Dallas 2013 Season 2 Episode 11 Recap: Let Me In

Last week’s Dallas 2013 ended with Pamela Barnes heart wrenching loss of the twins she was still carrying.  The new Dallas season 2 picked up three weeks after the explosion and loss.  John Ross moved back to Southfork and made an effort to make Pamela feel better.




The loss of the twins so soon after the loss of JR has been tough for the Ewing’s to handle.  Are the losses and recent event bringing them closer?  Bobby welcomed John Ross home with open arms.  Maybe working on JR’s masterpiece will be what the Ewing’s need to finally stop going against each other.

Christopher and John Ross tried to convince Bobby that Cliff Barnes was responsible for the explosion but without proof they don’t have anything that says it wasn’t Christopher’s fault.  Christopher’s children were murdered and he wants answers.

Ewing Energies met with the investigators and they concluded that the explosion was due to a methane build-up and a technical error.  The Ewing’s told the investigators they knew about the two explosions but the investigators swept the information under the rug.

Ewing Energies now faces a one billion dollar fine.  Bobby, Sue Ellen, Christopher, and John Ross won’t stand for it.  Sue Ellen went to her inside source and Christopher wants John Ross to get Pamela to speak to her father.

When John Ross went to find Pamela on the new Dallas 2013 he found her on the balcony on too much medication.  She does not know her father was ultimately responsible for the death of her children and John Ross needs her to help prove it.  How will he get her to help in the state she is in?

Christopher confronted Richards, Sue Ellen’s source, and Richard’s said he was wrong about the explosion information.  Christopher was convinced Richards was being silenced by someone and then proceeded to get into a fight with a bouncer.  Elena tried to calm Christopher down but he got mad at her and said she never wanted the babies and got what she wanted.

Harris Ryland is determined to get his daughter Emma back on Dallas season 2.  In an effort to get her back he brought her a file of all the crimes Drew committed.  He demanded that she stop seeing him but she refused to listen to him.

Emma then went to see Drew and found him paying his respects to his father and Christopher’s lost twins.  Harris’s hired spy reported their visit to him and reported that something would go down that night.  Is he going to reveal Drew’s role in the explosion on Dallas on TNT?

When Drew went to meet Emma for a date Harris and his men attacked Drew and put him in the trunk of a car.  Emma was left thinking Drew ditched her for another woman. Harris then picked her up and told her he had to take action against Drew.

Harris took her to a warehouse where Drew was beaten and bloody.  Harris forced her to do what he wanted; no more looking for trouble, no more Drew, and what Harris says goes.

John Ross went to comfort Pamela; is the new compassionate John Ross here to stay on Dallas season 2?  Even though he was there to help Pamela feel better he was also there to get information on Cliff.  John Ross downloaded something off Pamela’s computer and then told her about the double explosion that suggests the explosion was a set-up.

While John Ross was digging, Richard’s silencer made him resign.  Now the information the Ewing’s need to prove the explosion was a set-up may never come out on Dallas 2013.  After Richard’s was made to resign he sent Sue Ellen a file that showed Harris has the governor in his back pocket.  That’s why the explosion was covered up.

Bobby told Sue Ellen about JR’s masterpiece and how he, John Ross, and Christopher are trying to piece it together.  They found out JR was looking for Christopher’s mother because she left her share of Barnes Global to Christopher.  The situation just keeps getting more complicated on Dallas season 2.

Even though Christopher doesn’t have concrete proof he didn’t cause the explosion, the Ewing’s know in their hearts.  Elena encouraged Christopher to go see Pamela.

Pamela already knew it wasn’t Christopher’s fault because John Ross told her.  Pamela and Christopher embraced and cried over their loss and Pamela made Christopher promise to make the people who caused the explosion pay.

Carlos, the investigators in JR’s death found the woman that was seen with JR the night of his death.  The woman, the hostess, was brought back to Dallas.  She said JR asked questions about the cartel who owned the club and people who met with them; specifically Harris.  JR wanted to know what business Harris was doing with the cartel.  Now Bobby and Carlos suspect Harris is transporting things for the cartel.

The new Dallas ended with Drew telling Elena Harris was responsible for the explosion and Ewing Energies got seized by the state.  The Ewing’s need oil to pay the fine.  Cliff and Harris want the Ewing’s to lose it all and it is about to happen.  What will the Ewing’s do next week on Dallas 2013?

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