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  • Dennis asked the most important question of the whole contest. He also nailed it by saying Omarosa (probably mispelled and I don’t care) was putting on an Academy Award performance with her fake crying upon winning.

    • I so agree and it was when Omarosa put him on the spot with the executives. She is very good at planning ahead and planting the seeds she can use when in the boardroom if her team loses. I love the fact that Dennis didn’t even wait to talk about it later. He went right up to Gary and asked him about his Oscar! Classic moment.

      • LaToya also has it right about Omarosa milking her situation for all its worth. Donald’s kissing up to her is nauseating. It will be interesting to see if he keeps her around even when she deserves to be fired.

        • I agree, i think omarosa milks any situation, she can to get where she needs to be… she’s a b itch, & i wish latoya wld of put her in her place more!!! I did like omarosa till last nite.. I hope trump nvr brings her on, again…

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