VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan SNL ‘Real Housewives of Disney’ sketch

Most of the Lindsay Lohan “Saturday Night Live” appearance this weekend was a total fail. The former “Mean Girls” star was boring, flat, and lame. In most of the skits, Lohan either barely seemed to speak, or appeared to be hanging off the teleprompter for dear life. All in all, it seems like begging Lorne Michaels for the opportunity to host SNL may have not been the best idea for Lohan after all.

Granted, a lot of the skits during the Lindsay Lohan on SNL appearance were not all that great to begin with. Still, even moderately decent sketches became rather torturous to watch with Lohan struggling to get through them. Let’s not even mention that the poor girl looks like her plastic surgeoun was drunk when he last took a scalpel to her face.

Still, even on the worst “Saturday Night Live” episodes, there is usually at least one skit you can’t help but love no matter how lousy the guest host is. In this case, the absolute most fun sketch of the evening was “The Real Housewives of Disney” segment. Lindsay Lohan as Rapunzel was actually not totally horrid, although her bitchy, vapid character was hardly a stretch.

The general consensus seems to be that the “Real Housewives of Disney” sketch was definitely the best skit of the night and worth a second watch, even if the rest of the Lindsay Lohan SNL appearance was a flop. You know it wasn’t a great night for the host when some viewers thought the guest cameos in your monologue from Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon were more entertaining than your whole intro.

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