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  • Susmar

    They give most popular songs to their favorites, and Lazaron is not one of them, that is one of the reason he is looking so bad. WE ARE ALL ASKING THAT MIGHT BE THE REASON BECAUSE YOU GUYS WANT HIM TO LOSS

  • Norman Stanley

    Lazaro hasn’t got a hope of winning I think he will get voted out very soon all of the Girls have got great voices one of them will win this year

  • Gerry Lennon

    It is not surprising Lazaro’s vote is holding up quite well, considering the overall voting is probably down, along with the viewing figures. He came in with probably the biggest fan base, because of his history, whereas the others have had to build theirs on performances.
    Normally by this stage the overall vote would have swelled so the proportion of fans who have been voting for him would get proportionately smaller. The other difference is that the guys are getting less votes, but as they leave, Lazaro may pick up a few more?

    Another factor that few consider, is the influence of the betting industry? If he was back at long odds to be the last guy standing, then the return could dwarf the cost of multiple voting.

    I get the feeling if they had done contestants view of each other last week, Burnell may well have survived? He came out of that rather well, as was shown by the tears at the end. He will do okay in the future.

    Now Lazaro is up against the ladies, and if they perform to their top level, I will be surprised if his vote remains strong enough, unless he puts in a special performance himself. Either way, I cannot see him being among the last four, which is when the voting will get really tight?

  • A Scott

    I was shocked that Lazaro didn’t go home FIVE weeks ago! If he doesn’t go home next week, something is definitely rotten on American Idol.

    • Cindy

      I agree, he is good don’t get me wrong, but he should have gone home two weeks ago. Unfortunately, he has the tween vote behind him,

  • Mark a watters

    People pleazzzzzz. Vote for your favorite, not the contestant you want to go home. This is the only explanation I can imagine for the insanity of not sending Lazoro packing three weeks in a row. I say get rid of the scank nicki and bring back simon. Maria Cari personifys class. Randy quit being a wus and speak up. I felt embarrassed for the shows quality after watching last nites results.

    • Cindy

      So agree although I wouldn’t have said it that way, Nikki manaj or however it’s spelled needs to go home. She is not a good fit for this show, she is turning all the people over 18 off of the show.

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