Kathy

    Come on judges, get a gripp, stop bashing Holly, shes a small package with an excellant voice.

  • filipina

    lets give the one that deserve to win a chance and forget what color of skin he or she has. are we true to our self and do what our conscience tells us to do and say?

  • I guess I misunderstood. I thought American Idol wanted the viewers — that’s us, not Jennifer Lopez and “Dog” and Steven — to vote and select the winner. It’s clear, now, isn’t it, that they are lying to us. The judges just want us to vote for whomever they have chosen. It has been clear for weeks — hasn’t it ?? — who the judges selected. Jessica has been their favorite from the opening show. OK. Perhaps, we just shouldn’t vote. One final question ?? Next year, when this is all over, whose music will you buy on iTunes ?? Jessica’s music ?? Hmmm…probably not. Holie’s ??? I’ll put my money on Hollie.

  • Jerry

    Crap crap crap… wake up you guys don’t know how to vote. JESSICA IS THE BEST SINGER!!!!!! GOD BLESS THE 3 JUDGES!!!!

  • Marilyn

    I feel the voting was right on, news flash, Jessica is not the world’s best singer she deserved to go home. I am very disappointed in the judges, how rude to act the way you did, shame on you, I vote you three off!!!

  • larman

    I dont know if it’s just me but tonight’s show is so obviously rigged to keep it more interesting to the viewers….there is no way that jessica be on the bottom pile…no way!

  • filipina

    go jessica…….

  • Vanessa

    Randy made the comment tonight that America should vote for the best Well Judges you had your chance to vote in the begining of the show We the viewers didnt agree with some of the ones that got vyou all chose to leave, SO NOW its america turn to vote & yes Jessica does have a beautiful.voice but you dont have to be a star or.singer to reconize someone tha
    With talent NOT saying Jessica doesnt have talent But America is voting on what they think would sell in stores Jessica may not be the what America choses she is pretty but doesnt really have that star look Not being mean but its americas turn to chose who We like, &to.be honest you the judges have given Hollie horrible comments & i think shes an amazing singer & has that star look to her sge trys so hard & is good apperantly America thinks so to because as of right now shes not gone Ease up on her
    r alil Colton, Philip, & Hollie keep up the good job you all deserved to be right where you all was dont let what the judges say get to you

  • joe

    I don’t trust these weird outcomes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing is based on what the executives think is exciting! Its all about RATINGS RATINGS RATINGS! – Get people talking about the show. I bet they don’t even count the votes..

  • joe

    The problem is the young girls are NOT VOTING FOR THE RIGHT SINGERS! They never do! It’s always the cute guys..

  • jan gutchorus

    I think tthe voting went the way America wanted it to be. The judges have done their part, now its up to the audience. Personally, I think Jessica is NOT the best singer/entertainer on aI this year. I think the judges made a terrible mistake tonight by showing such favoritism SHAME SHAME, what must the otther contestants feel? My vote goes to Hollie and Colton .

  • I feel the judges made the right decision, for those of u that didn’t vote for Jessica I feel she should be the American Idol for 2012! If not her then it should be Josh! Thats my opinion! The people need to quit hating on her, and give her, her props cuz she blew Whitney Houston song out the water! Get it Jessica! Team Jessica and Josh, I love yall!

  • Straycat

    Really stupid result!!! I thought this was supposed to be primarily a singing contest!??! Some contestants are cute, funny, likeable, non-likable…whatever; but in my opinion Hollie just is not in the same category as Jessica, Skylar, Colton and Joshua! I wasn’t a big Elise fan either but she has shown a lot of growth. Yes, Hollie can sing very well but at this point in time is not as good a performer as the rest! Come on America…wake up!

  • Style

    Jessica is a young good singer no doubt about that. The judges did not waste their save card. I didn’t vote for the last two weeks but after tonight? I will sure cast all my votes for Jessica I promise, I cant afford to see her at the bottom again.

  • Brian

    Think they are just trying to increase the ratings!! Just like every other reality show! Americans are spending way too much time watching this crap we should be concentrating more on what is going on in our country”s well being really now! If we spent more time in our communities we could actually make some positive changes to the world! I’m thinking about canceling my cable network and seriously dealing with the real problems of the world!!

