Who Got Eliminated On Survivor 2013 Last Night? Episode 6

New tribes were created and possible new alliances were formed last night on Survivor Caramoan 2013, but when it came down to the vote at Tribal Council on Survivor Season 26 it was the old alliances holding strong, but who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 last night? The Fans and Favorites were mixed together, but in a game like Survivor you stick with what you know and what you think will get you to the end! Find out the Survivor 2013 spoilers below!

Survivor 2013 - Episode 6

The new Gota and Bikal Tribes may have had a new look to them, but as far as the Bikal Tribe goes, the old alliances held strong at Tribal Council. The Favorites know they have an upper hand against the Fans and with more people they can still eliminate the Fans, even with them on their own tribe now!

The new Bikal Tribe on Survivor 2013 found themselves at Tribal Council and despite an effort by Matt and Michael to join forces with Phillip’s corporation, the old alliance among the Favorites held strong and Matt was eliminated on Survivor 2013! They wanted Matt and Michael to be separated and Matt was the victim!

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