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  • Cindy

    Opps .. forgot to spell check.
    I meant:
    First “part” of the show.

  • Ronnie

    I personally enjoyed the fact that there was hardly any back stabbing. I didn’t care for the kids very much. I think the kids need to stay on the ranch and get eliminated just like the adults. It would make the show more enjoyable. I’ve have never missed a season yet and I think it is the best show on tv.

    • Cheryl

      I liked this show as well! It was a pleasure to not see folks stabbing others in the back…
      It was different having the children on & I’m guessing they wouldn’t do an elimination process for them because that would not have been an inspiration to them or to other children watching. They said it wasn’t about the weight for the kids, but it was for our children to become more health concious.
      I thought Danni looked amazing and I am so glad she won so she can pay off her student loans. All the contestants are winners in my book and I couldn’t be more proud of them all!

  • I have to admit this year of the biggest loser was by far one of the best. I enjoyed the young contestants and having Jullian back on. I also apreciated not having bad language on the show. Great job and great show

    • Cheryl

      Brenda, you know Jillian was probably feeling like a proud mother to have Danni be “The Biggest Loser”. In the beginning, I was afraid that Jillian was going to be sent home because the white team members were dropping off like flies! I wonder how the 1st player did weight wise…I don’t think she was there for the finale since she left the show on her own!

      • Cindy

        She was there in the front row and it looked like she hadn’t lost any weight.
        It was at the first past of the show.
        I was a Danni fan from the first.
        She never gave up and she deserved it.
        Jeff only started to give it his all towards the middle.

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