The Amazing Race 2013 Live Recap: Episode 6 – Africa Time

Last week on The Amazing Race 2013, Dave and Connor had to quit due to Dave’s ruptured Achille’s Tendon so no one was eliminated. This was a stroke of good luck for Chuck and Wynona, who had a close call last week when they came in last. Pam and Winnie were the winners at the Pit Stop and were awarded a trip to Canada. Now The Amazing Race Season 22 is down to seven teams, but only six can continue. Tonight, the adventures continue as the teams are headed to catch a flight to Africa to hunt for scorpions.  Follow along with us in our The Amazing Race 2013 Live Recap and find out who makes it and who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 22!

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The start of this leg of the Amazing Race begins in Vietnam’s capital city. The teams will now be flying to Botswana, where they will have to sign up for flights to the edge of the Kalahari Desert. Pam and Winnie start off the race and Max and Kate quickly catch up, finding where Pam and Winnie have headed on the computer they had just used. Next are Mona and Beth, followed by Bates and Anthony. Chuck and Wynona are once again last.

Pam and Winnie schedule their flights to Botswana and find out that the next flight is 10:45 a.m., so everyone will catch up with them. At this point, it could be anyone’s game this week!

The teams head to the airport while Wynona and Chuck continue to struggle. They cannot figure out what country they are supposed to travel to, but Chuck makes a phone call to find out. Everyone has now caught up at the airport, and Max and Kate decide to U Turn Chuck and Wynona, which they are not too pleased about.

All the teams make it on that first 10:45 flight. They head straight for the travel agency and Caroline and Jennifer make it on the first flight to the Kalahari, so they are in the lead. The flights are all scheduled fifteen minutes apart, and only two teams can fit on each flight, except for the third one, which can hold three. Chuck and Wynona once again come in last.

The flights take off, and Caroline, Jennifer, Bates, and Anthony are the first to land in the Kalahari Desert. They’re amazed at the wildlife they see on the ground as the flight comes in. Max and Kate are not thrilled about sharing a flight with Joey and Meghan. Chuck and Wynona continue to bellyache about being in last place again through their entire flight.

The teams pick up their clues and start driving in the cars that are waiting. Caroline, Jennifer, Bates, and Anthony are the first to arrive and are greeted by the Kalahari Bushmen, as well as more clues in jars. The teams will now go on a search for scorpions at a scorpion hole, where the Kalahari Bushmen will show them how to successfully catch the scorpions and place them in the jar. This is required in order for them to find their next clue.

Caroline starts digging for scorpions and is unscathed, as she is used to seeing them in her hometown of Texas. Joey freaks out a little bit and isn’t prepared to touch a scorpion even a little bit, and neither is Max! Anthony and Bates are first to catch their scorpion, and receive a clue that tells them to take the Bushmen for a ride. Once in the car, they direct them on where to go.

Joey is still absolutely disgusted as a Bushmen puts a scorpion in his mouth to clean him. He narrowly escapes a panic attack as he finally manages to catch his scorpion. The teams will now be required to learn a skill from the Bushmen – either how to build a fire or how to set a trap to hunt. Bates and Anthony are first and choose fire. Caroline and Jennifer, close behind, also choose fire, and laugh at themselves as they have to imitate the animal noises the Bushmen are making. Meanwhile, Chuck and Wynona and Pam and Winnie are still trying to catch their scorpions.

The teams are now headed to the Pit Stop after they complete the fire or hunting challenge. The Pit Stop this week is at Meno A Kwena Safari Camp. The last team to check in could be eliminated! Bates and Anthony are the winners this week, and they are awarded a trip to Thailand!

Pam and Winnie come in second, despite being slow to catch their scorpion. Chuck and Wynona miraculously make it to the Pit Stop in third place, breaking their last place streak. Joey and Meghan follow, and Caroline and Jennifer are close behind. Mona and Beth finish sixth, and Max and Katie finish last. Luckily, this is a non-elimination leg, and they will return next week with a Speed Bump to accomplish during the next leg of the race.

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  1. I really hope that Max and Katie find themselves in last next week too because they are easily my least favorite team. They are completely fake, so it was no surprise to see how uncomfortable they were around the Bushmen that don’t have the luxury of blocking out the real world.

  2. Lloyd E. Elling says:

    Were the Africa Tribal people in the Scorpion Hunter episode the same people who can be seen on the DVD, Journey of Man, by Dr. Spencer Wells? If they are the same people, why did you not identify their historical significance?

  3. Steve West says:

    I am sorry that Max and Katie were not eliminated. After their rude comments about the Kalahari Bushmen smelling bad they should have been eliminated for their rudeness, idiocy and racism. I was at the same camp in the Kalahari where they are staying and visited with the Bushmen there. Never noticed any smell and they were classy people,
    unlike Max and Katie.

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