  • karen magno

    The girl is far too good for the contest. Its a shame that people like her with such great talent would depend on texts and votes. Face facts and look back at all the performances, the bottom three are the contenders in the competition.

  • Edna

    I am so happy they saved Jessica, shes the best. Who else can sing like Whitney Houston the way she did. Jessica God Bless You. I wish you be the next American Idol. Judges I am proud of you I know you did the right thing. We love you guys.

  • Ann

    Jessica was a victim of the judges’ bias. She didn’t deserve to go home. The problem was that Steven Tyler proclaimed that the save card was going to be used and he ” supposedly” didn’t know it would be Jessica. Does that mean they would have saved Elise? I don’t think so. The whole thing was a way for the judges to sell Jessica. Have they EVER behaved like this in the past? No way, Simon would NEVER have allowed this nonsense. I’m sick of “dog” and his nonsense, Steven is clearly out of it and no longer says anything of value and “Jenny from the block” is a phony. I’m about ready to quit watching because of the judges!

  • Deb

    This has been a pattern – the girls are the ones voting and it’s not all about their singing ability. My husband refuses to watch anymore.

  • Amy

    I am very confused with the judges’ favoritism. Last night in the trio performance, Jessica was flat the entire time, but the judges raved about how great everyone was. I was wondering if they needed to have their ears cleaned. Furthermore, I don’t get what they like so much about Colton. He has one of the weakest voices in the competition, and he can barely sustain a note.

  • Kimberly

    I meant to say: I DID feel like my comment was appropriate. Sorry 🙂

  • Hank

    Every year the best does not win. The best has never won. I am now officially done with ever watching this over hyped 2 hour long commercial junk waste of time ever again. Well guys, I have tried to be a fan for 10 years, but obviously quality singers have no chance. American Idol, I QUIT! GOODBYE AND GET OFF MY TELEVISION!

  • Kimberly

    I could not agree more about the favoritism. I adore Hollie, Colton, & Phil Phillips. I attempted to post a congrats to them on the American Idol official website, and my comment was deleted TWICE. I didn’t felt like my comment was highly appropriate. Is it b/c I was going against the judges opinion?!

  • mimi

    I was so happy that Jessica was going to be sent home! I am sickand tired of the judges treating Hollie so damn bad every week. I think she is a really good singer and i thought her performance last night was excellent! I will continue to vote for her and Elise until my finger falls off. Look out ext week jessica………

  • Sandy

    Justice prevailed. She has an amazing voice whether you think she is like able or not. This is a singing contest—she can be well packaged by the pros as many have before her !

  • Bonnie

    I agree…the judges have slammed Hollie constantly and never give her good words or constructive words even. They seem to favor one type of music without any consideration for what the public might want. So I am happy to see that Hollie was saved. Yeah Jessica can sing…but her song last night was awful. She also lacks stage presence. The good news….the judges can’t step in again. I think next year we should get rid of Randy and Steven…can we vote on that?

  • kmd2215

    Yes, I totally agree. We all have our favorites, the difference is the judges actually showed it to all of America. Now it’s up to America to decide. The idea of using their last save for Jessica was just asinine.

  • @Ann – I think you are very right. The voters don’t like it when the judges show obvious favoritism. Wasn’t it fun to be totally surprised? I love when that happens!
    @Georgina – It is totally a surprise, but I think Ann might be on to something with the voters showing their displeasure over the dismissal of Hollie by the judges
    @MalibuMa – I have to say that I agree. While she totally has the pipes, I have just never personally connected with Jessica. She just doesn’t seem to have the emotional depth of say, Elise.

  • MalibuMa

    Jessica is a great singer but she is not likable. And since everyone’s so good, people will vote for who they like.

  • Something is sooooo wrong with these results! Is someone sabotaging them? What is going on? Jessica is the Best thing that has happened to AI for fits 11 years, unquestionably. Why was she in the bottom three witch those other hopefuls – the incredible Joshua and the very talented Elise? I am so shocked and disappointed in the viewers or whoever is responsible for this mess!!

  • Ann

    If the judges weren’t so blatant in their favoritism, perhaps tonight wouldn’t have happened. They have prejudged singers like Hollie and slam her every chance they get. If Hollie had been the bottom one, you can bet your @ss they wouldn’t have saved her. The judges got kicked in the teeth. Good!

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