Who Went Home On The Amazing Race 2013 Last Night? Episode 5

The teams made their way to Vietnam last night on The Amazing Race Season 22 and despite their strong showings in all the legs of the race so far this season, Dave and Connor faced a major decision when they got to Vietnam and it factored into who went home on The Amazing Race 2013 last night! The Amazing Race 2013 spoilers are below, so keep on reading to find out!

Amazing Race 2013 Cast

When it comes down to it, no matter who was U-Turned or got lost or couldn’t figure out the Detour, the end results were determined at the beginning of this episode of The Amazing Race 22 when Dave and Connor decided they could no longer go on this season and they must end their run because Dave needed to get surgery on his ruptured Achilles tendon. While it sucked, because they had won two legs of the race, it is something they had to do. They got a free trip and $10,000, so more power to them!

That meant whatever all the other teams did, there would be no other team eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 last night! Chuck and Wynona were the last team to check in with host Phil Keoghan, but with the exit of Dave and Connor they were safe for another week.  Chuck and Wynona need to get it together though if they want to win The Amazing Race Season 22!

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