The Bachelor Sean Lowe Spoilers: Lindsay Yenter Nude Pics For Sale?

In some new The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers, it looks like America could be seeing a lot more of finalist Lindsay Yenter than she wants us to see, as an ex-boyfriend is apparently going around looking for the highest bidder for some nude pictures of Lindsay! Don’t these people know that when they put their name out there in the public eye that everything from their past is going to come back at them, including nude pics you sent your boyfriend at the time. Oh, this could be an interesting twist for The Bachelor 2013 Finale!


If it is true or not, who knows but The Dirty (they like to post photos of reality stars in not so family-friendly poses) had a recent post of an email from “Danny Smith” claiming: “I have a bunch of pictures of her naked that would drive a ton of traffic to your site. If you are interested let me know and we can talk details on this.”

I think the site wanted the pictures big time and even made a post asking how to get in contact with this Danny Smith, but figuring they had got outbid. The post is actually pretty fun and maybe just trying to get some views on their site?

Either way, the pictures of The Bachelor 2013 finalist Lindsay have yet to come up, but comments on the posting identify the email address as a Jonathan who used to date Lindsay. Maybe there is some truth to these The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers?

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