The Amazing Race 2013 Preview: Episode 7 – Crocodiles!!! (VIDEO)

When the hockey players, Bates and Anthony, are afraid of being in the water because of crocodiles on The Amazing Race 2013, then you know it must be some scary stuff tonight on The Amazing Race Season 22! We are still at seven teams remaining on The Amazing Race 22, since last week was a non-elimination leg of the race. Check out what the teams are up to this week in the preview below and then come back tonight for our The Amazing Race 2013 Live Recap and find out who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 22!

The Amazing Race 2013 - Episode 7 Preview

Katie and Max were saved last week when Phil Keoghan told them they were the last team to check-in, but it was also a non-elimination leg of the race. So, two weeks in a row a team have been saved for some reason. We have to see a team go home tonight, right???

The teams will be on a sprint to not be the last team to check in tonight on The Amazing Race 2013 and because of that, it looks like Jen and Caroline might get pulled over for speeding! Then it is water skiing with crocodiles, which the preview states has never been done on The Amazing Race and Anthony looks like he never wants to do it again!

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