Survivor 2013 Preview: Episode 6 – New Tribes, New Alliances (VIDEO)

One thing was determined last week on Survivor 2013Brandon Hantz is insane and should never be allowed back on Survivor and he should probably get a psychological test done to make sure he is sane enough to be raising children! Yes, the Hantz family does some crazy stuff on Survivor, but something about this meltdown made it look like Brandon might not be all there! Such is life and time doesn’t stand still on Survivor 2013 and the remaining castaways will still be fighting for that $1 million prize tomorrow night on Survivor Caramoan 2013! Find out who was eliminated on Survivor Season 26 during our Survivor 2013 Live Recap tomorrow night!

Survivor 2013 - Episode 6 Preview

Things will be switched up this week on Survivor 2013 though and as comfortable as these castaways have gotten with their tribes, it looks like host Jeff Probst is going to mix things up and new tribes will be formed and new alliances are sure to follow!

While some might be afraid of these switches (Phillip Sheppard should be worried), others are welcoming the new members to their tribes (Reynold and Eddie have been shunned from the Fans Tribe, so they could use some fresh meat to align with)! It should be interesting to see who gets on what tribe and to see how fast people are thrown under the bus to start forming new alliances! See it all go down tomorrow night with us during our Survivor 2013 Live Recap and check out the preview here:

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