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  • What i heard was burnell say he didnt want to throw anybody under the bus but lets be real here lazaros was the one who didnt know his part and he threw them both under the bus

    • Yeah, Burnell says he didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but it is a competition. Then Devin said he learned his parts and he tried to save a couple people, but… Lazaro says about not knowing the words very well, as Devin is pointing at himself mouthing something…probably that he did. This is the reason why group performances suck and are only meant for the results show!

  • What just happened with Nicki and the guys? It was awkward and did Burnell talk about being thrown under the bus and Devin talk about having to save two people?

    • Yeah, that was very strange. I didn’t gain any respect for anyone there, except maybe for Lazaro for keeping quiet. Wow.

      • And when Burnell started to go off on something the cameras were on the judges and Nicki was like cut that crap out lol

        • I noticed that, too. She didn’t want to hear any backstabbing, I don’t think. Interesting!

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