Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Episode 18 Recap: A Vodka Shot Through the Heart (VIDEO)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 started with many of the RHOBH ladies on bad terms.  The Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof debacle only added more fuel to the fire.  People fought over taking sides, old lawsuits, and sticking up for friends.  Now in the second half of the season things are looking up.


After a trip to Paris Brandi bonded with Kim Richards; Kim bonded with her sister Kyle Richards; Kyle made up with Lisa Vanderpump; Ken and Mauricio made up; and Yolanda became good friends with Brandi.

On last week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kyle opened her new high end clothing and accessory store.  All her friends and family came out to support her, even Adrienne.  Drama was avoided but emotions were not.

Kyle spoke to her sister Kim about how worried she constantly felt when Kim was using.  She told Kim she believes she is sticking to her sobriety and that the Paris incident was an honest mistake but there will always be a part of her that fears Kim will be go back to using.  ­

On the new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the somewhat absent Adrienne will throw a launch party for her new vodka.  RHOBH fans have missed a lot of Adrienne’s personal life on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 3 due to her continuous absences to avoid conflict.  Now the fans and the ladies of RHOBH will get a big dose of what’s been going on behind closed doors.  Adrienne and her husband Paul are getting separated.

The ladies get the news on the way to Lisa’s vow renewal/housewarming party so it is sure to be the talk of the party.  That won’t be the only drama.  Brandi and Faye will both attend Lisa’s party and they have had a history of nasty confrontations.



On the new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Lisa prepared for her housewarming party/vow renewal.  Lisa wasn’t keen on the idea because she doesn’t want others to see her proclaiming her love for her husband, but since he means so much to her she agreed.  As part of the preparation she and Brandi got massages.

The two got massages instead of going to Adrienne’s launch party for her new line of vodka called “Zing.”  Brandi wasn’t invited but she is sick of Adrienne pushing her new products constantly.  Brandi and Lisa discussed Adrienne’s business ventures and her marriage.  Brandi thinks their marriage is a business arrangement and they aren’t in a good relationship.

The Maloof’s relationship of RHOBH as often been featured as Adrienne and Paul bossing each other around and not being too affectionate.  Looks like Brandi’s evaluation of Adrienne and Paul’s marriage wasn’t too far off.  The announcement of their separation was announced later on the new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

Adrienne’s launch party was over the top as usual.  There was some interesting conversation at the party as well.  Marisa told the other RHOBH that Brandi sent her a text that a hall pass would save her marriage.  The suggestion was that Marisa and her husband should let each other cheat one time and their marriage would be saved.  Marisa took the opportunity to throw Brandi under the bus but was really confused as to why Brandi thought her marriage needed help.

The trash talking Brandi continued when Faye stepped in suggesting Brandi slept with somebody at Kyle’s white party.  Yolanda stuck up for Brandi and Adrienne jumped in saying that Brandi throws everybody else under the bus so why shouldn’t they do it back.  Yolanda wishes that the RHOBH ladies would voice their problems face to face not behind each other’s backs.

When Adrienne’s husband Paul tried to add a little fun to the party by getting painted as a tree Adrienne made him come down and commented that he looked kind of pathetic.  She only wanted beautiful people painted up at her party and he didn’t fit the bill in her eyes.

The morning of Lisa’s housewarming/vow renewal the Maloof’s announced their separation on-line.   Now the rude comments all make sense.  While Brandi wasn’t surprised by the Maloof’s separation she does think the timing was a publicity stunt.

A lot of the RHOBH ladies were surprised by the separation.  Many thought the drama in the Maloof’s life brought them closer and that their bickering was normal.  They knew things may have been bad but never expected them to separate.

Brandi heard about all the things that were said about her at Adrienne’s launch party and decided to get to the bottom of it at Lisa’s party.  Some of the RHOBH suggested that Brandi would sleep with a married guy and flirts with all of their husbands.  Faye was making most of the accusations and she and Brandi have never gotten along on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so the confrontation was bound to be a little heated.

First, Yolanda brought Brandi to Marisa and let her know that she told Brandi what was said the night before.  Marisa got very defensive and tried to act like she didn’t do anything wrong.  Marisa jokes about her marriage and her wanting to sleep with other men but claims there is nothing wrong with her marriage.

Faye stepped into the conversation because she didn’t want Marisa to be left alone in the argument.  Faye wasn’t asked to be a part of the conversation and refused to leave.  She then told Brandi she will never be a lady.  She even went so far to accuse Brandi of being the reason the Maloof’s separated.  Even Marisa said the comment was untrue and uncalled for.

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