Dallas 2013 Season 2 Episode 8 Sneak Peek: J.R.’s Masterpiece (VIDEO)

Last week’s Dallas 2013, Dallas on TNT, was an epic episode, but previews are dubbing the new Dallas as the biggest Dallas ever!  That’s saying a lot considering how long Dallas has been around.  The record setting Dallas season 2 episode will focus on the funeral of JR Ewing.


The Dallas TV Show ended last week with John Ross Ewing hearing gunshots while speaking on the phone with JR.  Who shot JR?  The popular question was asked in the original Dallas; will it get answered in the new Dallas?

All the old favorites from the original cast of the Dallas TV Show will make an appearance at JR’s funeral.  Along with finding out a whole lot about what JR had gotten into, a feud breaks out when Cliff Barnes makes an appearance.

The new Dallas on TNT episode will reflect the good and bad of JR.  What all will be revealed when the Ewing’s dig into JR’s doings?  Shocking news will be revealed but with all the unexpected happenings in Dallas season 2 so far, what else could happen?

On last week’s Dallas Christopher Ewing landed a deal with his methane fueled racecar.  Pamela Barnes decided to back Christopher’s methane plan and now Ewing Industries is facing a major family battle.  John Ross and Sue Ellen don’t want to invest in Christopher’s methane patent plans; they even tried to sabotage him,   Bobby Ewing took back the mineral rights to Southfork to prevent them from drilling.  He wants John Ross and Sue Ellen to give up their majority rule in Ewing Energies but they are not budging.

Will the death of JR shake up the Ewing family and force them to resolve their difference or will it give John Ross even more of a reason to take down Christopher? Catch the recap to the biggest Dallas episode ever, right here on GossipandGab.com. Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all the latest celebrity gossip, entertainment news, TV recaps and more!

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