Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Recap: Episode 1- 20 Chefs Compete, Part 1 (VIDEO)

Hell’s Kitchen 2013 season premiere kicks off with 20 restaurateurs battling to come out on top in Hell’s Kitchen season 11. The 20 contestants will present their signature dishes to Gordon Ramsay.  If the pressure of facing Ramsay isn’t enough, it will take place in Las Vegas.  The competition is just beginning.  Tonight we find out who was eliminated on tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen 2013.

Hell's Kitchen 2013 Cast

After the 20 contestants make their signature dishes they split into two teams.  The red team is all girls and the blue team is all guys; men versus women.  There may be teams but everybody is working to impress the very critical Gordon Ramsay.



Hell’s Kitchen 2013 kicked off with the 20 contestants loading onto the Hell’s Kitchen bus.  The contestants thought they were headed to Hell’s Kitchen, but to their surprise they were headed to Las Vegas.  Hell’s Kitchen season 11 will be far from the experience most people have in Las Vegas.  The contestants thought they were going on a 4D tour but ended up in front of a live audience and Gordon Ramsay.

Hell’s Kitchen has more contestants than any other season so the competition should be stiff.  The teams are women versus men.  The women will be under the supervisor of Chef Andy and the men, Chef James.

The contestants are competing to become head chef at Ramsay’s new Pub and Grill in Caesar’s Palace.  The job comes with a whopping $250,000 a year salary.

For the first time ever the contestants made their signature dishes for Gordon Ramsay and a live audience.  They didn’t expect to be cooking so they weren’t dressed in their normal chef attire.  Some women had to cook in dresses and heels.

Ramay’s judged the dished one girl and one guy at a time.  He then gave points to the best one.


Dish: Parmesan encrusted chicken breast with asparagus and lemon bur bloc.
Ramsay’s verdict: Asparagus and chicken both burnt.  Ramsay said what happens in Vegas, and the kitchen, should stay in Vegas.

Barret (Had the signature HK and the pitchfork cut into his hair)

Dish: Pork loin roulade with shitake mushroom and garlic mashed potatoes.
Ramsay’s verdict: Garlic too strong in potatoes.  Ramsay said no wonder Barret’s hair was standing up.

Ramsay didn’t like either of the dishes and nobody got a point.


Dish: Double grilled potatoes with rosemary glazed lamb.
Ramsay’s verdict: Lamb was cooked perfectly.


Dish: Shrimp and salmon corndogs.
Ramsay’s verdict: He made Nedra taste it and she spit it out.

Women got the point. 1-0


Dish: Lamb and couscous with currants and toasted pine nuts.
Ramsay’s verdict: Lamb was raw and not even warm.  The couscous was overcooked.


Dish: Stuffed steak with smoked Gouda.
Ramsay’s verdict: Jeremy didn’t know the cut of meat he used and Ramsay criticized him for it.

Again, neither team was given a point.


Dish: Thai grilled prawns with spicy Asian pesto.
Ramsay’s verdict: Wondered why he only got two prawns.  Was it an appetizer or was he supposed to be on a diet?  Despite the size she nailed the flavor.

Ray (oldest chef they have had on Hell’s Kitchen)

Dish: Stuffed veal cutlet with bruschetta and guyere cheese.
Ramsay’s verdict: Cooked perfectly and tasted great.

Tough decision but both got a point.  Women 2-Men 1.


Dish: Penne pasta with homemade meatballs.
Ramsay’s verdict: Thought she got it a buffet.  Penne under cooked and bland.


Dish: Eggs benedict with champagne hollandaise sauce.
Ramsay’s verdict:   Thought his dish looked like throw-up and the dish was a joke.

Ramsay was very disappointed with the dishes and neither team got a point.


Their dishes were not described but Ramsay gave them both a point.  Women 3-Men


Dishes not describe but Ramsay said both dishes were impressive but Michael got the point.


Dish: Pan seared wahoo.
Ramsay’s verdict:  Questioned why she works at steak house but made fish, but he enjoyed it.


Dish: New Orleans scallop po-boy
Ramsay’s verdict: Said it was disgusting.  The scallops were raw and he embarrassed New Orleans.

Women got the point.


Dish: Pan seared duck breast with red wine and orange reduction
Ramsay’’s verdict:  Duck was raw with too much fat.  She is a butcher who butchered her dish.


Dish: Sautéed stuffed eggplant
Ramsay’s verdict: Looked messy but had good flavor.

Men won the point.  Tied 4-4.

Final round


Dish: Roasted duck breast with sweet potatoes side dish.
Ramsay’s verdict: Liked the dish and the flavors but the duck was a little undercooked.


Dish: Grilled pork chops with mustard greens
Ramsay’s verdict: Liked the flavor combination but the pork was dry.

