Dallas 2013 Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: Ewings Unite!

After major revelations on last week’s Dallas 2013, the Ewing men are working to figure out what JR’s masterpiece on Dallas season 2 was.  Not only do they have to put the pieces together, they have to finish executing the master plan on the Dallas TV Show.



At JR’s will reading the Ewing’s learned that he left half his oil rights to Sue Ellen and the other half to John Ross.  He also left John Ross his portion of Southfork.  What will happen to Southfork and Ewing Energies now?

In the new Dallas Cliff Barnes and Harris Ryland talked business.  Cliff wants Harris’ help to take down the Ewings.  In exchange Cliff will give Harris enough money to buy the trucking company from his mother.  JR was on to this partnership; will the Ewing’s’ be able to stop them without JR?  Cliff and Harris are planning a rig accident but who will be involved has yet to be revealed.

Christopher has been trying to seal the deal with a race car using his methane technology (his DCT contract).  However, Barnes Global has undercut his price.  The woman in charge of the deal wanted more from Christopher on a personal level but he refused to give it to her and had to prove his technology would make them the talk of the country.

Christopher thinks the undercut in price by Barnes Global is what JR knew.  Bobby is worried about Barnes Global and their power so he decided to turn the oil back on to Southfork.  Their only hope in surviving Barnes is by sticking together.  With JR gone, Bobby, Christopher, and John Ross have to take over the double dealing and conniving.

John Ross decided to sweet talk the women in charge of the DCT contract.  He told her he believed in oil being the answer not methane.  He wasn’t deceiving his cousin; it was all a part of the plan.  He just wanted to get her to sleep with him.   John Ross then had Bum take pictures of John Ross and her together and they plan to use them against her.

Christopher showed her the pictures and told her to kill the Barnes Global deal and convince the board to sign his methane deal.  He may have been happy with his actions but Elena was not happy with his decision.  She told him she is going into business with her brother and drilling on their father’s old land.

Pamela wanted to make sure John Ross knew nothing about her father trying to undercut DTC deal.  John Ross is confused about his relationship on Dallas 2013 with Pamela and wanted them to meet and talk.  She wasn’t interested.

Drew is still determined to be a part of drilling oil and Bobby is letting him be a part of it.  Drew seems to be wanting more than a piece of Southfork, he wants Emma as well.  Now Emma is involved with Drew and John Ross.  The relationships on the Dallas TV Show keep getting more and more confusing.

The man Harris hired to cause an “accident” saw Emma and Drew on a date.  Why did the man report this news?  Is Drew the man Harris hired to cause an oil rig accident? If so, how could Drew do this to the family?

It turns out the man is somebody Drew used to do “jobs” for and he wants him to do one last job.  He needs Drew to put a detonator on Christopher’s rig.  He promised nobody would get hurt but that was a lie.  To convince Drew to take part in the plan he threatened to kill Elena

On last week’s Dallas 2013 Sue Ellen slipped in her sobriety and now Gary is concerned.  She admitted to Gary she used him to get the oil turned back on at Southfork.  Bobby did that for her, so now she is done with him.  She may not want him, but he is still concerned about her life and drinking.

Sue Ellen made a phone call to Valene, Gary’s ex, and then sat down with a drink.  Valene said Sue Ellen did it to be snake, but Sue Ellen told Gary she wanted him to make amends with Valene because if he didn’t someday she would be gone and he would regret it.

The new Dallas ended with some major events.  Harris got into a tussle with his mother and she fell down the stairs and appeared to be dead.  Drew did what he was asked and placed the bomb on Christopher’s rig that was in the ocean.  However, the rig was not empty like Drew believed it would be.  The rig was full of all the Ewings working to make the DTC contract.  The rig also had Pamela on it.  Barnes didn’t care, he instructed the man to continue as planned.  Christopher got the deal and then the bomb went off.  Was the bomb meant to make Christopher’s energy patent look dangerous or was the intent to injury Ewings?

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