Who Was Eliminated On Project Runway 2013 Last Night? Week 8

After a double elimination last week on Project Runway Season 11, the designers were ready to prove their worth last night and boy did they fall short, but who was eliminated on Project Runway 2013 last night? There was no winning look, according to Heidi Klum and the rest of the judges and it was a battle between two other designers for the bottom spot and both deserved to go home on Project Runway 2013. Another double elimination???

Project Runway 2013 Cast

As it turns out, the judges did make a decision and the battle between Richard and Amanda for the bottom spot would not end in a double elimination on Project Runway 2013.

The judges felt that Amanda’s pants were a little worse than Richard’s lame shirts and Amanda was eliminated on Project Runway 2013 and Richard was safe, but not by much!

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