Winning team: Women

As the winners, the women got to be VIP guests at Caesar’s Palace for the night.  While the ladies stayed in Las Vegas to eat sushi off a woman in a luxurious suite and attend a Celine Dion concert and meet her, the men had to go back to L.A. on a school bus that had no air conditioning.  The women still managed to beat the men back to Hell’s Kitchen.

The men on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 had to listen to Sebastian give a motivational speech all the way back to L.A.  His constant talking had some of the men wishes they could play the quiet game.  The long trip home and the constant chatter of Sebastian had the men hoping they never lose again.

While the contestants studied the menu for the next day, Gina was busy playing with her chef puppet.  The others were not too happy about the childish behavior; especially Nedra.  Is Gina a little coo-coo or just eccentric?  Gina must have overdone it with the puppet play because the next morning she woke up not feeling well.

When the teams started preparing for their first service on Hell’s Kitchen season 11 the men displayed great team work during prep.  The women struggled to get it together because Gina left to see a medic.  She said she felt okay but didn’t want to be in a kitchen.  She went back to her room and tended to herself.  This is a cooking competition right?

On the men’s team, Jeremy’s inexperience showed and may way the team down.  Losing Gina seemed to strengthen the women’s team.  Just when they found their groove without her she showed back up.

The first service on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 opened up with JP in the front.  JP has been absent for three years and now he’s back for Hell’s’ Kitchen season 11.

Gina cooked the scallops and they came out perfect.  After flipping them constantly the other women thought they would be yelled at by Ramsay.  Maybe Gina isn’t so bad?

The men didn’t get off to a great start.  Zach cooked great scallops but Christian couldn’t get his mussels down and Sebastian struggled with his risotto.

Gina started off with good scallops but couldn’t keep them consistent.  Ramsay kicked her out of the kitchen.  Gina blamed the other women not communicating for her overcooked scallops.

The next to get kicked out of the first service on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 was Sebastian.  To make up for his absence Christian started serving mussels to customers even if they didn’t order them.

Danielle struggled with remembering the tickets Ramsay called.  While she struggled, the men moved on to serving their main courses.  They started the dished but couldn’t get any of them past Ramsay to actual customers.  Michael was very confident about serving lamb but kept undercooking it.  Every time Michael had to re-fire a lamb Barret had to re-fire his beef wellingtons.  The two couldn’t get their timing right and they too got ousted from service.

On the women’s team Jessica, who is fresh out of culinary school, took forever to slice lamb.  So while the men struggled with the cooking, the women couldn’t cut.  It may have taken her forever but it came out perfect.

Danielle couldn’t get it together and didn’t know what she was doing.  Susan was so busy babysitting Danielle she neglected her garnish and got kicked out of service.  Danielle immediately followed because she couldn’t keep tickets straight.

On the blue team, men, Jeremy and Zach butted heads.  They didn’t have to deal with each other very long because Jeremy got kicked out because he couldn’t remember tickets.

The women are three contestants down and to catch up Ramsay decided to send main dishes separate from the garnish hoping they could catch up.  Most of the women were swamped but Jacqueline was wandering around drinking water.  She got kicked out of the kitchen and seemed happy about it.

Just like the women, the men couldn’t get their main dishes timed with their garnishes.  The men quickly moved to 6 men down.  Ray, Jon, and Dan left one after the other; then went Anthony.  Zach was the last man left and began to panic under the pressure.  He had to leave the kitchen to throw up but then came back to cook.

He was determined to finish and did.  The chefs completed dinner service but most of them did not make it through.  The red team won and the blue team had to nominate two contestants for elimination.

Michael was one of the first contestants the men discussed.  Michael thought Sebastian should be eliminated because after getting kicked out he tried to get back into service three times.  Jeremy thought he shouldn’t be up for elimination because he was kicked out of the kitchen because he couldn’t repeat a ticket not because of cooking.   He got defensive when multiple men accused him of not being a good chef.

Michael, Sebastian, and Jeremy were the main candidates to be up for elimination but when it came down to it the men decided on: Jeremy because he couldn’t take criticism and was arrogant; and Sebastian because they don’t think is serious enough.

Sebastian admitted one of his biggest flaws was his attitude and knows he needs to change it.  Jeremy is very young, 22, and Ramsay wondered if he is in over his head.  The first person eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 was Sebastian.  Ramsay wants a chef, not a comedian.

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  1. Morris A. Solow says:

    Always scallops, risotto & Wellington.
    Hey Gordon, it’s time for a new opening menu.

    Would love to see your critical ass out of your element in say, an Asian kitchen. Let’s flip the script and let Morimoto be your boss and you be the newbie on the block.
    You know he has forgotten more than your ass will ever know.

  2. When it comes to critiquing the contestants on Hell’s Kitchen Ramsay might be harsh, but fair.

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