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  • Grant

    I really hope that Max and Katie find themselves in last next week too because they are easily my least favorite team. They are completely fake, so it was no surprise to see how uncomfortable they were around the Bushmen that don’t have the luxury of blocking out the real world.

  • Lloyd E. Elling

    Were the Africa Tribal people in the Scorpion Hunter episode the same people who can be seen on the DVD, Journey of Man, by Dr. Spencer Wells? If they are the same people, why did you not identify their historical significance?

    • If they are, then they did not mention it on the episode last night.

  • Steve West

    I am sorry that Max and Katie were not eliminated. After their rude comments about the Kalahari Bushmen smelling bad they should have been eliminated for their rudeness, idiocy and racism. I was at the same camp in the Kalahari where they are staying and visited with the Bushmen there. Never noticed any smell and they were classy people,
    unlike Max and Katie.

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