Who Was Voted Off American Idol 2013 Last Night? Top 10

When it comes to the American Idol 2013 results, you just never know how America will end up voting and with over 26 million votes tallied it was time to find out those results last night on American Idol Season 12 and in case you missed it, you are probably wondering who was voted off American Idol 2013 last night and we have that answer right here. Prepare yourself, it was a shocker already!

American Idol Season 12 Top 10

For the first time on Idol, the voting results would be revealed and the singers would be told their ranking for the week in votes, sort of. The Top 3 singers would be revealed, but not where they ranked. Then from the fourth to the tenth singer, the singers would be put in the order of the number of votes received. Here are those rankings, with the Top 3 in order of how they were revealed:

  1. Candice Glover
  2. Kree Harrison
  3. Angie Miller
  4. Lazaro Arbos
  5. Amber Holcomb
  6. Janelle Arthur
  7. Burnell Taylor
  8. Paul Jolley
  9. Devin Velez
  10. Curtis Finch, Jr.

So, being the singer with the lowest votes, Curtis was allowed to sing for his life and the American Idol judges 2013 had to be unanimous on whether they wanted to save him or not. Despite objections from Nicki Minaj, the judges were not unanimous and Curtis Finch, Jr. was voted off American Idol 2013 last night and a sigh of relief came across America. We still have to see him on the tour though!

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