American Idol 2013 Live Recap: Top 8 Performances (VIDEO)

What will the American Idol judges 2013 think of the American Idol Season 12 contestants taking on Motown tonight on American Idol 2013 spoilers? Motown is tonight’s theme and the American Idol 2013 top 8 will be mentored by none other than the great Smokey Robinson. Will the girls continue to be at the top or will the American Idol 2013 guys step it up a notch? Who will America vote for? Find out how the top 8 perform on our American Idol 2013 Live Recap tonight!

For me, it was no surprise for Paul Jolley to be voted off last week on American Idol Season 12. It did not even seem that the American Idol judges 2013 nor the contestants were too surprised either. I agree with other critics who say that, although there is talent on American Idol 2013, it is rather boring. My American Idol 2013 prediction is that a girl will win American Idol Season 12. Whether the winner turns out to be Angie Miller, Candice Glover or Kree Harrison, I couldn’t say with complete certainty. I have had my personal favorite for a while, but I think I will keep that choice under my hat for now. For tonight, let’s just  hope that the top 8 American Idol Season 12 contestants take on Motown with groove and flair. Let’s make it interesting, top 8, on tonight’s American Idol 2013 show!


The following post contains American Idol 2013 spoilers and videos for the Top 8 on American Idol Season 12. Please stop reading if you do not want to know what happened!


Let’s get the show started with our American Idol Season 12’s top 8 contestants!

Candice Glover – “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye

Candice by caseycarlsonx1

Judges: Keith says Jimmy is right in that Candice has raised the bar; she knows how to use her voice, and this is her best performance. Nicki agrees with Keith that she doesn’t overdo the runs, and she likes the rocky, bluesy sound that she did tonight. Randy adds that Candice is now comfortable in her own skin and has one of the best voices in the competition. Mariah says it was soulful, old-school R & B, but she wants to hear more of her “churchy jazz,” too!

Vote: 1-866-436- 5701

Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur – “Like a Prayer” by Madonna

Okay, so is this their song to get judged on, or is this the fun duet they have dreamed of doing with each other?

Judges: Nicki says she loves the girls, but “Kreedom” looks like she is a star coming in to sing with an American Idol contestant; Kree  outshined Janelle, she says. Randy adds that Kree is effortless, while Janelle was off-pitch. Mariah says this was a “sisterhood moment,” as they picked each other up when they fell. Mariah says that they both were very good. Keith says the song works really well, and they both sang great. He refused to compare them since they have very different voices.

Vote: Okay, host Ryan Seacrest confirmed that was just for fun, so both Kree and Janelle will be singing solo later. Go figure.

Lazaro Arbos – “For Once in My Life” by Stevie Wonder

Judges: Randy tells Lazaro he is way better than last week and he almost  completely redeemed himself. Mariah says the song was a smart choice, and she feels like Lazaro is back! Keith says Smokey’s advice was great about doing a song that feels right. Nicki wraps it up by saying that Lazaro is surely back before asking Smokey to be her sugar daddy. She goes on to call Lazaro “Fonzie,” and says Lazaro did a great job since he isn’t listening to Jimmy anymore!

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Janelle Arthur – “Keep me Hangin’ On” by The Supremes

janelle by caseycarlsonx1
Judges: Mariah says that was Janelle at her finest, and she proved everybody wrong for what they said earlier. Keith says that he loves the arrangement and the angst that comes out. Nicki says that Janelle seems more at home with her guitar, but she doesn’t feel that her voice is as good as normal. Randy absolutely loved it, saying it was one of her best performances on American Idol 2013. Randy says to watch out for her; she’s “in it to win it!”

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Devin Velez – “The Tracks of My Tears” by The Miracles

Judges: Keith says Devin has style and should relax more with the song. Nicki says he did an amazing job and loves every choice that he made. Yes sir, she exclaims! Randy says Devin is back tonight, too, and it was one of his best performances in weeks. Mariah says she loved the performance, and it was flawless. She hopes America understand how good Devin is. Even Smokey Robinson tells him he was awesome!

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Group Performance: Amber Holcomb, Candice Glover, and Angie Miller – “I’m Going to Make You Love Me” by Diana Ross and the Supremes

Amber, Candice & Angie – I’m Going To Make You… by IdolxMuzic

It looks like this trio is going to do another fun song. Let’s see what the judges think of their performance.

Judges: “Hashtag pow!” says Mariah. She could hear all their voices and thinks they were all A+mazing! That was all the judging we got, but it was obvious all the judges agreed, as Randy, Nicki, and Keith all gave a standing ovation.

Burnell Taylor – “My Cherie Amour” by Stevie Wonder

burnell - by caseycarlsonx1

Judges: Nicki says Burnell looks like a sexy doctor or priest in all white. His voice is rich and soulful, and he did a great job. Randy loves his choices, and he’s “in it to win it!” Mariah appreciates the performance with its modern flavor. Keith loves everything about Burnell’s voice. He is so original, stylish, and Keith loves it all!

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Angie Miller – “Shop Around” by The Miracles

angie by caseycarlsonx1

Judges: Randy thinks it’s strange; was it her rock performance that made her pitchy? It wasn’t right on as usual, he says. Mariah says she would rather hear Angie at the piano singing something like “I’ll be There” to do what she does best. Keith agrees with it being pitchy, saying that the melody pulled her down; still, he claims her talent is undeniable and they will see her next week. Nicki says that Angie doesn’t have to try to show a different Angie, because everyone loves what she does naturally.

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Amber Holcomb – “Lately” by Stevie Wonder

amber by caseycarlsonx1

Judges: All four American Idol  judges 2013 stand on this oneMariah says it was a “tour de force” and curses, as she is bleeped. She loved it; it was beautiful. Keith agrees with Mariah. Amber picked the right song and felt it beautifully. It was mesmerizing. Nicki adds that it was out of the world, and she is something special and unmatched. Randy says that it was the best vocals of the night! Amazing, he says!

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Group Performance: Burnell Taylor, Devin Velez, and Lazaro Arbos – “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” by The Temptations

Burnell, Devin & Lazaro – Can’t Help Myself… by IdolxMuzic

Judges: Nicki feels that they were back in Hollywood, that they were flat. She orders them to go and get off the stage!


Kree Harrison – “Don’t Play That Song (You Lied)” by Aretha Franklin

kree by caseycarlsonx1

Judges: Randy points out the “Kree love” in the audience. He adds that is wasn’t perfect, but she is here to stay. Mariah commends her for doing the song and reinventing it. Keith loves that she brings the soul out in her country voice. Nicki is impressed that her confidence never wavers, and she is a queen!

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So that’s the top 8 on American Idol 2013 tonight. Who was your favorite? Time to vote now for your favorite American Idol Season 12 contestant!

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  1. What i heard was burnell say he didnt want to throw anybody under the bus but lets be real here lazaros was the one who didnt know his part and he threw them both under the bus

    • Yeah, Burnell says he didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but it is a competition. Then Devin said he learned his parts and he tried to save a couple people, but… Lazaro says about not knowing the words very well, as Devin is pointing at himself mouthing something…probably that he did. This is the reason why group performances suck and are only meant for the results show!

  2. What just happened with Nicki and the guys? It was awkward and did Burnell talk about being thrown under the bus and Devin talk about having to save two people?

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