Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Live Recap: Episode 3 – Fight In The Kitchen?

Hell’s Kitchen 2013 went from 19 to 17 chefs in one week.  No it wasn’t an overly angry Gordon Ramsay kicking out multiple chefs in one night like you might think.  Before the team challenge began last week, Gina decided to leave the competition.  If a chef can’t take the heat they have to get out the kitchen before Ramsay does it for them on Hell’s Kitchen season 11.  Tonight we will find out who gets eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Live Recap.


During dinner service on last week’s Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Danielle continued to struggle.   Her inexperience continues to show but she’s not alone.  Many of the chefs seem very confident in their skills but they aren’t measuring up to chef’s Ramsay’s expectations.

Mary forgot to cook the wine out of her risotto, Christian couldn’t cook his scallops, and Susan served raw lamb.  Ramsay couldn’t take it and shut down dinner service.  There was no real winner so Ramsay had both teams pick two contestants to put for elimination. In the end Ramsay eliminated Christian from Hell’s Kitchen season 11.

In the new Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Chef Ramsay is off and running in the first Hell’s Kitchen 3K.  While he is running the teams will race to prepare a healthy lunch for the runners.  The winners will get to go to wine country while the losers clean the race course.

Communication has been an issue for the contestants on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and this week it doesn’t improve.  It looks like the team building challenge last week didn’t teach the contestants much of anything.  Two chefs will lose their cool on tonight’s episode and Ramsay has to step in to break up a fight.



During last week’s Hell’s Kitchen 2013 elimination Gordon Ramsay asked Jeremy to stay back.  Ramsay told him to find his voice and not lose his fight.  He reported the information back to his team and they were supportive and want him to step up the plate.

The next morning the chefs got a surprise.  Ramsay announced the first ever Hell’s Kitchen 3K to raise money to end childhood obesity.  Not all the contestants had to run with Ramsay.  One contestant from each team had to run the 3K while the rest of the team started making a healthy lunch for the runners. Mary and Dan were chosen as to run the 3K.

Along the running route Mary and Dan checked in with their teams to let them know how close they were to being back to the kitchen.  The teams couldn’t serve until they returned.  Dan got back first which meant the men could start serving their lunch service.  They hit a bump in the road when Zach seared off the salmon instead of cooking them to order.

Susan had trouble on last week’s dinner service and couldn’t get it together making smoothies.  She had to get help with something that didn’t even require cooking!

The men were determined to win the team challenge on the new Hell’s Kitchen season 11 but struggled to finish sending out their dinner service because Zach couldn’t cook the salmon correctly.  Ramsay found the seared off salmon he told Zach not to use and asked him if he was reheating it.  He denied cutting corners but Ramsay didn’t believe him.

Even though the men started service first, the women quickly caught up and finished first. The women seem to be unstoppable on team challenges.  Now if they could only pull it together on dinner services!

As a reward the women got to go to wine country in California on a private jet while the men cleaned the 3K route and prepped for dinner service.

The men have struggled to get it together and are lost during services.   Michael requested that Ramsay read the tickets slower.  Ramsay said he would be we will see if it actually helps.

The men are sick of losing on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and are determined to win the dinner service.  They have said the same thing for the last two weeks so will it finally happen?

Danielle has struggled on Hell’s Kitchen season 11 and can’t seem to find her voice in the kitchen.  Her timid attitude in the kitchen is hurting her team.

Michael and Dan got into a disagreement during prep and things got a little heated.  Will the keep it cool during service or get into a tussle?

Ramsay stayed good to his word and read the men’s team tickets slowly.  It was almost comical compared to the way he read the women’s tickets.  The men started out good in the kitchen but Jeremy struggled with the table-side salads.  Ray thought he was doing well on his risotto but then one came back from a VIP table and Ramsay was not happy. Fortunately, he got his act together.

On the other side of the kitchen, the women’s dinner service started out very smoothly.  It didn’t last forever.  Jessica took a long time on risotto and made a enough to serve five people when she only needed one.

On entrées Dan undercooked his lamb and Michael on garnishes had to re-fire his part multiple times and was not happy.  Dan tried again and messed it up yet again.  The men weren’t t the only ones struggling with cooking things correctly.  Jacqueline sent out raw chicken!  However, she pulled her act together quicker than the men did.

Dan and Michael had got tense during prep and almost got physical during service on Hell’s Kitchen season 11.  Ramsay pulled them into the cooler and asked what was going on with them.  Ramsay tried to get them to talk to each other instead of yelling and running into each other on purpose.  If Ramsay hadn’t stepped in one of them was bound to get themselves into trouble.  The went back to the kitchen and communicated; not in a friendly way but they did it.

Danielle let her team down again when cooking her beef wellington.  She stayed tough and figured out how to do it correctly.  Both teams had ups and downs during dinner service but finished.Ramsay wasn’t proud of the service but chose the men’s team as the winners because they made progress.

The women had to deliberate what two chefs they would put up for elimination.  Danielle was the first discussed because she couldn’t cook the meat right.  Danielle stuck up for herself but is it too little too late?  Jessica was also discussed because of her lack of confidence.

The two chefs that were up for elimination on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 were Danielle because she hasn’t shown leadership and Jessica because they feel she is in over her head.

Ramsay wasn’t satisfied with the two picks and also wanted to talk to Jacqueline because she served pink chicken.  The women had discussed her during deliberation but thought she was too strong to put up for elimination.  Ramsay sent Jessica back because her teammates couldn’t tell him why she was so bad.  Ramsay had a tough decision but chose Danielle.  Danielle was eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 because he hadn’t seen any improvement in three dinner services.

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