VIDEO: Hysterical weatherman FAIL montage!

Here at, we just love FAILs of all varieties. That and LOLcats, but pretend you didn’t just hear that… Anyway, back to the FAILs. One of our favorite categories of FAIL videos is anything involving weathermen.

Why? Because it is honestly just one of the most ridiculous jobs on TV. You stand in front of a blank, green screen and gesture vaguely at a bunch of maps while making predictions that may or may not be wildly inaccurate based on what Mother Nature actually decides her mood is for the day. Meanwhile, you try not to sound A: boring or B: like an idiot. For some reason, this leads to a whole lot of weatherman FAIL videos posted on YouTube and around the Net. For your viewing (and laughing) pleasure today, we’ve brought you some of our favorite weather FAIL videos in a handy montage collection from The Huffington Post.

Which one is your personal favorite? I have to say, as crass as it is, the fart FAIL may just be mine. Although the string of horrifying curse words from the Fox News weatherman is pretty damn awesome. (Warning: NSFW language!)


  1. I have two faves: slaphappy zombies (that guy is local to me, too!) and the one with the male body part graphic behind the forecaster.

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