Who Got Eliminated On Project Runway 2013 Last Night? Week 10

I hate when they do special challenges on Project Runway Season 11, like the Lord & Taylor last week and the HP Intel Challenge last night, but not because they are boring challenges but because we have to hear the companies name like 10,000 times and it happened again last night, but the real question is who got eliminated on Project Runway 2013 last night? Find out in our Project Runway 2013 spoilers below!

Project Runway 2013 Cast

In the end, it turned out to an avant garde, wearable art meets modern designs. The looks were very good, or at least most of them were, and the judges loved the runway show. Despite all the love, they still had to decide who to send home!

It seemed obvious to me and to the judges and Richard found himself in the bottom two designers again this week and this time the judges eliminated him and he was sent home. No more jersey dresses with block coloring on Project Runway 2013!

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